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March 2018

Commodore James Gubelmann
Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann
Ahoy 12MYC Members!

With Spring on the horizon, it is time for me to share with you all of the breaking news that has taken place over the winter months.

Late last year, Chris Meigher, Peter Gerard and Jamie Hilton engaged Manuka Sports Event Management to assist with sponsorship solicitation for 2018-2019 12mR events. Their efforts are progressing in a positive direction and we hope to have more to report on this soon.

In December, ITMA Technical Committee Chair, Ken McAlpine convened a working group to undertake a comprehensive review of The Rule. The 3-day meeting included 12mR experts and naval architects, David Pedrick, Jim Gretsky, T.J. Perotti and ITMA President, Dyer Jones. The Class' newest official Measurer, Kay-Enno Brink demonstrated his freshman commitment to ITMA, by arriving from Germany to participate; but it was Ken McAlpine who took the mileage prize-- he left Australian summer behind to enjoy a snowy Newport Nor'easter. Since that gathering, the working group has continued to collaborate on the painstaking review and revision process electronically. To date, their efforts have produced 8 drafts and we understand that a "final" will soon be ready for submission to ITMA Members for a vote. ITMA assures us that the objective has been primarily to update and provide clarification, not to make substantive changes. If approved by ITMA Members, the updated Rule will be submitted to World Sailing for approval

Since January, two more Twelves have re-joined our Newport fleet! Please look below for an intro from Eastener's (US-18) new owner, Scott Bernard of Annapolis, MD. and an update from Earl McMillen re: the recent acquisition of Onawa (US-16) by Onawa 12 US 6, LLC. It looks like we'll have as many as fourteen 12s racing together this summer of 2018!

James Gubelmann 
Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport

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Onawa (US-6) & Easterner (US-18) Return to Newport This Season!

12 Metre Easterner US-18 Easterner's (US-18) Proud New Owner  

Scott Bernard of Annapolis purchased US-18 in January (2018) and plans to race her in Newport and Annapolis going forward. Scott has a sentimental tie to this iconic 12 as it was moored in front of his family's home in Newport Beach, CA during the 1970s - 1980s. Then known as Newsboy, Scott tells us that that she was the "belle of the bay" and he is trilled to now own her. Easterner is undergoing a refit scheduled to be completed in time for
summer races in Newport and then be sailed to Annapolis for the fall 12 Metre Onawa_ US-6 and winter. Scott intends to keep the hull bright, bottom white, and will likely offer Easterner for charter in coming years when not racing. Contact Scott

Onawa (US-6) to Sail with New Syndicate

In January of 2018, Onawa was acquired by Onawa 12 US 6, LLC, a Rhode Island company managed by McMillen Yachts. She is currently at their facility in Portsmouth, RI and she is race ready! No firm plans have been made, but they are entertaining the idea of forming a new syndicate of five 20% partners. McMillen Yachts would remain a partner and would maintain the yacht for the partnership. She would be based out of Newport and be available for the southern New England classic yacht circuit. When not being sailed by the partners, she would be made available for charter with the Newport 12 Metre fleet to supplement her income. If a new syndicate is not formed, offers for a sale will be considered. Email Inquires

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Newport Shipyard_ Dockage_ Refit_ Repair  
The 12 Metre Sonnet by Stephen Lirakis, Historian   

12mR Magic_ US-38
T he 12 Metre Rule is a clever puzzle that "penalizes" designs that exploit the "edges of the box." The most extreme case may have been the Johan Valentijin design Magic (US-38), the smallest 12mR ever built; named after the 1870 schooner Magic, the first Defender.
Initially, Magic's design seemed to take advantage of a previously untapped "loophole" in The Rule. Because of her small size, she would be permitted to carry vast amounts of canvas. However, it quickly became evident that there was no place to "put" the extra sail area, nor would she have had enough stability to actually carry it.
The 12mR Rule pushes successful designs towards the middle and penalizes those that try to exploit the edges. This leads to the analogy comparing the 12mR Rule to the rules applied to constructing a Sonnet. To be successful one must conform to the structure of 14 lines of 10 syllables of iambic pentameter. Subtle variations are the key to a successful design. - SL

2019 World Championship Notice of Race Posted 

NYYC 175th Anniversary Regatta Notice of Race
The New York Yacht Club has recently posted the NOR for their 175th Anniversary Regatta and the 2019 12mR World Championship.

