MARCH 2018
Tax Sale - March 27, 2018
March 27, 2018
Notice is hereby given that the following properties will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION by the Treasurer of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland on Tuesday March 27, 2018 at 10:00 am unless, before the date of the tax sale, the total amounts as indicated are
paid in full. 

The Tax Sale will be held at the E.D. Fullerton Municipal Building located at 1395 Blair Lake Road, Upper Nappan.
Tax Sale - April 10, 2018
April 10, 2018
Notice is hereby given that the following properties will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION by the Treasurer of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 10:00 am unless, before the date of the tax sale, the total amounts as indicated are
paid in full.  

The Tax Sale will be held at the E.D. Fullerton Municipal Building located at 1395 Blair Lake Road, Upper Nappan.
Low Income Tax Exemption 
Low Income Application now available
The Municipality of Cumberland Income Exemption provides assistance to homeowners to help pay their residential property taxes.  Qualified applicants will receive a credit which is applied directly to their tax account
To qualify:
  • The ratepayer must own and occupy the assessed property as their principal residence
  • Annual income from all sources for the 2017 calendar year for all household members must be equal to or less than $20, 803
  • The Municipality requires a copy of the prior year's Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment for all household members prior to approving an application
The exemption value:
  • When the total household income is less than $18,373 the exemption shall be $314.
  • When the total household income is between $18,374 and $20,803 the exemption shall be $217.
Please Note: Hosehold income is based on line 150 of the income tax Notice of Assessment
The complete Low Income Tax Exemption Policy and application form are available now.
Tax Reduction and Exemption Application
Deadline of March 31, 2018
The Municipality of Cumberland is now accepting applications for tax reduction or exemption from organizations that pay property taxes and meet the following criteria:
  • property of a named registered Canadian charitable organization, and that is used directly and solely for a charitable purpose; or
  • property of a non-profit community, charitable, fraternal, educational, recreational, religious, cultural or sporting organization if, in the opinion of Council, the organization provides a service that might otherwise be a responsibility of Council.
Applications are available at the Upper Nappan, Springhill and Parrsboro Service Centers, or by visiting our website .

To be considered for the 2018/19 tax year, applications must be submitted by March 31, 2018.
Job Posting - Tax Collection Administration Assistant
(2 Year Term)
The Municipality of the County of Cumberland is currently seeking qualified applicants to fill the role of a Tax Collection Administrative Assistant (2 Year Term), based in Upper Nappan, expected to commence immediately. The Tax Collection Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing support for the tax collection process.

Deadline for resumes is Monday, March 12, 2018 at 1:00pm.

For more information please visit our website .
Pink Day at the Municipality
Staff at the Municipality supported Pink Day on Feb 28, 2018
History of Pink Day
Pink Day started in 2007, when a grade nine student in Cambridge, Nova Scotia was bullied by classmates for wearing a pink shirt to school. Taking notice, two students named Travis Price and David Shepherd rallied their peers to send a message to the bullies. The next day, the halls were filled with students in pink t-shirts.
Red Cross Pink Shirt Day started because two boys chose to do something about bullying rather than stand by and watch it happen. Now the movement is worldwide, educating and inspiring others to stand together and take action against violence and bullying.
Learn 2 Lead - Leadership Workshop Series 2018
JOHSC Safety Bulletin 
Slips, trips, and falls at work
Did you know that Nova Scotia had, on average, 3,632 slip, trip and fall claims last year? Slips, trips and falls are
a major cause of costly and serious workplace injuries: The average cost of benefits for time-loss claims related to slips,
trips and falls was $6,100 in 2016.

What can you do to help prevent slip, trip and fall injuries in the workplace? Here are tips to consider as part of your
regular inspection process.
Joggins Fossil Institute ArtScape Artist-In-Residence Programme
The Joggins Fossil Institute receives municipal funding  for ArtScape Artist-In-Residence Programme
Elizabeth Copeland, an author and poet living and working in Sackville, NB, has been chosen as the 2018 Joggins Fossil Institute's ArtScape Artist-In-Residence.   

Copeland's "Rock Whisperers" project combines research and writing plus workshops (for all ages) to create a chapbook of poetry which examines the question of what the Joggins Fossil Cliffs have to teach us in terms of human interconnectedness with life at this critical time in Earth's history. .

We look forward to working with Elizabeth this coming Spring. The ArtScape Artist-in-Residence program is sponsored by the Municipality of the County of Cumberland.
New Hours at the Ross Anderson Pharmacy Teen Centre 
Council Session Dates 
The Municipality of the County of Cumberland Council will meet  during the month of March on the following date:

March 7, 2018 at approximately 6:00pm

March 21, 2018 at approximately 6:00pm

The Council Sessions will be held at the Upper Nappan Service Centre Council Chambers. 

All are welcome to attend!
Grant Opportunities
Canadian Tire Jumpstart Accessibility Grants
Two separate funding streams:  

1. Accessibility-Enabling Grants : Jumpstart will provide grants up to $50,000 for projects designed to help organizations enable general accessibility within their facilities. Where possible, applications should demonstrate evidence of matching funds or in-kind support from Federal/Provincial/Territorial and/or municipal governments. Up to 14 Accessibility-Enabling Grants will be awarded annually;


2. Inclusive Design Innovation Grants: Jumpstart will provide grants between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to enhance existing building plans for sport and recreation spaces with uniquely innovative solutions for inclusion & accessibility for children of different abilities. On an annual basis, Jumpstart will award: 

a. Up to four grants valued at $250,000
b. Up to two grants valued at $500,000
c. Two grants valued at $1,000,000

Deadline is March 16th.

