Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited
March 2017 

Last month, I talked about getting involved in our chapter whether in a leadership position or volunteering to participate in one of our numerous conservation activities. If you're now fired up and decide that it's time to join in here's a list of upcoming activities to consider:
  • March 25 - Help the St. Pius X High School students with their Trout in the Classroom release of fish at Jones Bridge Park, Roswell at 10 am.
  • March 28 - Don't forget to come to our monthly chapter meeting. Kelly Taylor, Manager of the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery will speak.
  • April 8 - Sign up NOW to help pick up trash along the Hooch during the annual Sweep the Hooch clean up day. There are many locations to clean and the river needs your help. Sign up  HERE.
  • April 22 - Volunteer to help at our annual Rizzio Fly Fishing Clinic for Youth. If you know a young person age 10-15 that might be interested in this event ask them to sign-up  HERE or click HERE to read more.
  • April 25 - Mark down this date to attend our April chapter meeting. Jeff Durniak, Fisheries Supervisor of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will be our guest speaker.
I understand that starting new tasks can be a bit intimidating especially when you don't know any of the people involved. So, if you don't feel comfortable going to hang out with a bunch of strangers, or don't just don't know where to start, email me and I will put you in contact with another volunteer. A lot of times all people need are a familiar face or name to help get started. 

There's always something going on in your local Trout Unlimited chapter. Come out and join in the fun.

See you at our March 28th chapter meeting.
Ken Mock
President:  Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 
Trout Unlimited

Trout in the Classroom: The Rreleaseelease!
Brookwood Elementary School in Cumming held their first trout release on March 11th at Jones Bridge Unit on the Chattahoochee.   Twenty students along with their parents, the class teacher and even the school principal came out to join in the festivities and to learn about the the Chattahoochee and conservation.

UCCTU provided  activities including a conservation discussion, healthy/unhealthy stream display, insect lifecycle exhibit, water testing protocol, fly rod rigging display and fly rod casting demonstration. The kids really had a good time and hopefully learned many important environmental conservation lessons that will last them a lifetime.

March Speaker -- Kelly Taylor Kelly
Speaking to the chapter on March 28 will be KellyTaylor. He will be discussing the hatchery and what is planned this year and into the future. 

Kelly received his bachelor's degree in Biology from Georgia Southern in 1992 and  began working at Bo Ginn National Fish Hatchery in Millen, GA, as an animal caretaker in 1994. Two years later, he served as a tractor operator at Bo Ginn being employed half-time by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the other by the state of Georgia (wearing a federal uniform half of each week and a state uniform the other). Bo Ginn ceased operation in 1996 due to funding which resulted in his transfer to animal caretaker at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery in Jamestown, KY, and then to the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery in 1999 where he has served as a Fishery Biologist since 2000.  Taylor then served as Assistant Manager of the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish
Hatchery since 2006. In 2008, he was delegated the task of temporarily serving as Acting Hatchery Manager for Erwin National Fish Hatchery, in Erwin, TN. Following the retirement of Manager Deborah Burger. Taylor was officially promoted to the position of   Manager at the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery effective January 10, 2016.

With well over 20 years of experience himself, Taylor leads a team of well-trained and educated professionals that can boast over 80 years of experience between them. On his team are Facility Operations Specialists Terry Callihan and Mitchell Pickelsimer, Program Assistant Crystal Thomas, and Animal Caretaker Jamey Mull.

Taylor resides in Union County with his wife Jinger, and two daughters Piper and Jada.
New TU Business!! Fisher Guiding
A new tool for anglers has opened its doors to the world. It's a web-based platform that helps anglers find guides from the Caribbean to Alaska. It's called Fisher Guiding, and it's goal is simply to make guided fishing trips accessible for everyone.
"The whole idea behind it is accessible angling, making fishing more open," says Fisher Guiding CEO and co-founder Edward Hill. "It's a marketplace for anglers to discover and book fishing guides, and a tool for guides to promote and manage their bookings."

Hill says Fisher Guiding was born out of necessity when he tried to book a fly fishing trip in the Everglades in 2016. "I always wanted to fish the Everglades, but you really need a guide to do it right. Between research, finding a guide with good reviews and a reasonable price point, then getting in touch with that guide, it took way too long. And, I couldn't book the trip online. From that, the idea for Fisher Guiding came about."

