You're in Luck!
March 2018 Newsletter
"Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca
March tuition is a 4 week payment for all classes.

*Any team cancellations due to meets will be credited to your account.
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Open Workout
This month's open workout is Friday, March 30th at 7pm. The cost is $12 for current Gym Hutt students and $15 for the public. This is also a time for make-up evaluations if your gymnast absolutely cannot make it to another class for their evaluation.
We will be doing evaluations from March 19th - 31st. Gymnasts will be evaluated on their current level skills. If they have mastered all their skills they will receive a certificate to move up to the next level. They will not, however, move classes at this time. If they are invited to the next level you may register your gymnast for that level at the next registration time. If you have any questions about evaluations please see your child's coach or the office.
Looking ahead...
Gym show week is coming fast. Make sure you save the dates for gym show week. We will assign each class to a gym show and that will be in next month's newsletter.

Competitive Team Show:
June 11th 6:30pm

Gym Show #1:
June 13th 6:30pm

Gym Show #2:
June 14th 6:30pm

Gym Show #3:
June 15th 6:30pm

Gym Show #4:
June 16th 10:00am

Gym Show #5:
June 16th 1:30pm
Don't miss upcoming registration dates:

Summer registration is open to all on April 2nd.

Fall registration is open, if you are staying in your current class, on April 30th. (if your current class is no longer offered, you may register for a newly added class - please see the office)

Fall registration is open, if you are switching classes or levels, on May 7th.

Fall registration opens to the public on June 1st. (Be sure to register before that because classes will fill!)

WHY DON'T YOU........
  1. Take your children to the grocery store and let them choose a new food to try.
  2. Have your children help you with Spring cleaning duties like washing windows
  3. Leave some colorful yarn outside and see if the bird's will take some to make their nests
  4. Have your children help you outside with yard clean up
  5. Do some spring cleaning of the kids toys and clothes and collect some things to donate to a local charity
  6. Start a night time ritual of reading three picture books together before bed

March E-Mail Contest
Predict who will win March Madness! E-mail your guess to If you're right you'll win FREE APRIL TUITION! Predictions must be in by the 10th!

*If more than one person is correct, a winner will be chosen at random.