Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
March 1, 2017 e-newsletter

Dear Partners in Ministry,
It is Time. Time to start our Lenten journey. Time to create new and clean hearts. Time to remember from dust we are and to dust we shall return. Time to prepare to be born anew by water and the Spirit. Time to practice the way of Jesus and remember the poor. Time to return to God who is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Time to sing together, pray together and journey together to the cross and then an empty tomb.
My prayer this Ash Wednesday is that, as we journey together this Lent, we remember to take time for our own personal prayer, reflection, Sabbath and song as we lead the song of the church during a busy and demanding season.
Bless now, O God, our journey together!
Ryan K Hostler
ALCM Region 2 President

The chatty stranger sitting beside you on the airplane asks, "So, what do you do?" Maybe you are cagey: "I work for a nonprofit." Or clever: "I am a critic, a curator, a community organizer." Or cynical: "I serve as a human iPod expected to hold all of the song data my community wants and to play it on demand." How do we understand our vocation, our holy calling to serve the Word and the worshipping assembly? How do we best inhabit this ministry for the sake of the Gospel, for the sake of the world? Chad Fothergill and Daniel Schwandt, themselves teachers and students of sacred music, leaders of song and formers of community, are asking such questions as they reexamine and reimagine the role of the Lutheran cantor at its 500-year mark. You can join their exploration in July. Your flight home could be very interesting.

30-rank Casavant - Létourneau pipe organ for sale with 
10-year warranty: $550,000
Orgues Létourneau is offering a 30-stop pipe organ rebuilt to like-new condition for USD$550,000. The core will be Casavant's Opus 1274 from 1928 with electro-pneumatic wind chests; the revised specification can incorporate up to five new stops built by Létourneau. Installation costs, on-site voicing, an allowance for casework in red oak, a rebuilt two-manual solid-state console, and a ten-year warranty are included. Transportation from Québec is not included. The organ requires approximately 360 sq. ft. with 20' ceiling for 16' ranks. For more details, visit, email or call Andrew Forrest at 450-774-2698.   
Distance Learning Opportunities for Church Musicians

The Leadership Program for Musicians, a cooperative program between the ELCA and The Episcopal Church, is proud to announce online courses for church musicians who desire to develop their foundational knowledge and skills, especially those serving smaller congregations.  

Developing a Philosophy of Church Music, taught by Jennifer Baker-Trinity  
Lutheran Liturgy, taught by Scott Weidler
Christian Hymnody, taught by Julie Grindle  

Although designed specifically for musicians, pastors and others are welcome to register, as well. For complete information, including links to registration, see:

Round Up Your Membership Dues
and Support a New Generation of Church Musicians

At its January face-to-face meeting, the ALCM board approved setting aside for student scholarships any money received as a result of a member "rounding up" his or her membership dues from $90 to $100 (voting) or from $45 to $50 (voting members 65 and older). Quite a few members already do this when they renew their memberships. If every  member were to "round up" by $5 or $10, the result would be almost $10,000 per year set aside for scholarships to support the next generation of church musicians. 

Both online and paper renewal forms have been adjusted to make "rounding up" easy!
"Tips" Writers Wanted

We hope that you enjoyed the Holy Week tips that went out last week. The next edition of "Tips for the 30th" will be sent out later this month and will deal with "The Great 50 Days of Easter."

Would you like to contribute to an issue of Tips? Just send an email to We'll work with you to determine how best to share your gifts with other ALCM members.