March 2017
Rigging News
New Modulift Active Link...
The new "Active Link" from Modulift is an innovative end unit system with an integrated load cell, compatible with the existing range of Modulift spreader beams. It will provide wireless real time data by measuring the load at either end of the spreader beam and is ideal for both weighing and dynamic load monitoring. Data is transmitted wireless to a USB transceiver that must be connected to a Windows computer or tablet with a spare USB port.

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Straighpoint "COLT"
The COLT is used for fast measurement of tension on static lines up to 11,000 lbf (lb. force) / 5,000 kgf (kg force) and up to 1 in. / 25mm diameter.

Typical applications include measuring tension in cell tower and stack guy wires; pre-tensioned cable barriers; elevator cables; winch ropes; overhead electric transit wires; fall arrest systems; aircraft cables; and power or telecom utilities. 

It clamps onto pre-tensioned wire ropes, eliminating the need for additional sheaves or tooling, as is the case with alternative solutions. An integral Bluetooth module, meanwhile, transmits tension data wirelessly to any smart device running the Android or iOS COLT app that also contains an infinite wire rope library. Tension in wire ropes can be measured and logged within a few seconds.
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Thern Aluminum Gantry Cranes
Innovative, lightweight, portable and very strong, the PORTA-GANTRY® lifting system from Thern is the number one choice for organizations seeking durable, multiple location lifting solutions and a healthy return
on investment.  
Many Benefits from More Features:
  • Lightweight and Portable compared to steel
  • Every system tested to 150%
  • Ergomonic design, handles, etc.
  • Capacities from 1/2 to 5 meric ton
  • Corrosion Resistant, anodized finish
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Crosby® Shackle 101 eBook & Rigging App
Crosby (literally) wrote the book on shackles and now you can reap the benefits by downloading the Shackle 101 eBook. As an added bonus, they're throwing in the Crosby Rigging App so that you have the complete resources you need to get started with selecting the best shackles for your rigging, lifting, and material handling needs.

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