March's Free Planetary Healing Ascension Event
Hello precious soul tribe,

March has arrived armed with an entirely new blueprint for us to access in support of us welcoming the integration of our Holy and Divine Mother's Diamond Lotus Aquamarine Ray of Unconditional Living Love into our Heart Chakra and lives as a whole. 

In February 2018, Sean and I and 8 other members of my core group travelled to and met up in Sedona, Arizona, USA, a New Age Mecca for many. The power present there is certainly no hoax or illusion. The vortices (vortexes) are VERY POWERFUL and are also used as portals by people and entities functioning in other timelines and dimensions. For the 4 weeks prior to our departure date, we began remotely working on the sites in Sedona and made way for our arrival and the work we were to conduct there physically. During this period I became acutely aware that Sedona is not what is seems and that it is in fact quite an infected/infested part of Mother Earth's body. I sensed and remotely viewed underground tunnels that ran all the way into the Nevada Desert, and into Mexico. Thanks to a very dear friend of mine who was present when I accessed this information and who loves researching, sent me this bit of info confirming my senses. 

She wrote to me: "the attached article from an MI6 whistle-blower dated 2006 is interesting as it tells an overall story about the secret services running drug traffic to finance the construction of huge underground facilities. Agreements made between the US government and malefic ET:s 1934:

"On July 11, 1934, the first treaty with the greys from Orion occurred aboard a naval ship in Balboa. This was one of the most important events in human history because it thrust us into a role we were not prepared for as regards to being a host to a malevolent extra-terrestrial race. The US federal government disregarded the constitution of the United States by doing this and not telling the people. It was here that the agreement was first made between the greys representing the reptilians from Orion and representatives of the US intelligence community. The treaty stated that in return for the greys providing high technology (anti-gravity, metals and alloys, environment, free energy and medical technology) the government would allow the greys to proceed unhindered with human abductions. This was only if a list of abductees was provided to the government and the abductees returned unharmed with their memories of the events erased."

My friend goes on to write : He then describes  several of these facilities and what is going on there. Abducted humans used in different ways. This guy describes underground shuttles that are based on advanced technology, travelling at Mach speed, making it easy to travel between the facilities. (David Wilcock’s whistle-blower Corey Goode has witnessed about this too) In fact, other sources state that there is one facility just below where the Enchantment Hotel we were supposed to stay at too:  SEDONA - Famous for its massive vortexes, is claimed to be an ancient colony of the Lemurians. (Our group was originally booked in to stay at the Enchantment Resort, due to some issues we moved our accommodation choice. Now we understand why.)

"According to Commander X, there are reports of a joint-operational underground city and facility under the Enchantment Resort in Boyton Canyon, where clone-like men in black have been seen, along with unusual 
electromagnetic vortex phenomena. Source -
David Icke, Children of the Matrix notes that Sedona is associated to ufo activities with a reptilian underground base where members of the reptilian race work with their human or part-human puppets in the Illuminati on the scientific and genetic agenda. The base would appear to be under Boynton Canyon in Sedona. This is not far from the reservation of the Hopi tribe, which has Lemurian connections.” (from ) According to Corey Goode on David Wilcock’s Cosmic Disclosure, these bases are everywhere. 

I will never be the same again after visiting the USA for a number of reasons (Sedona was one of two destinations and both for very important reasons) but mainly because I am now able to see more clearly what the new Harmonic Universe requires of us to do and be at peace with, and that the American people now have one of the BIGGEST roles to play in saving Mother Earth. I better understand now why most of my client base is based in the USA and Canada. This is a massive realization for me because of the work I have already conducted has been in Russia, Asia, Europe, UK, North and South America, not to mention the African Continent. This means the USA was saved for this leg of my Divine Mission in this timeline for a reason. It feels as if it was saved for last because of the level of infiltration now required to reclaim the wounded and severely abused ego centre of the planet so that it can be fully, completely and irreversibly rehabilitated and emanate the Living Light of the whole, healed Living Divine Child rather than the childish insecurities a wounded ego displays. 

Our ego is not bad. A wounded unloved ego is the issue at hand and the issue to be addressed on a deeply personal core level so that it can shift on a deeply personal level for the masses. This is how we turn our world around - from the inside out and one soul at a time. 

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." - Carl Jung

I intend to fulfil my Divine Mission which is to help as many souls as possible to be put back online - their soul's switched on, reclaimed from the darkness and returned to the LIVING Light and UNCONDITIONAL LIVING Love of the Source of our Genesis - that which created our original pristine Christed organic blueprint, the Undefiled and Incorruptible Purity and Divinity that we embody in our DNA. We are Crystal - Christ-All Beings that fell, we were kidnapped and our DNA highjacked, tampered with, spliced and diced. Now it's time for the truly fallen ones to be exposed by the Sons and Daughters of the One and Only Authentic Good God. 