Click on the logo above to find out more about this new online guide-finding service.
Tie One On!
Last month  Georgia  TU members   were present at the Bass Pro Shop's "Tie One On"  event where many shoppers stopped by to learn more about TU or sit down and tie  their first fly.  This event, over the past years, has been very successful in supporting our educational program and our chapters have been generous in their support.

The event is coordinated by the Georgia Council of Trout Unlimited and monies collected from donating chapters over the past years have gone to help fund educational sessions at Smithgall Woods and to the growing 5 Rivers programs in the state. 
Blue Ridge Trout Festival April 28-29
Don't forget that the annual Blue Ridge Trout Fest is coming up.

The event brings together fishermen, river sport enthusiasts and allied outdoors recreation fans and their families to Blue Ridge for outdoors fun, education, food and entertainment aimed to increase the public's knowledge of trout, cold water fisheries and the conservation.

Everything sta rts April 28th with the High Country Boil dinner  from 5:30 pm-9:00 pm . This is a seafood-and-fixin's-eat-with-your-hands dinner and auction hosted at Mercier Or chards in beautiful Blue Ridge. The event is available with pre-sale tickets only (available HERE ).

April 29th is the Breakout Market Place located at Downtown City Park Blue Ridge, Georgia . For $5 entry fee at the gate there will be over 90 vendors on site to make sure you find what you need to make  the most of the outdoors. Complete with food trucks, a beer garden, and live music. Gates open at 10 am and event ends at 7 pm. 

For More Info Click Here!
Georgia Water Coalition Update
T his year three bills were introduced to address the coal pollution in Georgia communities. Two of those bills (HB 388 and HB 387) were discussed last in week in the committee for Natural Resources. These bills are sponsored by Representative Jeff Jones, who has offered amended versions that would require companies to notify property owners when waste is  dumped into their landfills or streams.

Senate Bill 165 addresses solid waste management and seeks to impose liability. SB 165 was introduced by Senator William Ligon, but has not received a committee hearing with the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

GWC has created resources for you to learn more about this issue. 
Georgia Water Coalition supports SB 165, HB 387 and HB 388.  Both House Bills have stalled in the House of Natural Resources and Environment Committee.

What You Can Do:
Info taken from the "Georgia River Network Newsletter"
Sweep the Hooch HOOCH

The 2017 Sweep The Hooch project  is a major annual Chattahoochee cleanup event. It is scheduled for Saturday April 8th  and your participation is important!

Trout Unlimited will be leading volunteer waders at 5 sites. Please register now to volunteer as the cleanup is only a few weeks away.  Go to Sweep The Hooch and follow the links to sign up for the site where you would like to help. This your chance to make a difference in the quality of our home waters !!!  The clean up starts at 9:00 am  and finishes at Noon.

UCCTU members will be leading wading teams at the following 5 sites:

Island Ford lead by Jeffrey Hammond
Jones Bridge lead by Bob Schmitt
Settles Bridge East lead by Ron Shook
Whitewater Creek lead by Steve Westmoreland
Bowman Island lead by Bill Egeland

To sign up click HERE.
Rizzio Clinic: Open for Registration Rizzio
On Saturday, April 22, The Upper Chattahoochee Chapter of Trout Unlimited will offer a comprehensive one-day fly fishing clinic for young men and women, ages 10 to 15.  The Rizzio clinic is designed for the beginning fly fisher and will provide basic instruction in all phases of fly fishing including fly casting, knot tying, insect identification, and conservation. 

Certified instructors and mentors work with students to provide individual instruction and answer questions. Each student is awarded a certificate upon completion and WILL RECEIVE A REDINGTON FLY ROD AND REEL OUTFIT!

The clinic is limited to 36 students and is offered at a nominal cost of $20. Students are provided all necessary equipment, but should bring weather appropriate outdoor clothing, a brimmed hat, sunglasses or prescription glasses (mandatory safety item), insect repellent, and sunscreen. Students who prefer to use their own fly rod may do so. No hooks will be used on the line; this is an instructional day. 

All instructors bring a lot of enthusiasm to their classes. Each is passionate and eager to teach the art of fly fishing and pass along their interest in conservation.  Unfortunately, due to the limited space, students who have previously attended this clinic are not eligible to attend again.

