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Hey St. Patty peeps! 
Aye! May these days to follow be filled with some true "luck"! With the abundant Irish charms scattered throughout various homes, yards, and anatomies, here and across the world, there's gotta be some sorta mystic force radiating from all those clovers and  shamrocks and hopefully putting some extra luck in to the air for us all :)  But "luck" is a curious thing and maybe a "charm" can fuel a little belief in your mind that incites your psyche enough to incidentally cause you to create a little luck for yourself?

And all this talk of luck calls for a moment to be aware of the things in life that should be held fortunate. Though most 'luck' can be held as a result of one's effort and preparedness when faced with opportunity or the result of ones own good karma; possibly there is some of lucks charm that is of more recondite nature; a force of nature... fate...

Is it by mere fate that we here in Sheathland were gifted with a baby pup many years ago, who was born on the luckiest of all days, March 17th (not just St. Pats Day but also St. Pitties Day)? And not just any pup, but a pitbull pup, a breed who's origins derived from Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout. Whose mother was a Red Nose, a lineage that evolved directly from the strict strain of the Irish's 'Old Family Reds'. An Irish descendent dog born on the official Irish Holiday! Maybe there's some truth to some of the mysticism connected to Irelands culture and history? Well, we sure feel lucky to have been the ones to raise him from his start to his end within this world, and luckier still to prevail in his wake. (hmm... are we weirdo's for loving Charlie and all our pets so much?...NAH!)
Sooo, Happy Birthday Sir Charles! In honor of our St. Pittie born on St Pattie, we're going to take a moment to learn some of the history and origin of the 'Pit Bull'. See if we can generate some support for these misunderstood pups by at least sharing some info and insight in to the breed and further still, maybe raise some donations too :)

Some History:
In the United Kingdom, bulldogs were bred with terriers to combine the brave heart and quick wit of the terrier with the strength and durability of the bulldog; all with the intent of using them for 'blood-sporting' such as bear and bull baiting'; a barbaric leisure activity popular to the english gentleman. These unlucky bulldog/terrier hybrids would come to be known as the PitBull and were unitized in 'blood-sports' until finally such activities were banned and eliminated in 1835. Decades later, the Pitbull arrived in America where they were used as cattle-dogs to heard livestock and soon became another choice as the family dog and companion. It's even been rumored that they kept watch over children in the family, earning them a surprising nickname, "the nanny dog".  But despite, underground dog fighting exists as there are still people out there that crave 'blood-sports'. Thus, the physical attributes of the pit bull get overbred, exploited, and enforced to serve the soulless greed of societies worst. No longer helping  bait bulls and bears, instead is now the bait.

Though the bulldog/terrier's combined traits proved to be useful to the horrid games of 'blood-sportsman', the blend of traits also attributes to a dynamic disposition loving owners of the breed can attest to. Their seemingly empathic and perceptive nature give them an ability to form rich, compassionate, devoted bonds with people and other animals. 

It is this attribute that makes the bullied breed much more than the 'sports' forced upon them. In a safe, loving environment framed around nurturing their finest qualities, these dogs have the huge potential of being not only wonderful family companions, but excellent military and police dogs, and most of all, exceptional service animals.

Helen Keller was known for adoring a pit bull of her own whom she named Sir Thomas:

" Whenever it is possible, my dog accompanies me on a walk or ride or sail. I have had many dog friends. Huge mastiffs, soft-eyed spaniels, wood-wise setters and honest, homely bull terriers. At present the lord of my affections is one of these bull terriers. He has a long pedigree, a crooked tail and the drollest "phiz" in dogdom. My dog friends seem to understand my limitations, and always keep close beside me when I am alone. I love their affectionate ways and the eloquent wag of their tails."

So with that in mind, in considering our Sir Charles as being the luckiest pup out of a long history of very unlucky pit bulls, in his honor we would like to spread some Irish luck to some fellow pitties in need. Since we aren't able to actively participate in the process as of yet, we hope to at least generate support for a great organization that specializes in taking rescued pits and turning them in to great service dogs.

There's a wonderful organization called Pits For Patriots that does wonderful work rescuing pitbulls and then training them as service dogs to be paired up with military veterans and first responders. Their dogs are trained to open/close doors, turn lights on/off, retrieve items, push buttons, carry back pack/purses, assist with mobility, as well as assist with tasks for those in a wheelchair. You can learn more about this wonderful organization at their website RIGHT HERE

We urge y'all to donate on St. Pitties Day :) We will match any and all donations made if you email us a screenshot of your donation confirmation, and anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a free record from us, just let us know whatcha want and der it go :) You can donate securely and directly to Pits For Patriots through Paypal RIGHT HERE.

Okay, lets talk music!!! You lucky west coasters will be receiving some fine opportunities to catch some 'real McCoy's as they perform some awesome jigs for ya to sham-rock out to, aye! So stay easy and get a bag 'a taytos or roll up a bifter, we're gonna rabbit on for a bit about the rake of cool stuff coming up around here!

