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March 2018


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What's this, a magazine cover? Yes, but it's a souvenir of the Maine Boatbuilders Show and a nice image of Gloucester Harbor when the American Eagle was new. One can imagine that the larger schooner alongside the wharf is her.

Crew's News
Enough of winter outfitting already! It's time to look forward to days afloat under sail.

photo courtesy of MB Rolfe  

     Baggywrinkle party 2017

Last boat overhauled in the shop this winter; the one from Craigslist after an awful
 lot of time and effort. Rows nice though.

photo courtesy of Nancy Fleming  

Singing 2017

Cruise News

More people than ever are browsing the internet, visiting websites and reading reviews when planning their next vacation -- quite a change from  when the   American Eagle   started carrying guests.   In an effort to keep up with social media, we can now be found on both
For those of you who have been aboard before, whether once, or year after year, we'd be delighted if you'd take a few minutes to share your experience on one (or both) of these sites.  If you'll be joining us for the first time this season, we hope you'll consider writing a review once you get home from your trip.  

Ready to write your review now?  Great!  Follow the links to   tripadvisor  or   cruisecritic.

photo courtesy Ralph Smith  

You know I think this is at Isles of Shoals, 2017

Many say a four-night cruise in June is just about right.    Join the few and become the many.   Spring into Summer ,   Tuesday, June 19th through Saturday, the 23rd.

Postcards from away  








Friendship Sloop races are in Rockland Harbor July 19-21, 2018


Gundel ended up at Mystic for a while before being broken up. Her stern boat was used on several schooners in the fleet before being retired.


It may be hard to read, but this is the steamer C. W. Morse, named after the ice king of Bath, Maine. Mr. Morse expanded his father's work in the ice business to an empire of shipping and shady business deals. 


His brother J.T. had the sidewheeler serving Rockland to Mt. Desert named for him.




courtesy of Skip Brown  



Next month here will be taken up with launching and hauling schooners on our railway, including our annual time out of the water for painting, repair and inspections.


We'll be ready for you all late May.

      John and the crew

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