March 2018

Called to Be a Discerning People of God

Dear Friends of Loyola Institute:

Our annual Lenten journey towards Easter often seems more like a race than a prayerful pilgrimage. So it's good to stop and catch our breath.
Pope Francis asks us to do just that this month when he urges all Christians to be better prepared to discern "between the voices of the culture of death and the voice of God propelling them to live and contribute to God's mission - the Kingdom of God." See Formation in Spiritual Discernment.

The Pope has repeatedly called us to be a discerning People of God with a special predilection for the poor, the immigrant, the abandoned. In all this he is simply preaching the Beatitudes and applying them to our urgent needs today. As a Jesuit, his call to discernment is not surprising.
Discernment lies at the heart of the Jesuit vocation, and it provides the core for the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. What better way to be shaped and formed in discernment than to undergo the dynamic, potentially transformative effect of the Spiritual Exercises?
Of course, that mission is dear to the Loyola Institute. It's our life blood, it's our passion. And for those who participate, it leads on precisely to the discipleship in mission, namely evangelization, that all three popes-John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis-have called us to embrace.  
Let's pick up the pace and trumpet the coming of Easter.

With blessings,
Fr. Patrick Howell, S.J.
Executive Director,  ad interim
LIS Seeks Dynamic Executive Director

Loyola Institute for Spirituality  (LIS) seeks a new Executive Director to lead a vigorous program of contemporary spirituality for leadership in the church and society. 
LIS accompanies people on their journey toward a life-giving relationship with God, self, and others, to help transform the world.

At a Glance

Holy Week is upon us and Easter is around the corner.  We pray that these holy days bring you countless blessings of grace.  

The LIS office will close at noon on Holy Thursday, March 29, and will re-open on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.  

We invite you to join us for the Ignatian Morning on Sunday, April 15.  Our theme for the day is "Encountering the Risen Christ."  

Ignatian Discernment , the fifth class of our Ignatian Spiritual Formation Program begins on Thursday, April 19.  This course explores the subject of discernment and its impact on the spiritual life and daily living. 

Hearts on Fire, our annual fundraising gala, is fast approaching.  Lift your margaritas, and enjoy the Mariachi as we honor Jesuits West and Fr. Dick Hauser, S.J. Mark your calendars for May 6!  

Ohana in a Tribal Age
by Fr. David Robinson, S.J.

In recent months, there has been widespread reflection on the growth of tribalism in our society. It doesn't seem so many years ago that we placed great pride in a spirit of unity, a desire to unite across the divides of diversity, and to forge a common purpose. In less than two years, we seem to have dissolved into a loose collection of alliances based more on particulars that exclude than on common values that join together. The tyranny of being 'Right' has come to dominate our public speech, and deafened us to the authentic voices of those who are not members of our ideological clan. Our willingness to communicate has been supplanted by our determination to win.

Our Mission

The Loyola Institute for Spirituality, founded in 1997, 
works to promote a faith-that-does-justice, in the tradition of St. Ignatius.  

We declare our mission to be:
Setting Hearts on Fire with love of God for the world.
We bring spirituality to life by:
-Inviting spiritual seekers to transformation
-Fostering Ignatian formation and education
-Nurturing discipleship