2017 Rizzio Clinic Information:

Saturday April 22, 2017 (8:30am-1:30pm)
Chattahoochee Nature Center
9135 Willeo Road
Roswell, Ga 30075

For more inforamtion, contact our Education Chair Tom Hayes at
Water Symposium & Career Expo
On April 13, 2017 come out and show your support with EarthShare to focus on water issues at the Water Symposium & Career Expo. This event brings together corporate, university and environmental groups to discuss important water issues. The 2017 all-day event will be held at Emory University in partnership with Emory's Career Center and office of Sustainability Initiatives. Attendees can choose to attend all day or select events of interest.

9:30-11:30 am: Career Expo  at Emory's Student Center, DUC.

12:00-2:00 pm: Leadership Luncheon and annual Awards Program at Emory's Cox Hall.

2:30-4:30 pm: Water Talks and WaterHub Tours at
Emory University's state-of-the-art water reclamation facility. 

5:00-7:00 pm: Cocktail/social hour and closing.

For more info visit the website HERE or check the event out on FaceBook  HERE .
Earthshare EarthShare
EarthShare of Georgia connects people to trusted  nonprofit organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land, and water...w orking for the day when our air, land, and water are clean, abundant and healthy.

EarthShare of Georgia is a means to donate, through payroll deduction, to Trout Unlimited or over 60 participating environmental and conservation groups that are participants. Employee giving campaigns for EarthShare of Georgia have grown steadily each year, from 8 in 1993 to more than 50 in 2014 representing more than 400,000 employees in both public and private sector. EarthShare has raised more than $6 million to help support environmental causes.
Is your company a member of EarthShare?
EarthShare of Georgia has over 50 Company Partners, including 2016 Earth Day Award Winners, Cox Enterprises, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and Kaiser Permanente. Many EarthShare partners provide a matching contribution on behalf of employees who participate through payroll deduction. This is an excellent means to support Trout Unlimited on an on-going basis. To learn more, go to the website,   EarthShareGA.org and/or ask your employer if they are a Company Partner. If not, encourage them to do so. EarthShare of Georgia is part of a nationwide network of EarthShare affiliates dedicated to raising funds for environmental organizations through employee giving campaigns. 

Save our Hemlocks
Trout Unlimited has become active in supporting research into finding a way to control the Woolly Adelgid that is destroying our hemlocks along our precious mountain brook trout streams.  The Woolly Adelgid is a small aphid like insect, less than a 1/16 of an inch long that first appeared in Virginia in 1951 and has since spread from Maine to Georgia destroying hemlocks that shade our streams.

Current chemical control options are not practical in forests. So, researchers at Young Harris College labs, with support from TU are working on natural enemies from the adelgid's native asian environment.  An usual fact about the Woolly Adelgid is that it goes dormant during the hot Georgia summer weather and then gets active again when cooler weather returns.

Hemlock Trees are a keystone species and play a unique role in providing food and habitat for about 120 species of vertebrates and more than 90 species of birds, shade for native plants, cool temperatures for trout streams, and protection for watersheds and water quality. How many environmental "dominos" might fall if the hemlocks fall?

Healthy mature trees such as hemlocks can add as much as 7-10% to  property values, provide the net cooling effect of 10 room-sized air conditioners running 20 hours a day, perform millions of dollars worth of water purification per mature tree along our waterways, and save billions of dollars a year by filtering CO2 and other pollutants from the air as they produce oxygen for us to breathe. Can we afford to lose these valuable trees?

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1 & 2  - Fishing Dayz: Fern Valley 
8 - 7th Annual "Sweep the Hooch"
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22 - Earth Day! & Rizzio Youth Clinic
25 - Chapter Meeting 
28 & 29  - Blue Ridge Fest and outdoor adventures

Fly Of the Month

New Faces
New members since our last Newsline went out are:

Seth Hardee
Corey Kane
Jonathan Molski
Connor Reynolds
Kramer Shiflett
Jason Wilson

New members, be sure to join us at our meeting Tuesday March 28 and you will receive a free raffle ticket for a great prize! 

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at  Ippolitos Roswell. Dinner/happy hour starts at 6pm and "business" starts at 7 pm! Be sure to bring some cash if you want to buy additional raffle tickets. All proceeds go to UCCTU!
Dutch Earle to Join Georgia Council
Everyone please congratulate our
former UCCTU chapter president and long-time member of Trout
Unlimited, Dutch Earle on accepting the position of Vice Chairman on the Georgia Council of Trout Unlimited!