Therefore a major part of our work going forward, as it has been revealed to me, and what this new Harmonic Universe needs from us, is exposing all false energy and anti-goodness, anti-love for what it is. As long as Satan/Lucifer are free to continue their reign over our planet the longer our species remains imprisoned. United we are strong enough to rise in authentic living love and reclaim the collective soul of our planet so as to instil true God Sovereign Freedom for ALL on Earth.  

We ALL have a MASSIVE role to play going forward, not just our American brothers and sisters. We are a planetary family and it's time we united as one. Our global family is only as strong as we are individually. I know it's hard walking this path authentically. There is nothing glamorous about this path nor is exposing the dark for what it is. In fact, at times I feel it's utter BS, but my heart has never lied and all my heart yearns for is to serve the good guys. I am a reluctant warrior but have chosen to do what it takes to make the truth known. This is all I have ever wanted to do. And this is why Carl Jung's words speak to me. Entertaining the images of light alone is part of the New Age trap that tells you what you want to hear, rather than what the truth is. This too my friends is collapsing. 

The past 9 months have been insane. It began with Sean and I and 17 members of my core group travelling to England, and Scotland to complete our Earth Guardian Divine Mission, which included private time in the heart of Stonehenge, the Reptilian Headquarters on our Planet where we anchored the very powerful new Aurora Codes and Living Architecture to ensure ALL Polarity Reversal projects be fulfilled before 2022, as well as the long-awaited Reunion of the Sacred and Divine Feminine and Masculine. 

From Scotland, Sean and I then went directly on to Denmark to run a 3-day retreat and we finished off in Lapland. It was energetically excruciating for me, as it mostly is and opened the door to 9 months of the most intensive dark arts training I have ever endured. It was at this point too that I stopped channelling the Ascended Masters, cutting all ties with them including a number of the Archangels and other Imposter Spirits that were revealed to me that have been facilitating the Partial Ascension Program. These people and entities are NOT of the Living Light and their job is to ensure we do not fully ascend out of this timeline and remain in the closed loop of soul re-cycling - repeated reincarnation.  

By dark arts training, I mean my family and I experienced first hand how the dark agenda works, reptilian underground bases, angry elementals and deep layers of our haunted earth, how entities and other manipulation energies in the form of scalar wave technology and other mind control technology can unravel a family, unhinge your finances, relationships, career, emotional state, physical health and for some their mental state. After 9 months of hell, we managed to get out of the lease and found a safe haven in a secure space in our homeland. No sooner, however, had we moved into our new home when we had to leave for Sedona. This has however turned out to be the experience that has changed the game plan for me because I see so much more of it. Many gifts on many levels have been received, which is what makes these Divine Mission trips worth every tear and excruciating emotional and mental attack and mind control infiltration we are subjected to. This is a bullying and intimidation tactic from the dark agenda to get us to back off and stop doing the work.  

I could write for hours sharing how 9 days in the USA changed me forever, but we'll be here for a while, so, a long story short I am more fired up than ever before to continue on my path not only as an Ascension Wayshower, but as an incarnated soul who has been blessed to have awoken to the madness of the fallen masters and alien invaders who call themselves gods. I am blessed to have the heart I do because all it wants is to radiate and emanate authentic love. And this I have chosen to do. I have however chosen to do this without all the wounded ego bullsh*t that accompanies this kind of work and group work and have chosen to extend my invitation to those who feel the same way and are looking for love-inspired truth sharing without all the wounded ego imposter energies and attachments taking over causing group disruption and contention. 

As a result of all that I have gone through and the levels of work and initiation I have completed, I am extending my huge open heart to Mother Earth and to our Blessed Holy Trinity to open the pathway for all who feel the same way to feel this vibration so that we can unite and embrace each other as evolving adults who are choosing to focus on GOODNESS, AUTHENTIC LOVE and making this real in the cruel and violent very infested/infected planetary timeline we live in. 

All my Ascension Events embody the same theme, which is exposing all inorganic and false energies, entities, organizations, individuals, groups and so forth serving the Anti-Christ, Anti-God, Anti-Love, Anti-Human Values agenda. 