Click through to read the Notice of Race 

ITMA Class Rule Notice No.1: North Sails NORDAC

12mR Class Rule Notice No.1 - 2018 - North Sails_ NORDAC
A request was received for the approval of North Sail's 3Di product NORDAC for the manufacture of 12 Metre Class Sails.

The ITMA Class Technical Committee has sought and been provided with detailed information by North Sails and is satisfied the material complies with Class Rule 32.3.

Click through to read Class Rule Notice No. 1 


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Waypoints Regatta Standings _Cumulative-100916

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Peter Gerard
2017 was a great year for the Newport Fleet. Three "new" boats returned to the starting line: Freedom (US 30), Defender (US 33) and Challenge XII (KA 10). Participation was up, and the racing the most competitive in years.

2018 promises to be even better. Two "new" boats are getting a good working over this winter and expect to be on the starting line in 2018. Easterner (US 18), the 1958 Ray Hunt design, will be joining the already competitive Traditional division fleet beginning with the NYYC Annual Regatta in June and Enterprise (US 27), in the shed getting a full make over, should be on the line for the Edgartown 12 Metre Regatta in August (although their team is working hard to make it sooner). That will put 5 Traditional and 6 Modern Division 12s on the starting line in 2018, a recent record.

Plans for the 2019 Road to the Worlds events and the 2019 Worlds are coming together. Early indications are that as many as 17 12s from the Northern European and Southern European Fleets may be coming over in June of 2019 to compete for the Road to the Worlds Trophy, the International 12 Metre Division Trophies and the World Championship.

We are in the process of staffing the Regatta Organizing Committee and we are looking for volunteers for our sponsorship, hospitality and on the water operations committees (VIP fulfillment, spectator support, race committee, on course marshals). If you are interested, please email Peter Gerard with your area of interest and contact information.

Would you like to share your 12 Metre photos and experiences with your fellow 12MYC members on our Club website and here in our e-newsletter as Stephen and Dennis have done above? Please contact us if you'd like to be a Content Contributor. We hope to hear from you soon!
Crew Finder 
After several inquires from eager sailors AND in view of 12s returning to the racing fleet that will need crew...

We have started an online CREW LIST "bulletin board" for the convenience of our Members! If you are a SAILOR looking for opportunities to crew on 12mRs, visit our CREW SIGN-UP page, create a Screen ID and complete a quick racing experience profile.   
If you are a 12mR OWNER or CREW MANAGER, book mark our CREW LIST page for your future reference.
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Weatherly (12US17), is a remarkable classic wooden yacht - an America's Cup winner, ocean racer, highly successful charter yacht, and frequent division winner in 12 Metre regattas  Weatherly is listed on the National Register of Historic Vessels. She is a capable coastal cruiser and potential winner in any classic sailing event that she enters. Through her successful charter career spanning three decades, Weatherly has been not only financially self supporting, but continuously improved. Cosmetically she sparkles whether underway or at rest. Down below, her utilitarian but tastefully detailed interior exudes a remarkably warm feeling. Rustic coastal cruising is within her ability as is, while relatively minor alterations could provide for more extensive travel. Her race winning record continues. Victorious over her division in the recent 2017 12 Metre North American Championship held in Newport, RI, she is now offered for sale at a very reasonable price while at the top of her game. learn more

