March 2017 (81 )
Clean & Refresh Natural Wood
Jim describes a simple, effective way to clean and refresh all the natural wood in your home - cabinets, doors, paneling, furniture and more.
  • Mix equal parts of Boiled Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits. 
  • Use a Double Knot Steel Wool (00) to scrub it down remembering you are cleaning the surface and not taking off the finish. Use more mineral spirits to thin the mixture as you go.
  • Follow by wiping the wood down with a clean cloth. 
Important note: Do not store the steel wool or cloths in plastic - let them air dry. 

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Sidewalk Damaged by Tree Roots
Chuck's sidewalk is cracked, likely from tree roots. Jim talks about repairing the sidewalk and preventing further damage.

Clearing Kitchen Sink Clog
Barry's kitchen sink is backing up whenever he runs the disposal. Jim talks him through locating the clog and clearing it with a snake.

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J oin Jim at the Houston Home & Garden Show at the George R Brown Convention Center April 1 & 2.

Jim will be doing the show from the Texas Home Improvement booth Saturday from Noon - 4pm & Sunday 2-4pm. Come by the booth and ask Jim about your spring projects.

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Jim Dutton

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Coffee Break with THI's Creator

The mastermind behind Texas Home Improvement, Brian McFarling, takes a Coffee Break with Tim Urban to discuss creating a radio show from scratch.


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