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MARCH 2018
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Thank you for your on-going dedication and support of Kitchen Angels and the community of Santa Fe.

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Celebrating the lives of our volunteers and clients

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All Nature seems at work.  Slugs leave their lair, 
The bees are stirring, birds are on the wing, 
And Winter slumbering in the open air, 
Wears on his smiling face a dream of spring. 
                                       ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen is extending their generosity to Kitchen Angels during the month of March! For the entire month, if you dine at Sweetwater AND PAY WITH CASH,  they will donate 2% of the sale to Kitchen Angels.

If you haven't eaten at Sweetwater yet, then March will be the perfect opportunity to sample their delicious global cuisine. They're open Monday from 8am-3pm; Tuesday through Friday from 8am to 9pm; Saturday from 9am to 9pm; and Sunday brunch from 9am until 2:30pm. There is something for everyone here whether you're vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, or omnivorous. Click here to view their exciting  menus.

Remember, pay for your meal WITH CASH so that Kitchen Angels gets a cut! And please thank Soma and Fiona for their generosity.

Congratulations to us! Kitchen Angels received  Edible Magazine's Local Hero award for Best Organization. Pick up an Edible magazine, or click here to read the article featuring our very own Tony McCarty. We're honored to receive this award and want to share it with our volunteers.  You help to make Kitchen Angels a great organization. Many thanks!
KITCHENALITY is back! It's bigger and better than ever and operating out of the newly  completed space on the south end of Angel Depot. It even has a dedicated entrance from our front parking lot. Just look for the RED door and you're steps away from some great bargains. Our aim is to keep the store stocked with irresistible cooking and entertaining ware, so we need your help! This Spring as you clean the stale winter months from your home and make space for a fresh look, please think of KITCHENALITY. We are looking for pots, pans, bakeware and linens-that you no longer use, but are in good shape and need a new home. Please remember that all profits from the store feed our clients. Last year KITCHENALITY sponsored 88 people for a full year! So, this season please keep us in mind and glean a few good items for the store. And, while you're here, take a look around. There may be some special something that you just can't leave without!   

Look for KITCHENALITY's Grand Re-Opening ad in Local Flavor Magazine, bring it in, and receive 20% off your purchase during the week of March 13-17.      

Jeanette is so close you can reach through the glass and shake her hand!
Speaking of new spaces, if you haven't noticed already, Jeanette and Lauren have moved their offices. Jeanette is now in the office with the window just as you enter the building through the main doors. Lauren's office is down the long hall, right through the first set of double doors across from the drinking fountain, and at the back of the new volunteer room. They're overjoyed to be in their brand-new offices - give them a visit and check out the new digs!

The Volunteer Appreciation Party will be Wednesday evening, March 14th from 6:00 -  8:00. The dessert contest will be a lively one this year, with some great restaurant gift certificate prizes. We're really looking forward to delicious Irish food and entertainment by Gerry Carthy. Please RSVP no later than March 9th by emailing
Lauren . Hope to see you there!
Tasty TidbitsTastyTidbits

Pistachio dip?  Sure, why not! 
It seems there's a food for every holiday and a holiday for every food.  March 23rd is National Chip and Dip Day. Even though someone from the snack industry probably thought this holiday up to increase sales, you can't deny how tasty and addicting this treat combo is. Super Bowl Sunday may have already come and gone, and with it the 7-layer dips and store-bought onion dips, but you can still try out some of these recipes that are a bit more refined. Click here for a fantastic collection of Bon Appetit's Homemade Dip Recipes. You won't be sorry.

We hope you're as excited as we are to try chef Joe's Irish fa re at the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Party. Not sure what to make for your St. Patrick's day festivities? Here's a collection of " Traditional Irish Recipes " from Donal Skehan, one of Ireland's international food stars. 
Jim Brack won last year's dessert contest
Wondering what to make for the dessert contest on March 14th? Here are some hints from past winners...
        1. Make your sweet bite-sized so more people can sample it.
        2. Cheesecakes have been a real hit over the years.
        3. Pies are difficult to cut up and serve to a large group.
We know that whatever you come up with will be delightful. Thanks for participating!

Our 20th annual Angels Night Out will be  Thursday, April 26th. We have some fantastic restaurants taking part in the event this year. Try one of the new restaurants, and let them know you appreciate their community support. Charles Dale has volunteered his two latest restaurants,  Maize Restaurant & Trattoria A Mano. We'd also like to welcome Joe's Dining this year for breakfast. And we're excited to check out  Museum Hill Cafe for lunch. Loyal Hound owner Dave Reddyhough has signed up again, along with his restaurant Arable, out in Eldorado. If you're in the mood for some delicious tacos in a very friendly atmosphere, then head down to El Callejon on Galisteo St. 

