March 2017 Newsletter
Giving Back

My Mother and I were hosted by The Jupiter Island Arts Council last week.  It was a great event. I read excerpts from our book, From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue, and explained how and why we wrote it.


The audience had known me for many years and had heard my ' A Distant Memory'  Keynote speech four years ago. They were all incredibly complimentary about my presentation, but particularly commented on my speaking, and how much better it sounded. Yay! It just reminded me again why it's so important to keep delivering my message of hope and never giving up, to others.

Joanne and Jennifer signing books at Jupiter Island Town Hall.

One of the questions asked at the event was,
"Can you please explain to me The J. Field Foundation?"
At the time, I answered the question but I felt I should give a more detailed explanation in my newsletter:
As I looked forward into the future of my life, without horseback riding and the blue ribbon, I decided that I wanted to create a way for me to get involved and to give back to the many people with TBI. I created The J. Field Foundation, which became a 501(C)(3) in 2006. I wanted to create a foundation that was able to give people hope, inspiration, and guidance that was in essence the catalyst for my recovery. The foundation's mission statement was to give hope, healing, and funds to brain injured patients.
I had a dream that I could raise enough funds to donate to certain organizations that would enable TBI victims to participate in some of the therapies that helped me. It has been very difficult to raise the kind of funds that I hoped for, but we are still able to donate. Every penny from my book sales and speaking events goes to The J. Field Foundation. 

If you have read my book, please take the time to write a brief review on Amazon. It will help me
raise more money to assist others.


In 2016, my journey led me to form a partnership with the V.E.T.S. (Veterinary Equine Therapeutic Services). V.E.T.S. provides healing therapeutic services to veterans through equine, agricultural, and educational management. 

Many soldiers returning from war suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Equine-assisted activities and therapies can help brain injured individuals. Riding can help to increase core body strength, while also improving balance and flexibility, sharpening spatial and cognitive awareness, developing gross and fine motor skills, helping with breathing and circulation, and exercising memory and sequencing abilities.
When I visited the V.E.T.S. farm in Connecticut, I felt a deep connection with the horses and marveled at how the veterans interacted with them. 

Jennifer at the V.E.T.S. farm in Connecticut.
I realized, in that moment, how important this connection with an animal is for a TBI patient. This equine program aligns with J. Field foundation's mission statement of "providing hope and healing and funds to victims of brain injury."
My foundation is always looking for new ways to raise money and new 501 (C)(3)s to donate to. My hope is that the foundation will grow, and through my keynote speech, "A Distant Memory", and our book, From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue, we will be able to reach more and more people.
As always, thank you for supporting my work to help others living with traumatic brain injuries.

April 10, 11:Seattle
Keynote: Brain Injury Alliance of Washington

May 17,18: Keene, NH
Keene High School 
Staff and Students 

Author Event

May 24: Concord, NH
Gibson's Bookstore
5:30 P.M.

Reading and Signing

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