This month, Cypress School District, in partnership with the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs of Cypress, held the second annual Every Student Succeeding Breakfast at the Cypress Community Center. This event, which is inspired by a student recognition program created by the Association of California School Administrators, honors students who have overcome adversity or other life challenges to find success in school.

Students from the Cypress School District, as well as other schools within our community, including Lexington Junior High School, Oxford Academy, and Cypress High School, were recognized. Family members, teachers, school administrators, and city leaders were in attendance to show their support. Each student honoree was individually recognized and awarded a certificate and medal in celebration of his or her accomplishments. Their stories were both moving and inspirational.
We hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about some of the amazing, resilient students in our community.

Anne Silavs, Superintendent
A.E. Arnold Elementary School

Daniel was born with a number of health complications that made his entry into this world challenging. Fortunately, he was adopted by a loving and supportive family. When Daniel first started school, his teacher discovered some learning problems. Reading and writing were difficult for Daniel. As a result, he wasn't too fond of school. However, Daniel did find success in math, which ultimately changed his attitude about learning. Daniel began accepting help from others and realized that with some guidance and hard work he could overcome his struggles. Today, Daniel readily asks for help when he needs it and is always willing to try. Even though he gets overwhelmed sometimes, he is back up for the challenge the very next day. Congratulations on your accomplishments, Daniel!
Clara J. King Elementary School

Ezekiel goes by the nickname EZ, but life has not been easy for Ezekiel, who was born prematurely with serious health complications. EZ lost his twin brother at birth and spent the first eight months of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit. He has since endured 27 surgeries and continues to live with medical issues that require a nurse's care three times a day at school. Although EZ has faced countless obstacles and setbacks, you would never know it when you talk with him. No matter the circumstance, he is always upbeat and respectful. He doesn't let any physical limitations slow him down, and he participates in as many school activities as possible. EZ's principal said, "I am impressed each and every day by his resilience and capacity to always see the positive in situations. I have never once heard EZ complain about his challenges. No matter what life throws his way, we are confident EZ will prevail!"
Cypress High School

During her four years in high school, Juliana has set herself apart from other students. She has taken 10 Advanced Placement courses, covering a broad area of study... everything from Physics to Art History. As a result of her efforts, Juliana has earned a 4.2 grade point average. Outside of school, Juliana works three jobs to help pay for her activities and save for her education. With all her accomplishments, no one would guess she's known hardship in her personal life. However, with the love and support of her grandparents, teachers, and mentors, Juliana has become a strong role model for other students. She is truly an incredible young woman!
Margaret Landell Elementary School

Kaili was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was just four years old. Consequently, she has suffered through many painful treatments that left her feeling like her insides were on fire. If that wasn't tough enough, complications and infections required 100 days of isolation. Through it all, Kaili remained strong, and today she is cancer free. Having lived through such adversity, Kaili exudes positive energy and embraces life! Academically, she is conscientious, hardworking, and committed to excellence. Socially, she is a leader among her peers. The teachers and staff at Landell are so very proud of all her accomplishments. Kaili is truly an inspiration to all!
Lexington Junior High School

Amber has been blessed with a big heart and an incredibly positive attitude, which might lead some to think her world is perfect. Despite encountering physical barriers that make her life challenging at times, she never lets these obstacles stand in the way of her success and happiness. Amber works hard in school and has achieved academic excellence. She hopes one day to attend California State University, Fullerton, or The Culinary Institute of America. Amber participates in all school activities and excels in the arts. She also enjoys intramural athletics. Amber is committed to fully experiencing all that life has to offer. Her perseverance is nothing short of amazing!
Steve Luther Elementary School

School did not come easy for Adan, and he struggled academically in his early years. Coming from a large family, he had to develop academic independence, especially when it came to homework. Through his commitment, Adan has come to know school success. He takes responsibility for his own learning and seeks extra assistance when needed. Adan is hardworking and perseveres, even when school is difficult. He has demonstrated tremendous growth in the past two years and has developed important skills that will help him succeed in the years ahead. Way to go, Adan! The teachers and staff at Luther are very proud of you!
Juliet Morris Elementary School

James is a sweet and determined young man. However, he has had challenges that could derail even the most motivated student. Despite his hard work, difficulties with reading often left him feeling defeated, but he never gave up. With support from his mom and his teachers, coupled with his strong desire to improve, James has grown into a reader, someone who can pick up a book and read independently. While James continues to work hard to develop his reading skills, with his dedication and determination, there is nothing that will stop him from successfully achieving his goals!
Frank Vessels Elementary School

Ramon has experienced a number of personal and academic difficulties along his educational journey. He entered kindergarten as an English learner and struggled with regular school attendance due to factors beyond his control. While the road has often been rocky for Ramon, he never complains. He approaches challenges by always putting his best effort forward and striving to meet his great potential every day. Ramon's determination is remarkable, and it has enabled him to achieve success despite personal adversity. His teacher said, "We are all so proud of Ramon's progress. His willingness to apply himself to any task is an inspiration to all. He proves every day how strong, gifted, and capable he is to do anything he wants in this world. He is truly an exceptional child!"
Candi Kern   .  Sandra Lee   .  Donna McDougall   .  Brian Nakamura   .  Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D.