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Rabbi's Message
Jerry Cutler

Purim begins on Saturday Evening, March 11, 2017
and ends at sundown on Sunday, March 12, 2017

The basic story of Purim is well-known: how King Ahaseuerus of Persia let himself be influenced by the wicked counselor Haman to order the annihilation of all the Jews in his vast empire, and how the Jews were saved by the resourcefulness of Mordecai and his niece, Queen Esther.

Historically, it is questionable whether any such episode occurred exactly as it is reported in the Book of Esther. However, it is quite possible that the festival of Purim does go back to some actual incident in the history of the Persian Jews, for they have observed Purim as a major holiday since ancient times. More significantly, the story recorded in the Book of Esther is an uncannily accurate depiction of Jewish life in the diaspora. We are indeed scattered throughout all parts of the world. Also, we have, for the most part, kept our own laws and customs. We have been, in part because of our separate communal existence, a ready scapegoat for social, political, and economic problems.

We have often been the target of slanderous accusations and we have survived many attempts to destroy us thus fulfilling the intention of Haman, "to destroy, massacre, and exterminate all the Jews, young, and old, children and women." Today, aside from the threats of Isis, Hamas and most of the Arab alliance, sacred Jewish tombstones have been toppled and destroyed right here in our own backyard. 
Please keep this in mind. As long as we are one - our strength will continue to grow and solidify. There is not one nation or group of people that can penetrate our love for tradition, thirst for knowledge or our dedication to making this world a more productive and healthier place in which to live. 
Hamans and Hitlers come and go but we will never be defeated as long as we have faith in one another and be a shining light for the world to see and envy. Attend one of our services, listen to the prayers of the outstanding Cantor Dorman and our gifted singers and feel the glow of a people committed to bringing joy and happiness to one another. 
To each and every one of us, A HAPPY, HEALTHY, HAMANTASH HOLIDAY

S halom Friends,

Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler

Shabbat Services
7:30 pm on Friday, 
March 3, 2017
Why  Tradition!

Turn into the driveway that has the sign "Church Parking" and park on levels P2 or P3. Take the elevator up to P1 (which is also the lobby). Services are in the Town Hall room directly across from the elevator.

Cantor Paul Dorman
Friday Night Cantor

Cantor Dorman will be joined by a small but impressive group of singers who will back him up and perform as soloists as well. 

Thank you, Rabbi Judith, Nolan Porter, Patrice Zappa Porter, Ashley Cornell and Chelsea Cutler!

We are so Blessed 
to have such a 
Supportive Community

Arne's Corner


               The split is as real among Jews as it is the rest of America. Trump's victory allowed Jewish communities that had been shut out of the national dialogue to have a voice. The divide over Israel is not only about policy, but about culture and class. It's as real as the divide between country music listeners and the NPR audience.

               Trump and Obama both have inner circles filled with Jews but they are as different as night and day. Obama was legitimately baffled by accusations of anti-Semitism. His inner circle of Jews agreed with him that the Jewish State was the problem, and not identifying Islamic Jihad was the solution. His echo chamber elevated marginal left-wing organizations like J Street into representatives of American Jews.

               Now suddenly, the President-elect is surrounded by a very different breed of Jews. Instead of tenured academics, progressive journalists and irreligious clergy for whom Jewish values mean appeasement and surrender to terrorists, a very different kind of Trump Jew is now on the rise. Trump's Jews are scrappy businessmen and tough lawyers. They are more likely to be religiously devout and have large families. They are a whole lot like Trump and a whole lot like the stereotypical Israeli.

               Trump's Jews make no apologies. They pray toward Jerusalem, not Martha's Vineyard. They do not cringe inwardly when Israel takes out a terrorist. They are not politically correct. They are Biblically correct.

               They are, lean -to- the- right Jews. And now their voices are being heard.


Arnold Charitan

A Note from Rebitzen Jeff

Hello, CAT community,  

Long-time member, Stevie Stern, and Chuck Marso will be performing at The Edye-At-The Broad with our very own Gary Nesteruk, who is our musical conductor for the High Holidays and our Friday night services. He is musical director for this performance. 

It promises to be a fun and entertaining evening filled with music and humor. The information is below:





Music Director - GARY NESTERUK Costumes - CHUCK MARSO

Produced and directed by TOM LAZARUS

THE EDYE-AT THE BROAD stage- 8:00 Pm

1310 11th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401



Or call: 1 800 838 3006



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Monthly Events
Services, Dinners, High Holidays 

Friday - March 3 @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Friday - April 7 @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Thursday - April 13 @ 6:00 pm
Passover Seder/Maundy Thursday with members of
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd
(Donation Requested)

Friday - May 5 @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Review from the Pew
by Rabbi Jerry Cutler

"Fun Home"

FUN HOME the award-winning musical story of a closet gay father, his very funny  gay daughter and their family. I enjoyed the dialogue, as did the packed opening day audience who roared at every nuance, spoken word or song.  

