MARCH 2018
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2017 Fourth Quarter Report    

The 2017 fourth quarter "Quarterly Performance Data Report" was recently posted on the Keep Your Home California website and the charts on the Reports and Statistics webpage were updated with the new information. The report describes recent progress for Keep Your Home California, as we closed out 2017. Some of the highlights from the report include:
  • Keep Your Home California provided nearly $76 million in assistance during the fourth quarter of 2017. An average of $83 million in assistance was provided to homeowners during each quarter of 2017.
  • At the end of the fourth quarter, Keep Your Home California had funded more than $1.91 billion in benefit assistance - helping more than 73,800 unique homeowners prevent foreclosure of their homes. This represents 90% of the total Hardest Hit Fund program funds allocated to California
  • Applicants approved in the quarter for the Principal Reduction Program (PRP) saw their loan balances and monthly mortgage payments reduced by approximately $60,000 and $356, respectively.

Tax Season Reminder  

Tax Day (April 17) is mere weeks away, so we wanted to provide another reminder to homeowners who qualified for Keep Your Home California assistance of the most-asked tax-related questions and answers from the website's Frequently Asked Questions webpage. 
We strongly encourage homeowners to consult a tax professional if you have any additional questions about the tax implications of the assistance you received from Keep Your Home California.  
(as of March 28, 2018)

Homeowners Assisted
Total Amount Distributed
Unemployment Mortgage Assistance
Principal Reduction Program
Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program
Reverse Mortgage Assistance Pilot Program
Transition Assistance Program
Total Program
Funds Allocated
Recent Blog Post:

How to stay in your home after the loss of a loved one
Editor's note: Lucille Rosetti with has provided a special guest blog to provide tips for coping with the loss of a loved one who lived in your home with you.

By Lucille Rosetti

Everyone copes with the death of a close loved one in their own way.

There is no manual for grief, no set time for the healing process, and no certain set of steps to get you through the heartache.

When a loved one who lives with you passes away - a parent, spouse, partner, child, sibling, or friend - every moment in the home can be a devastating reminder of your loss.

For some people, a fresh start in a new environment is a logical step. Maybe the house feels too big and empty. Perhaps too many memories are holding your recovery back.

However, for those who choose to stay, it's important to turn your home into a place that honors your loved one's memory without overwhelming your emotions. Here are a few tips for moving through grief while remaining in your home after the death of a loved one.

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Success Story: Brenda K .
'All of my fears of losing my home melted away'

Homeowner Brenda K.'s life was a "little unsure" during Christmas 2015.

Her mother had lost a long battle with a health issue about a year earlier, a long-term relationship had soured and she was out of work.

"I didn't know if I could even keep my house," says Brenda, who lives in the Bay Area.

But what a difference a year can make.

"It hasn't always been as nice as it will be this year," says Brenda, a few days before Christmas 2016.

A permanent job in public education and being caught up on her mortgage payments are major reasons for her upbeat outlook.

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Monthly Question & Answer
Q: I received two or more 1098-MA tax statements from Keep Your Home California this year - Why did this happen? And, what should I do?
A: Keep Your Home California is required to provide you and the IRS with the dollar amount of financial assistance your loan servicer received on your behalf during the current tax year. If you received more than one 1098-MA tax statement it is because you obtained program assistance more than once during the tax year. This can occur when a homeowner receives financial assistance from more than one unique program (Example: Unemployment and Mortgage Reinstatement assistance were provided) OR a homeowner obtained assistance more than once from the same program (Example: Unemployment assistance was provided as a result of two or more unique, approved applications).

Homeowners who received more than one 1098-MA tax statement from Keep Your Home California are required to use ALL 1098-MA tax statements when preparing their taxes as the total of all 1098-MA's represents the full amount of financial assistance provided during the current tax year.
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For more tips on what you can do to save water, please visit the Save Our Water website.
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