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Reminder - We are back at Samaritan on Main!
Please remember to register by Thursday, February 9.  
Wednesday, February 15 - Safety Council Meeting 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Getting Workers Back to Work
Presented by Dr. Jentes, Bryan Finger

Topic Agenda:
  • Low back, shoulder, ankle, knee injuries - what happens and how to understand the "medicalese"
  • Learn why some injuries are harder to manage then others and what we can do to prevent these injuries!
  • You're Invited to bring a gift for the Attendance Raffle at the end of the meetings, please bring them with you!
  • Thanks for all of you getting your Semi-Annual forms submitted! FYI - Awards will be distributed at our May Meeting!
Warmer Weather is just around the corner! 
If you'd like to participate in purchasing cooling cloths for your employees this year, please let me know. I will get pricing based on quantity. We are able to add your company logo to the towel!