One of Dutch's responsibilities will be to oversee the Council's relationship with the EarthShare program. Dutch will be assuming the duties formerly undertaken by Brad Cruickshank, also a former UCCTU chapter president, who decided to step down from the role due to a personal matter. We wish Dutch great success in this new role on the Council.
A/V Coordinator needed!
Do you want to get more involved with UCCTU? Do you know PowerPoint? You may be perfect fit as the chapter AV coordinator! Your duties would be to make updates to the monthly meeting PowerPoint slides, add some new photos here and there, gather up details from Board members and committee chairs, and run the slideshow during chapter meetings.

Contact  President Ken Mock for more details.
Support HB 208
The proposed State legislation HB 208 that primarily increases license fees for hunting and fishing for the benefit of our Department of Natural Resources has passed the Georgia House and is now being debated in the Senate.

Perhaps by the time you read this it will have passed. The prospect for passage looks good as the bill is supported by many outdoor groups including, of course, Trout Unlimited. Thank you to those members of UCCTU that contacted their legislators urging passage.

Do you have an Amazon.com account? Did you know that simply by shopping on Amazon.com a portion of your purchase could be donated to Trout Unlimited?

Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at   smile.amazon.com, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization.

So far Amazon Smile has donated over $46 million to charities all over the globe. So if you have an amazon account go to smile.amazon.com and let every purchase you make help support TU!
March Fishing Dayz Recap
After weeks and weeks of warm sunny days, Fishing Dayz scheduled for March 12, was cancelled due to a forecast of heavy rains, cold and possible snow in North Georgia. One report by a member who went up to Smith Creek that day was "no rain or snow, but the fishing was tough and unproductive. Fish were rising but no takes." This makes two years running that our Smith Creek Fishing Dayz has been cancelled due to bad weather. Hopefully next year will prove "third time's a charm!"
April Fishing Dayz
Sold Out!

Our Fishing Dayz trip to fish Fern Valley on the Soque River, located just north of Cleveland, GA first SOLD OUT in 24 hours! BUT, since then two openings have surfaced--one on Sunday April 2 in the am and the other on that day in the pm.

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Contact Ken Mock  president@ucctu.org
to reserve one of these slots. First come-first fishes.

Marty and Glad Simmons, our hosts, remind everyone who is going to bring a BIG NET because you'll need one!  Remember... the cost for the 1/2 day is $70 and you can pay with cash, check or credit card  when you arrive. Please double up on driving since parking is very limited.

See you on the Soque!
Adopt a Stream Update
Annual re-certification of Adopt A Stream volunteer testers is required and Bob Schmitt and Bill Lott will be holding a class at the Dunwoody Nature Center on Monday March 27th at 9 am.   Please let Bill Lott know if you plan to attend. If you can't make this class, another will be scheduled in the month of May to include new volunteers.

Recently the Data Entry Program for AAS was updated and requires certified volunteers to establish a new password before entering data in the new system. Some programming issues still need to be worked out but the new system is live and will be discussed at the re-certification class.
SOHO Summer Fishing Trip!
UCCTU's summer fishing trip will be to the South Holston River! Join us Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 16. There is ONE bed remaining, however if taken you can still bring your own cot or air mattress. Cost is $75 for the accommodations, Saturday night dinner and raffle prizes after the meal. Contact Ken Mock if you'd like to go president@ucctu.org 
Be a Trout Unlimited Ambassador
Next time you are out on the river, in the parking lot at Jones Bridge, or in a business meeting and the subject of Trout Fishing comes up -- hand the interested party one of your new UCCTU Chapter Cards. 

Pick up your cards at the Monthly meeting!
Roswell High Fishing Club
Roswell High Fly Fishing Club President Jackson Dalby is in the process of scheduling a fly tying instructional meeting hosted by Alpharetta Outfitters.  Anyone interested in helping with this fly tying session should contact Jim Harvey at  harveyjl@bellsouth.net.
Fish Hawk's New Nest
The Fish Hawk shop is officially moved into its new location.
Gary Merriman's record blue marlin successfully made the trip to its new Fish Hawk home on Miami Circle in Buckhead.
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Don't forget to bring new or gently used fishing gear to the March meeting for our ongoing "Donate Gear to the Vets" program. So far we've received some great items including rods, reels, boots, fly tying materials, a rod building kit and much more.

We're also asking you to bring old flyfishing magazines to the meeting to share with other members. Better to let someone else enjoy rather than tossing in the recycling bin.
Chapter Fishing Shirts 
If you ordered a shirt and have not picked it up, you can do so at the March meeting.  We also have shirts for sale in case you did not order one.
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