Unfortunately for this reviewer, who, incidentally stands thisclose to being 5 feet 11 inches, I couldn't see most of the show because sitting immediately in front of me was a young man who was at least 6 feet 3 inches.

A few minutes into the play, I realized the guy in front wasn't going to slink in his chair, I stretched my neck moving it to the left of his head. I then heard the grumbling of the person sitting behind me. I moved my head back to the center of my shoulders.

Due to the seating plan of most theaters built decades ago, there is not much hope for someone who is six feet or under. As each generation grows taller, a six footer who grew up many years ago as did I, we are shorter than today's men AND women. It was very scarce to see a tall woman during my years in Brooklyn. Today, tall women offer their assistance as I try to snag a cereal box from the top shelf  in a super market. So, with this affliction, how can I see a theatrical presentation unless I choose a seat behind a shorter person?

The problem is, seats are assigned in the theatre and I cannot pick and choose. Therefore, before I attend a play, I pray that a shorter person is sitting in front of me. Sometimes, like all of our prayers, they are answered. However, with my luck of late, more often than not, I don't often see a play, I listen to a play.

From what I heard, "Fun Home" is very clever in spoken word and song. I have never in my life been privy to a more bombastic appreciation of a play following the final curtain. The audience, including me as I had no other recourse (my wife was poking me in the ribs), stood and clapped for at least a two minute ovation.

Needless to report, "Fun Home" is a very funny play gracefully handling a topic that is thankfully in the open. And, when you go, and you should, if you are not as tall as this generation, say a prayer.

4 Bagels out of 4 for the dialogue and song

"The Comedian"

The Comedian is no laughing matter.  Starring is one of the world's acknowledged iconic actors, Robert DeNiro, playing a comedian. I accepted him playing Vito Corleone and Jake La Motta receiving Oscar's for both portrayals. Following La Motta's retirement from the ring, he tried his hand as a stand up comic. Jake's lines were funnier than DeNiro's as well as his delivery. Don't get me wrong, DeNiro will always handle serious and comedic roles with great ease and passion - but a stand up comic? It's just not his forte.

DeNiro's character is Jackie Burke, originally Berkowitz, and he is trying to revive his career since his glory days when he starred in a TV sitcom, "Eddie's Home" over 20 years ago. He is trying to move on from those days but the viewers still remember him as 'Eddie.' He is looking to make a comeback as Jackie Burke but his fans want the original 'Eddie.'
Unable to make inroads he becomes dissatisfied and during his appearances at small coffee houses and clubs his routines go into attack mode and he lashes out at his audiences with a barrage of insults far from the image he had during his TV days.

Without gigs or money, Jackie goes to his brother Jimmy's kosher deli and borrows five thous
and dollars with the promise that he will attend the wedding of his niece, Brittany(Lucy DeVito) to her partner, Frankie. Decking a heckler at a club appearance Jackie is ordered to do kitchen service at a community center. While there he meets Harmony who has been sent to the kitchen for attacking her two-timing husband.  This is a good thing because Harmony is played by Leslie Mann whose gift of comedy is a reward for all of us - and definitely the producers. Jackie talks her into attending the wedding with him. Brittany begs Jackie to get up and entertain the crowd. He does and unleashes a torrid stream of sexual lesbian jokes and other diatribes.

Jimmie's wife, Florence (Patti LuPone), an out of control stereotypical yenta from the lower East Side, runs out of the wedding hall and verbally attacks Jackie and Harmony. Harmony is turned on by the whole scene and invites Jackie to her house. Meeting Harmony's father, Mac (Harvey Keitel), a big "Eddie" fan from the old days, turns disastrous. Mac, a wealthy Floridian land developer, pulls some strings and gets a court order transferring his daughter to assist in an old a
ge home in Florida.  

Jackie follows Harmony down south to reignite their relationship. Eddie's appearance in the community center's hall gets everyone abuzz and finally he gets up to entertain. Again, there is a flurry of obscene humor followed by a parody of the song 'Making Whoopy.' The refrain is 'Making Poopy' with the entire audience chiming in.

"The Comedian" is an homage to garbage and terribly unfunny and insulting. The only reason to go is Leslie Mann who is beautiful, funny and a highly gifted actress. She is everything the producers could have hoped for.
No Bagels, just a schmeer. Ms. Mann's performance gets a 4

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