This month we are focusing on collapsing all of the Grids created by the spoken word through incantations, ceremonies, affirmations, rituals, spells etc., that have lead to binding parts of Mother Earth's Higher Heart to the Dark Mother's Blackened Heart - The Dark Madonna. This includes setting free the souls who have bound themselves to the dark mother out of desperation and fear, as well as our ancestral line freeing us from deals that have been made with the devil that indirectly bind our souls and those of our children to these beasts, demons and entities as a result of ancestral misbehaviour binding future generations. 

On the 20th of March 2018 is the Autumn Equinox in the South and Spring Equinox in the North. I will be conducting the Planetary Ascension Event on the 20th and 21st of March - Planetary Mitochondrial DNA Repair Ascension Event. During this event, we will be focussing on clearing Mother Earth, our bloodline and ourselves of the Blackened Heart portals across the world. Included in this is the very important repairing of the Mitochondrial DNA, the DNA that ONLY the Mother passes on to her offspring. This is, therefore, a very important and much needed planetary repair and healing event and is continuing what we activated in Sedona, USA in Feb 2018. Much more, as always comes through on the days of the event. If you can't attend live, still book your spot so that you get your copy as soon as we are done. For those who attend my events regularly, please note that the entrainment process that took up a lot of time has been completed and much less time is now needed for set-up. I trust this will be music to your ears. :) 

In Sedona, we ripped asunder what the dark mother has bound to her blackened heart. This was especially important so that our Holy and Divine Mother can be received by her children she is returning to reclaim. Many have forgotten she exists and resists her call. This is another vital aspect of our Divine Mission and the task at hand. A lot of this I have shared in Tuesday's awesome Soul Chat episode with Faith . Please take a listen. I go into great detail regarding Sedona, and this month's free event being released here in this newsletter is also full of info regarding the astrological impacts coming up and why now more than ever it is extremely important to come to know ourselves beyond the controlling forces of the false gods, the archetypes and their fear-mongering time-looping technology. 

In our 99 Re-Encryption Codes and Unlocking Keys project currently underway, we are also following a monthly theme which is on-going and focuses on collapsing the inorganic crystal grids that have kept many layers of dead light in place that prevent full ascension out of this timeline and re-setting every crystal grid on planet earth and every crystal grid impacting all timelines being influenced by the scalar waves of our timeline. The grid we are beginning with in the Collective Grid Set Re-Set Process is the place where these energies are coming in strongest and therefore most securely maintained by the Fallen Master El Morya and all who serve/worship him. During our upcoming Ascension Event this month I address who the people are calling themselves Ascended Masters and how they work. The authentic Ascended Masters do not exist in this timeline. They exist as a collective energy, formless and beyond the 15th dimension. 

In our other Earth Guardian Project - the Sacred Chronicles of Aurora Chapter 2 , we are focusing on collapsing all of the inorganic architecture contained in our planet and maintained by the blood spilling and blood sacrifice commanded by violent religions of the Anti-Christ and reclaiming the stolen souls of the children of our planet and all whose souls have been stolen by the dark mother and the king of tyranny. By doing this work we're focusing on what our true mission is in this timeline, which as incarnated Earth Guardians is to Guard the Souls of Earth and evict all alien invaders and their crews from this time line of Mother Earth totally and irrversibly. 

It has been made clear to me that there are not enough of us doing this work at this level and it is desperately needed by Mother Earth. You might be a reluctant warrior, like me, but a warrior nonetheless and want to do this work but don't know what it entails, or you're simply tired of wanting to do the work but strongly dislike the disruptions of group ego issues that arise. If you are also tired of the petty wounded ego issues and prefer to work with an independent group who don't expect one another to fix each other, or project their darkness onto others and blame them for negative life quality, then I would love to hear from you and have you consider attending one of our events. We can do this work together and take back what is our's by Divine Right without the petty distractions. Take a listen to all my free material this month to get the much bigger picture I have created using these platforms. - Soul Chat and this month's Free Planetary Healing . We rear-ended Satan's Paradise and felt his wrath. This has however inspired me, even more, to continue doing this work alongside fellow warrior brothers and sisters who too are NOT interested in wounded ego group BS and simply want to get together and get on with doing the good work and ascending ourselves authentically out of this timeline. 

If this resonates with you I look very forward to sharing more of this amazing work with you. I also want to say a special thank you to Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis for our spectacular meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina a week and a half ago. It is thanks to Lisa that I have the confirmations I so needed and the deeper insight into what Spirit requires of me and us to do going forward. What a truly blessed and precious meeting. Thank you!

May this month of change shift the seasons within us to a state of being where we can address and manage ourselves, our loved ones and life from a point of Living Love and neutrality. May we all be blessed with eyes and a heart to see one another's truth without fear and hatred. Please use the highlighted text in the newsletter to access the free material.

Much love,
Michelle Manders