American Eagle US-21
American Eagle (US-21), the iconic red 12 Metre helmed by Ted Turner, is on the market and looking to continue a long and storied racing and chartering career. This listing comes at the perfect time to begin organizing and executing a competitive campaign for the 2019 12 Metre Worlds; an event she won when it was last held in Newport in 2009. Her offering includes the opportunity to continue with a Syndicate Charter (with their own suit of racing sails) in place through to the 2019 World Championships. American Eagle rates in the 12mR Traditional division. learn more

The Victory - Defender Program is getting ready for the Road to the Worlds and we find ourselves over supplied with boats. Our goal is to build the Class and so we are offering 2 of our 3 boats for sale! Our program is committed to the Modern Division and so first up is the Grand Prix USA (US-61) for sale. Now this is where it gets interesting: We have two very competitive Moderns in Victory' 83 (K-22) and Defender (US-33). We do not have a preference on which boat we use moving forward and so we are offering both for sale and will keep the one that doesn't sell first! This is a unique opportunity to join the Modern Division with the heavy lifting already done. Victory '83 is complete and race ready - just add water! Defender is a work in progress that is most of the way there. Details on the three boats below:
Victory _83 
Victory '83 (K-22) was designed by Ian Howlett for the 1983 British America's Cup Challenge. She received a complete refit and modernization in 2008 including a new deck layout known as the Victory Job. Fully optimized under Appendix E. She is immaculate in every respect with a Sail Spars triple spreader rig, composite boom and 2 custom 12M poles. All systems are state of the art including 6 man input available to the main, primaries and pit. She has an extensive sail inventory featuring 2 carbon mains, one new at the 2016 NA's. World Champion in 1984 in a fleet stacked with AC teams. Current World Champion in the Modern Division. Numerous North American and Fleet Championships including 2016 - her last season in the water. Benched in 2017 so the Team could focus on Defender. learn more

Defender (US-33) was designed for the 1983 Cup and originally campaigned by Top Blackhaller and Gary Jobson. Extensive updates including Appendix E optimization. Winner of the NYYC Around the Island Race in her first outing after the refit. Winner under IRC of the NYYC Queen's Cup - a dual purpose boat! Second in her first regatta, tied for second in the Newport Cup and 2nd in the North Americans with a 1, 2, MOB. She was designed for Newport and she has proven very fast in a variety of conditions. New composite high aspect rudder and steering system for the NA's. Full winch, hydraulic and instrumentation systems. Sail Spars triple spreader rig, composite boom and new 12M composite pole. New main and three headsails for the NA's. learn more

USA (US-61) is the canard boat sailed by Tom Blackhaller and Paul Cayard in the 1987 America's Cup Trials. Refit in 2000 for the America's Cup Jubilee. A strong competitor in the Grand Prix Division.  Sail Spars 2 spreader rig, composite boom and pole. Currently in storage in Portsmouth, RI. Here is an opportunity to own a competitive Grand Prix yacht at an attractive price. Perfect candidate for an appendage update with a beautiful Derecktor built hull and deck. learn more

Gleam (US-11),was built by Henry B. Nevins boatyard in 1937 and designed by Clinton Crane for his own personal use. She was involved in the America's Cup as a trial horse in 1958 for the English 12-metre, Septre and in 1962. The late Bob Tiedemann purchased her in 1974 and lovingly restored her while sailing her in the charter business along the East Coast of the United States. She has a very impressive racing history and has dozens of trophies to prove it. Gleam rates in the 12mR Vintage division. learn more

Northern Light
Northern Light (US-14) was designed by Sparkman Stephens and built by the Henry B. Nevins boatyard in 1938 as a 24th birthday present for Alfred Lee Loomis from his father. She was a trial horse for Columbia in 1958 for the America's Cup under the name of Nereus while she was owned by the Greek shipping tycoon, Stavaros Niarcos. She was again involved in Cup service in 1962 and 1964. Northern Light rates in the 12mR Vintage division. learn more 
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