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Thursday, March 23, 5-7PM
Social Hall, Christ Lutheran Church
On Farmer's Loop Road, corner Iniakuk Ave.
Map below


With Laurel Herbeck, Corlis Taylor, and Margo Klass

Foldable structures are fun and easy to make! Come to our March meeting to learn three  foldables and go home with models and templates for each. Then accept the challenge of using one (or more!) of them to create entries for Books As Art 2.  The process of going from idea to  finished artist books will be discussed as we create our foldable models and as we consider several specific examples of how a book starts as an idea and moves towards a fully formed artist book that includes structure, image, and (possibly) text.

Book Exchange: Collage

Please bring the following to the meeting:
Cutting mat
X-Acto knife
Bone folder

Books as Art 2: Make it happen!
Download your prospectus  here.

It's Membership Renewal time...
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Annual dues for 2017 are $30
Dues are payable on line or by cash or check at the meeting.
Membership includes participation in Books as Art 2
Thank you!
Waxed Linen
Waxed Linen Thread Orders
We anticipate that our order will be here on Thursday - 
 pick yours up at the meeting!
Payable by cash or check

IMPRINTS in Production!

The Guild's "Bird Press" is humming! Several pages of Imprints, the first letterpress publication of Northwoods Book Arts Guild, are fresh off the press and they are beautiful! Bruce Campbell, master printer, has been leading us in setting and printing the poems and other writings by ten Guild members.   

Next steps in the process include creating, testing, and printing images for each page, and finally, assembling and binding the books. The projected date of "publication" is spring of 2018, giving us enough time to meet the challenges of creating a fine letterpress publication, and involving as many Guild members as possible. We hope you will join us in this collaborative project!

Questions? Ideas?
The Imprints Committee: 
 Susan Campbell, Bruce Campbell, Margo Klass, Mary Maisch

Books by Tyson Rinio 
Featured in Rasmuson Library Display

Come to the Rasmuson Library at UAF to see the newly installed Guild display, located across from the circulation desk. Featured in the display are books by Guild member Tyson Rinio, who has been studying bookbinding and book repair formally since 2011.  The books on display include a mixture of hardwood covers - maple, cherry, and walnut. They are bound using a variety of techniques, from modern commercial adhesive bindings, to Coptic binding, using no adhesives at all. He uses pyrography, the art of burning a design into a surface with a heated metallic point, to decorate and title covers.



Sunday, April 2, 12-4pm
NBG Studio at The Folk School

Thursday, April 20, 5-7pm
at Christ Lutheran Church
Map below

Sunday, May 7, 12-4pm
NBG Studio at The Folk School

Next Program Meeting
Thursday, May 25, 5-7pm
Christ Lutheran Church
Map below

More scheduled events listed here.

MAP to Christ Lutheran Church
1798 Iniakuk Ave., Fairbanks

Many thanks to Christ Lutheran Church for providing 
 an alternative venue for our meetings!

Need bookmaking tools? 
A fine selection is available at If Only...a fine store!
215 Cushman Street, Fairbanks

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