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March, 2018
One of my kids' favorite books when they were little was  Wemberly Worried  by Kevin Henkes about a little girl mouse who worried about everything, especially starting school.

What if the teacher is mean?  What if they make fun of my name?  What if I have to cry?

This time of year, I can relate to Wemberly's worries as we enter March and the countdown to regular decision college acceptances or denials ticks down.

March can be a tense month as applicants wait to hear back from their Regular Decision schools. Once you know all of your options, it's time to sit down and make some choices. Maybe you have a clear first choice, or maybe you want to attend Admitted Students day at your top choices. If you are going to visit or revisit schools, be mindful to focus on what's important to you. The good news is you're in the driver's seat now!
College Financial Aid: Time to Have the "Talk"
A few years ago, I was helping one of my seniors understand his financial aid and make his final decision about his college choices. He had narrowed it down to Northeastern and University of Pittsburgh. During the course of our discussion, he asked me, 

"Is Northeastern worth the extra money? "

Seniors: Reality Check
You are in the driver's seat, so use this opportunity to look at schools with much more precision and focus. Your needs should be very clear by now and  you will know what lingering questions still need to be answered.  If possible, focus again on the key areas specific to your  needs.   
Driver seat
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Juniors: Imagine the Possibilites

west chester univ library

This is the time to explore schools that match your needs and also to adjust your criteria as you gather more information.  You should target schools that seem like they would be a good fit and focus on the following areas.  

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Freshmen / Sophomores: 
Understanding your Options

The first stage is to help you determine which type of school is best for you in terms of size, location and curriculum.  We recommend you visit 2-3 schools that are close to where you live including one large state school and one smaller liberal arts college.  If you are on vacation, visit a school informally to get a sense of schools in a different area.  At this stage you are just trying to understand what is out there so you have some idea when you have to determine your needs. 

Seniors:  We are keeping our fingers crossed for those of you waiting to hear back from regular decision schools.


Juniors:  Hang in there. You are more than halfway through junior year.


Sophomores and Freshmen: 

If we haven't already, let's meet to plan your courses and activities for the summer and next year. 


We are eager to hear about all of your visits.




Lisa, Beth and Abby
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