Tour  w/Hollow Earth
Heiress is currently out on a run with the dudes in Hollow Earth! You still have time to catch a show! So if you're anywhere in the PNW, put on your best Ghillies and prepare to stomp your feet at the dates below:

3/15 Kelowna, BC @ Muninn's Post
3/16 Vancouver, BC @ 333 Clark
3/17 Bellingham, WA @ Mosh Eisley
3/18 Portland, OR @ Post 134
3/19 Tacoma, WA @ Real Art
3/22 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge

*All dates w/Hollow Earth
And you should be forewarned, we recently sent the band merch for upcoming shows, so we literally only have 4 copies of the Made Wrong LP left on black/grey swirl. You can grab one below, or be the laughing stock of your online metal community because you missed out... DER IT GO, POSER! 

Mustard Gas & Roses  Tour
Dates With Intronaut, Heiress, Dust Moth

MGR will be playing this years Stumpfest in Portland, OR alongside the likes of Intronaut, Elder, Bell Witch, and many other brilliant artists! It's certain to be jammers and the like! The band will be touring up to the festival with the following dates confirmed and awaiting your attendance:

4/20 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of The Hill w/Intronaut
4/21 Sacramento, CA @ Cafe Colonial w/Intronaut
4/22 Portland, OR @ Stumpfest [Mississippi Mud Studios
4/24 Seattle, WA @ Highline in Seattle w/Special Guests + Old Iron
4/25 Bellingham, WA @ Swillery Whiskey Bar w/Dust Moth + Heiress
4/27 Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull w/Connoisseur + Lowcaster

Notice that date in Bellingham on 4/25, it's a Sheathfest! If you live in the area you would be complete and utter poop stain to miss that one :) Or to miss any of these shows, really - SO DON'T MISS IT! Der it go. 

And of course, we're down to the last few copies of the latest MGR masterpiece Becoming on translucent orange/pilsner swirl vinyl (limited to 110). So you might want to pick one up ASAP to avoid gettin' your wankers all vexed up and inot a ninety! You can find it below :)


Dust Moth 
Recording New Material
Dust Moth is set to record some new jams! Rejoice for the love of music and awesome things! They will be entering the studio in May to record with former founding member Mr. Matt Bayles to record a few new tracks and rework a couple of older ones. They will be recording at the incredible Robert Lang Recording Studios. The studio has housed recordings by legends such as Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, and muthafuckin' Warren G, as well as contemporaries such as Pelican, He Whose Ox Is Gored, and Minus The Bear. Oh... and Linkin Park, of course. So the band is super stoked, we're super stoked and you should be super stoked!

*Yells Irish battle cry*  "Faugh A Ballabh! For new Moth material cometh sooneth! For new Moth material cometh sooneth!" 

And don't forget that you can pick up a copy of the Scale LP, now in its 2nd pressing! Der it go!

Okay, now lets continue to rabbit on for a bit, eh?

Caspian Tour
The Caspian crew just embarked a nationwide tour with the much beloved Swedish metal band Katatonia. Be sure to get out and catch one of these shows as they crisscross the country :) All dates and ticket info can be found RIGHT HERE

Also be sure to head over to the store and grab a copy of the Dust and Disquiet cassette we put out for the band. We implore you to not act the maggot mate, these will sell out soon! You can find those RIGHT HERE.

St. Boris & St. Anastasia
Wishing You All the Luck!
Well Boris hasn't been around much lately... he and his new flame, Anastasia, have been jet setting and setting the world on fire, city by city. He just drunk dialed us to let us know that he's in Dingle, Ireland celebrating St. Pat's and he must be pretty wasted already from too many pubs and too much thick Irish ale because he was going on and on about his profound love for all the Sheath supporters and how lucky you all made him feel. Here's a pic he texted of them resting from a long staggered walk along the town's hub. Looks like they went ahead and got themselves a new pup too!? Boris is having quite the lucky year... new girl, epic traveling, and now a new pooch too :) Anyways, he said he wants to share some of his luck with you all by stealing a few more diddies from the daddy distro and selling to ya cheap... man, one of these days the Sheath Sheriff is gonna find out how many records Boris has been squandering off to you all... that should be fun to watch unfold. He's gonna end up like the calf running around the rick, aye...

You can find the stolen goods HERE if you feel like being an accomplish to his unholiness :)

TTNS 3.16.17

It's hard to believe that the third Thursday of the month has passed, but der it go :) So last night we put a quick update on the website, you can read that RIGHT HERE. Basically we're going to give away a free cassette walkman to one lucky person who orders the Caspian Dust and Disquiet tape :) If you've already ordered it, you'll automatically be included in the raffle. So yeah, der it go!


So that is going to wrap up the St.Patty/Pitties Day newsletter from here, folks :) Hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to share with anyone you think might appreciate the info, word of mouth is still the most important form of exposure in the world. 

If you partay, be certain to partay responsibly tonight. If ye drink lashings of the black stuff, keep your cacks on and call the Jo Maxi, right? Much love gang, der it go!  See ya in April! <3

Lindsay & Joel