Connect2 Sustainable Transportation Grant Program
Expressions of interest, followed by applications for grants, are now being accepted from communities and organizations wishing to have more access to walking and biking paths, ride sharing, and other sustainable transportation options.
Connect2 aims to provide more options to communities to reduce their carbon footprint, and making walking, biking and using sustainable modes of transportation a practical and enjoyable choice throughout NS.
Communities, municipalities, and organizations interested in applying for a grant are invited to first submit an expression of interest. A response along with an application form will be provided within 48 hours confirming if the proposal is eligible. The deadline to submit the expression of interest is March 26. The completed application is due on March 29.
Government will provide $600,000 to the program this year, pending budget approval in April. Sustainable transportation projects focused on active transportation infrastructure design or build are eligible for up to 50 per cent of costs, to a maximum of $100,000. Projects focusing on public education and engagement type projects or studies to advance sustainable transportation best practices in Nova Scotia are eligible for up to 50 per cent of costs, to a maximum of $30,000.    
Learn More

Grants for Non-Profit Organizations 2018
These grants are for non-profit community, recreational, sporting, cultural, educational, and social organizations that provide benefits to the residents and communities within the Municipality. Only those organizations that demonstrate financial need are considered for assistance.

At this time, the Municipality does not offer any grants to individuals.

Requests above $3,000: Deadline is March 31st.
Requests below $3,000: Apply anytime - earlier is better as funding is dependent on budget

Learn More
Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP)
The Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP) helps with the cost of home heating for low-income Nova Scotians who pay for their own heat. Rebates range from $100 to $200. 

You can apply between October 16, 2017 and March 31, 2018. The winter 2017-2018 applications are now for those who are eligible as per the following criteria:

· Single household: $29,000 or less (after tax) annual income.
· Family household: $44,000 or less (after tax) annual income.

Sport Fund - Community Sport Grant
Through the collaboration between Sport Nova Scotia, Support4Sport, Province of Nova Scotia, Sport Canada and Manulife, Sport Fund looks to increase sustainable quality sport programs in Nova Scotia. 

Sport Fund is now open to the following applicants :   
-  Local sport clubs and community sport organizations who are members in good standing of a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).
-  Community sport organizations incorporated as a "not for profit" society under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia.
-  Municipalities/communities (including villages and first nation communities) and community sport stakeholders (facilities).

For a consultation to support your initiative, please contact Fundy regional sport consultant Courtney Nicholson no later than April 1st, 2018 at 4:00pm.  

The application deadline is April 15th, 2018 
Youth Green Jobs
The program will provide wage subsidies (50%) to provide green summer youth work opportunities for 2018 and 2019.  The wage subsidy will be up to maximum government contribution of $5,700 for each youth/job - to be matched by the employer.  Employers are welcome to pay a lower or higher wage, but the government contribution is capped at $5,700 per youth/job. The positions can be 4-16 weeks and the definition of 'youth' will be 18-30.

While the program details are not finalized, the definition of a 'green' job is broad including park horticulture and landscaping, parks operations, parks planning, parks technicians, biodiversity, outdoor play/park facilitators, parks ambassadors or interpreters. The jobs are to be 'new' but we have flexibility in this area.  

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Excellence Stream Conference:
 Targeted at full-time coaches and those working with national teams, Universities and national level athletes.  Thursday Evening April 26 - Full Day Friday April 27.

Participation Stream Conference:
  Targeted at paid and volunteer coaches who work with provincial athletes, community clubs and teams.  Friday evening April 27 - Sat. April 28th (done by 4pm).  

Have you ever wondered if you could separate yourself from the pack?  Do you have speed, power, endurance, strength?  Enough to rise to the top?  Enough to compete on the world stage? 
RBC Training Ground is searching for the next Canadian Olympian.  Identified athletes are eligible to receive funding and support to help fuel their Olympic dreams.     
*Please share this with your athletes and coaching team! Testing results for the athletes provided to the coaches.

Wolfville - Acadia University Athletics Complex (15 University Avenue)
Saturday, March 24, 9:00am

Antigonish - St FX University - Oland Centre (5005 Chapel Square)
Sunday, March 25, 9:00am

Katimavik National Experience
This fully-immersive 6 month program brings together 11 young adults who share and manage a Katimavik house while living in two different communities. Volunteers will spend 3 months in an English-speaking community and 3 months in a French-speaking community. The group will be accompanied by a Project Leader, who resides in the house to mentor and facilitate the life-changing experience.

Katimavik's National Experience begins in July 2018.
Registration will open February 15th.

Happenings in Cumberland County
CJSMA's Solid Waste App!
Never forget your garbage day again!
The Cumberland Central Landfill has made it even easier for residents to stay connected with waste management collection and programs.
Download the free Solid Waste Mobile App by searching for Cumberland County Solid Waste in the App Store. Use your mobile phone to view collection schedules, receive collection reminders and  service alerts for any interruptions to waste collection such as cancellations due to weather. Residents can also sign up online by visiting .
Wondering what goes where? Visit to use the new Waste Wizard and search our  database of over 300 items for disposal options.

CJSMA also provides sorting guides, information about upcoming Household Hazardous Waste events, FAQs, and information about provincial solid waste programs available to residents.

For more information about Solid Waste Collection Schedules and Routes in your community, please visit 
Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority.
Have you Changed your Mailing Address? 
Change of Address Form

To notify the Municipality of a change in your mailing address please fill out our Request for Change of Address form.

Forms can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to our office.

Calling for Submissions for Next Month's Newsletter!
Send us information about your community events and programs!

If you know of an upcoming  program or event in your community that you would like to see included in our municipal monthly newsletters, please contact  Allie MacLean .

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