This event has become something very special with the participation of so many notable restaurants in and around Santa Fe. Remember to sign up with Lauren to be a volunteer ambassador. 
Volunteer OpportunitiesVolunteerOpportunities 

We always welcome new volunteers! Here are our current opportunities:

Delivery Drivers (4:30pm - 6:30pm)
  • Monday, Route 6 (Miguel Chavez Rd.)
  • Tuesday, Route 18 (Agua Fria)
  • Wednesday, Route 1 (S. Rufina St.)
  • Thursday, Route 13 (Rufina St.)
  • Friday, Route 6 (Miguel Chavez Rd.) 
Substitute Volunteers
  • Kitchen - AM or PM shift, M-F
  • Delivery - M-F
  • Delivery Prep - M-F
  • Delivery Coordination - M-F
Upcoming Volunteer Orientations
Monday, March 12th from 11:30 - 1:00
Monday, March 26th from 11:30 - 1:00
Please tell people who may be interested to call Lauren at 471-7780 

Special Volunteer Opportunity...

Frozen Meal Program Facilitator
  • Wednesday, 9:30am - 10:30am
This job involves creating food bags for our client who pick up meals once a week on Wednesdays. It also involves consolidating meals and conducting inventory of our frozen stock. Please speak with Lauren or Jeanette for further details.


We're still recruiting volunteer ambassadors for this year's Angels Night Out. It's going to take at least 100 of us to pull this event off well, so please check in with Lauren and sign up for a restaurant. It's our ambassadors who make this event so successful each year. Thank you volunteers!
Continuing EducationContinuingEducation  

Our new volunteer positions and procedures seem to be settling in quite nicely. Delicious meals are coming out right on time with correct dots, delivery room volunteers are improving their accuracy with every shift, and delivery coordinators are labeling leftover meals and moving them directly into the blast chiller to maximize freshness. Delivery drivers don't have to wait as long as they used to while picking up meals, and the overall accuracy of meal packing has gone up dramatically.

We know it's been challenging, especially with so many changes to stay on top of, but our volunteers have been outstanding, flexible, and very helpful during our construction. Our volunteer handbooks have all been updated to reflect the various volunteer jobs and their associated procedures. Please take a moment to review the handbooks.  It's quite likely there's something in there you might not be aware of. Click here to view the Kitchen Handbook. Click here for the Delivery Handbook (Delivery Room Prep, Delivery Coordinators, Delivery Drivers).

We're still in the midst of flu season, and it's important to be well informed about this dangerous virus and how to prevent its spread. We hear quite a few volunteers say they're "no longer contagious" between sniffs and coughs. Here's a helpful little video that gives some scientific facts concerning how long one might actually be contagious after being exposed to the flu virus. 

Please help keep your co-workers, friends, and our clients healthy by not coming to volunteer until you're certain you are no longer contagious. Thanks!

How long are you contagious?
How long are you contagious?


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Thanks 

Kay has been a Kitchen Angel for 16 years!
We've been on the lookout lately - and catching volunteers doing some notable things. By notable, we mean thoughtful, sincere, responsible, and just plain outstanding! 

Now that we've caught them doing good, we're telling on them.

Kay Slattery, Wednesday Delivery Coordinator, was caught offering to help a driver out with her meal bags. She did this with a smile on her face, kind words of thanks to the driver, and total patience. Thanks Kay, for modeling such hospitality.

James & Georgia Snead know their clients and the meals they get. They always check to make sure they have the correct dot colors and number of meals. They caught a mistake recently and were able to remedy it before they even left the building. Thank you for being attentive to your clients' needs.

George Baker checked the "Master List" while he was signing in for his volunteer delivery shift. He checked the list of clients against the meal bags he had on his route shelf and found they didn't match up. He was missing a bag for one of his clients. We looked around and found that it had been placed on the wrong shelf. Thanks to George, we were able to catch the mistake in time. Good job!
Juliana helps in the kitchen on Thursday mornings, then stays to fill delivery bags!

Joe can't say enough good things about his Thursday morning kitchen crew. They work very well  together, laugh, razz one another, and get the job done. They need very little guidance because they have such confidence in the kitchen and rely on one another. This group of people exemplifies the concept of teamwork. Thanks Kent, Bill, Katie, Ron, Michael, Karl, Magdalena, Juliana, Maria, Brenda, Peggy & Kendal! You guys are top notch.

Drinette & Donald Ellison have been Delivery Room Volunteers for the past four months. They are serving a mission through their church and agreed to assist Kitchen Angels by preparing our delivery room on Wednesdays. They are always on time, hard working, humble, and very kind. We appreciate how they take suggestions, strive for excellence, and double check their work every time. We're happy to see your faces each Wednesday, and are grateful for your precision work.
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