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Charter Schools are growing!

Did you know that 44 states and D.C. now have charter schools? There are over 3 million students that now attend charter schools. There are over 6,900 charter schools nationwide. $342 million in federal funding goes to charter schools and there are over 129,000 teachers in the nation's charter schools.

In Nevada , we are approaching 45,000 student statewide in public charter schools- which is about 10% of the state's student population.

In just the past couple of months, Nevada has witnessed groundbreaking ceremonies for the following charter schools:
Coral Academy of Science
Athletic Facility Groundbreaking
January 25, 2018
Legacy Traditional
Groundbreaking January 25, 2018
Grades K-8
Doral Academy of Northern Nevada
Groundbreaking January 31, 2018
Grades K-8
Somerset Skye Canyon
Groundbreaking February 20, 2018
Grades K-8
Governor Sandoval Calling for School Safety Meetings

State charter schools in Nevada are especially vulnerable, because we don't have funding for school police. CSAN and charter leaders are being included in the Governor's effort to make important safety plans. Please join other charter schools leaders in Southern Nevada for an upcoming meeting on school safety. Read article here.
Keeping Our Schools Safe

Charter school leaders, 

Recent tragedies nationwide remind us that while our school is very safe, we must always be prepared for one critical situation that could change lives forever. Keeping our students, teachers and staff safe is always job one.

We invite you to a very special presentation on  Monday, March 12 at 9:00 am in the Multi Purpose Room at American Preparatory Academy. This investment of your time could also potentially save your life. The presentation should last about an hour.  

Our speaker, Dr. Larry Barton, is the highest rated instructor at The FBI Academy and U.S. Marshals Service where he teaches threat assessment. Dr. Barton is the Distinguished Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida and has managed numerous cases of situations at schools, including those involving mental illness by parents, students and staff, school shootings, hostage situations, suicidal ideation and other issues that are important for us to understand. Dr. Barton began his career as a young professor at UNLV and knows our community well. He is the on air commentator for CNN and CNBC during major cases of violence, and as an educator, he knows the challenges and opportunities we face well.  

We are offering this training to all of our staff, as it is a Professional Development Day at our school. We have room for others and would like to open it up to all charter school leaders. If you have colleagues who work with you at your school, operations directors, emergency coordinators, school principals, or know of anyone at other area public or private schools who would benefit from this program, our doors are open to them. We do have limited seating, so an RSVP is greatly appreciated. The program is not appropriate for students.

Please RSVP to me by March 9th so we have adequate preparations.

Thank you!
Rachelle Hulet
Administrative Director
Strengthening Federal Investment in Charter School Facilities.

Facilities Funding for Charter Schools is CSAN's top priority. Click here to learn what you can do on a federal level to help.
This paper examines what can be done at the federal level to provide additional resources to charter schools to access school buildings, and to create incentives for states to address inequities in the allocation and funding of buildings. The ideas presented in this paper are the result of a one-day convening of more than 30 charter school facility policy experts, finance experts, practitioners, and nonprofit lenders. They include changes that policymakers can make to strengthen existing programs as well as new programs that policymakers can create to ease the facilities burden on charter schools.
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