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Friday Mar 16, 12 PM

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MARCH 2018
Dear Philadelphia Chapter Members  and Friends,

yellow_spring_daffodil.jpg We are 22 days from the official start of spring. 

While walking outside this week, the sun was shining and the air was warm, I was surprised to see early signs of spring.   Buds are starting to show on many of my trees and the bulbs are peeking out. The sure signs spring are here! Let's dust off our walking gear and enjoy the signs and smells of this wonderful season. 

The Philadelphia Steering Committee met yesterday with TTN National Board President, Carol Oswald, Executive Director, Susan Collins and 3 National Board members: Chrissa Merron, Amy Kotkin and JoAnne D'Aleo. We had a great exchange of information and insights into the National project "Bridge to the Future". 
We are excited to engage and help to plan the next phase of our organization. We will share project updates with you as they become available.  Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved.

The planning for our 10th Anniversary celebration has begun!
Save the date - June 2nd, 2018 - and come to celebrate. 
If you are energized and want to join the celebration committee, please let me know, we'd love to have you.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful spring - we are looking forward to great happenings. 

Like us on FacebookWarm Regards,                      
Chair, TTN Philadelphia  
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SIG Corner: 
Wine Lovers, Too!
Wine Lovers, Too!
You've got a dinner party planned and you're not quite sure which wine pairs best with your entrĂ©e.  Or, you're headed to a friend's place for drinks and appetizers and are wondering which wine would make the best hostess gift.  

These and other wine-related questions are what brings together the women of Wine Lovers, Too!  The group meets monthly on the third Thursday from 4:30-6:00 to drink from the vine and compare notes.   

There's room for more in their group and they would love to see you there.   Meetings may be at members' homes or a local wine bar or event.   If you'd like to know more about wine or are already a connoisseur join Wine Lovers, Too! by contacting Nancy Gordon at .


Friday Arts SIG at the Fabric Workshop & Museum
SIG members enjoy a docent-led tour of the Fabric Workshop & Museum. 

Contact Joanne Bowes if you have SIG questions or suggestions for new groups.  Join us!
Member Highlight: Ronnie Green
Sometimes you get lucky and you cross paths with someone like Ronnie Green, an indefatigable gatherer of friendships and experiences.

Having discovered TTN in 2015, shortly after Ronnie and her husband, Frank, returned to their beloved hometown of Philadelphia, Ronnie quickly got involved by joining a Peer Group, several SIGs and volunteering to be a TTN Welcome Ambassador.   She now serves as the Member Mingle Coordinator and actively contributes her creativity, ideas and enthusiasm on the TTN Steering Committee. 

Like many TTN members, Ronnie mastered the art of transitioning across multiple careers, locations and life phases.  Armed with a liberal arts degree, Ronnie became Development Director at Johns Hopkins University, leading their fund raising efforts for over ten years.  Her strong people skills and warm, engaging approach led her into Career Counseling at a local non-profit in Baltimore, helping people find jobs through improved networking, interview skills and resume writing.   She established an Entrepreneur Meetup group that grew to nearly 300 members. Ronnie still hears from past clients and their parents about the lasting impact she had on helping them pull their life together and succeed. 

Immersed in this counseling environment, Ronnie knew she wanted to design her own retirement and that she needed the right balance between creative, cultural, intellectual and physical activities. She also recognized when it was time to move on and top on her list was returning to the walkable streets of Philadelphia.  Ronnie describes herself as someone who transitions easily, does not worry or agonize over things, likes to jump right in. 

When she joined TTN, Ronnie wasted no time reaching out and meeting a lot of women in the organization.  She relied on good instincts on how to get involved, went to events, met folks for coffee, joined SIGs and a Peer Group.  She felt she had "known these women forever and that these women are just like me".  TTN women are a self-selecting group having lived full, rich lives, with many shared interests and very engaged in the community.  It was easy to meet these friendly and nice people, learn from the talents of others and develop new friendships.  Ronnie shared the insight she got from her knitting group: "I started out only knowing how to knit squares and rectangles, and came out knowing how to knit circles".  Her world expanded!   

In addition to TTN, Ronnie volunteers for the Philadelphia Opera, Manna and serves on a film committee for the Rehoboth Film Festival.  She enjoys traveling, spending time with her son in Philadelphia and daughter and two grandchildren in Baltimore. 

Ronnie relishes being in the worker bee role and is happy to work with anyone ... just "one of the gang".  For those who know her, we see her as a gatherer, someone who attracts people to her and brings them along.   How lucky we are to have Ronnie in our Chapter and playing to her strengths as the Member Mingle Coordinator!  
Giving Circle: A Success Story
New Leash on Life: Awarded a Giving Circle Grant in 2016.
This month, as we gear up for our 2018 grant cycle, we were happy to receive an update from New Leash on Life.  

In 2016, we awarded New Leash on Life a grant for $10,000 to fund a program that pairs female inmates with shelter dogs at the Riverside Correctional Facility.  The women who participate learn valuable vocational and life skills while training the dogs to prepare them for adoption.
Charnae, a young mother of four. is a graduate of New Leash on Life's first female class and a true success story. Upon release from prison, the program helped her find an internship at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. Following her internship, she was hired by the Women's Humane Society where she is now employed as a full time kennel worker.
Charnae says the best part of the New Leash on Life program was learning new life skills and changing her perception of herself.    "I saved a dog's life, which means I can change my life", she says.  "New Leash is not a get-out-of-jail-free card. It's a point of changing your life. It makes you want to change. You want to do better."

Contact Giving Circle Chair Susan Vineberg to get involved with The Giving Circle.

Giving Together Makes A Difference!
Become a Member of the Events Committee
Are you bursting with ideas for possible TTN events?  Would you like to see more events in your area?  

Become a member of the Events Committee and help bring your ideas to life while delighting and surprising your fellow TTN members.  


Please contact the Events Committee Chair, Marion Blow ( to learn more about how you can become involved. 

Join the Welcome Ambassador Team
The Welcome Ambassador Team is expanding due to recent membership growth in our Philadelphia Chapter!

Now is a terrific opportunity to share your enthusiasm for TTN by joining our Team.

Welcome Ambassadors make a significant and positive impact for recent members. Our Team connects with new members over coffee, lunch, drinks or phone to orient them to the Philadelphia Chapter, all the exciting things we do and the many different activities we have to offer. 

Welcome Ambassadors ensure new members make the most of their membership by answering questions and sharing their own personal TTN journey.

The Ambassador Program is truly a rewarding experience with a minimal time commitment.  If you're interested in joining the Welcome Ambassador Team or have any questions, please email Cindy Benamy,