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Local First Arizona Mixer
Last Chance for two Visiting Artist Workshops
Instructor Spotlight: Laurie Schock
Student of the Month: Anne-Marie Laurian
WE WANT YOU: For the 33rd Boro Platoon
SGS at Tucson Hebrew Academy STEM FESTIVAL
Featured Classes
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Tucson Sculpture Festival and a Toast to Tom Philabaum in April
SGS Hosts Local First Arizona Mixer

Last night Sonoran Glass School was proud to host local business owners and nonprofit leaders at Local First Arizona's March mixer. 

It was a great turnout and attendees learned about the importance of supporting local businesses while discovering more about Sonoran Glass School through demonstrations, displays, a few words from our Executive Director, Lynn Davis.

Thanks to all who came out!
Last Chance for Two Visiting Artist Workshops
Learning to Upgrade: An Exploration of Contemporary Flameworking Techniques with Jack Morris  and  POP Gothic Stained Glass with Joseph Cavalieri 

Take your glass skills to new levels with these Visiting Artist Workshops.

This two-day class still has two spots available! It will include demonstrations and hands-on learning that will include creating a personalized style in functional and wearable art. You will learn how to make realistic eye murrine, hollow forms and shaping, and advanced sculpting techniques. LEARN MORE

APRIL 6 - 9 - Joseph Cavalieri | POP Gothic Stained Glass Reveal the secrets to achieving detailed images on glass. Focus on painting processes and using kiln fired enamels, a technique that dates back to medieval times. The artist takes a new approach using silk screening, airbrushing on glass (using an atomizer), collage, sandblasting, and layering. 
Registration Deadline, Friday March 9 5PM  -    LEARN MORE
Instructor Spotlight: Laurie Schock
A Q&A with our guest fusing instructor, currently teaching Beginning Fused Glass Comprehensive II

Q) How did you get started in glass? 
My mother-in-law gave me her stained glass and tools and I started with that. I saw fusing at a local glass store in Tucson and got hooked! Bought my first kiln within 2 months.

Q) How long have you been working in glass?
I've been working with glass for over 20 years.

Q) What is your favorite technique in fusing at this point in time? 
Vitrigraph!  I love it...  I would pull canes all day long if I could.

Q) What would you tell someone who was unsure if they should try fused glass?
Fused glass is awesome!  You can start with bottles, jars, float glass, etc., and move on to sheet glass.  Nothing is ever done until you are absolutely in love with it!  Glass is versatile, easy to work with and comes in so many different forms; the possibilities are endless!  Come in and take a class!  See if warm glass is what you want to play with....
Student of the Month: Anne-Marie Laurian

We would like to introduce you to some of the students that come to Sonoran Glass School by featuring one of them each month as our Student of the Month. Our first one is Anne-Marie Laurian. Originally from Paris, France, Anne-Marie had worked in fused glass for years, before trying furnace glassblowing to work with her instructor Alexandria Young for the first time two months ago. Anne-Marie comes in about once a week and has found a new love for making paperweights and small sculptures.

Q) How did you get started in glass?
I loved watching the light come through the stained glass windows in French cathedrals when I was a child, and that's what started it all.

Q) Why did you become interested in furnace glassblowing?
I went to several different exhibitions by Czechoslovakian glass artists and had been buying a few pieces. I love how the bubbles in the glass looked like galaxies because I have a history with astronomy. Then one day I thought, " It be more fun to do it myself!"

Q) What is your favorite part about working with glass?
I used to be a researcher at the National Center for Science Research in France and I love that glass exists between science and art. You have to know a lot about temperature and the content of your glass to be successful. There's just so much more knowledge you need to have than with a pencil and paper.
For The 33rd Boro Platoon's Torchworking Program

Do you have a veteran or first responder in your life who would benefit from glass art classes? Our 33rd Boro Platoon is back which former Marine Jeff Rutherford instructing comrades on the transformational power of torchworking.

This program is intended for individuals trying to cope with PTSD or who are looking for camaraderie in civilian life.

The instruction is offered to participants for free, thanks to generous support from individual donations and these sponsors:

Mobile Torchworking Studio to Promote Summer Camps at Tucson Hebrew Academy's STEM Festival - March 18

On Sunday, March 18th from 10AM-2PM, Sonoran Glass School's TOAD (Torchworking On A Dolly) will be providing torchworking demonstrations and information about our 2018 summer camp, Camp Fuego. This festival is hosted by the Tucson Hebrew Academy.

At the 4th Annual STEM Festival, S cience,  T echnology,  E ngineering, and  M athematics lovers of all kinds come together to share all sorts of hands-on experiences for kids and adults alike. It is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family. There will be creatures to see and touch, hands-on demonstrations and experiments, robotics demonstrations, photo booths, and more!

For ages 12-17, Sonoran Glass School's new glass art summer camp, Camp Fuego, is the perfect way to spark your creative fire in early June 2018 in Tucson. Work in all of our studios and try your hand at furnace glassblowing, torchworking, and kiln-firing. Students will also take chaperoned educational field trips to places like the UA Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, UA Optical Sciences Lab, and other university science attractions.
Featured Classes
Spark Your Creative Fire!

FLAME SHOP-Torchworking

Join instructor Nan Charif and 
Learn how to make fun Carmen Miranda style beads! We will explore fruit, cupcakes and more in this fun filled foodie class.

You will learn about heat control, how to shape the glass, and how to mix colors.

In this intermediate-to-advanced workshop, students will cover basic concepts for designing and creating silly creatures. A step-by-step process for glass beadmaking success will be presented, including choosing whimsical color combinations which play well together; color masking techniques; fine stringer control; precision with dots; adding minute detail; fixing mistakes; and innovative use of tools to achieve the perfect shape.


Students with some wire wrapping experience will learn how to weave and wrap four wires into three different patterns, incorporate 3 copper spacer beads, and create a bail with a surrounding for the whole bead.
SGS's Mobile Glassblowing Studio will be demonstrating Saturday, April 9th

Our GOAT (Glassblowing On A Trailer) will be at the Tucson Sculpture Festival providing demonstrations and we'll have a booth displaying glass art sculptures!

Head Hot Shop Instructor and Lead Gaffer, Jason Marstall, will also have a booth at the event.
Mini Glass Festival and Reception on Saturday, April 27th

We're celebrating Tom's retirement and honoring his numerous contributions to glass art education in Tucson. The day will feature exciting glassblowing demonstrations from  several of Tom's former students, now accomplished artists themselves, throughout the day and wine and hors d'oeuvres at night, culminating in toasts  to Tom.  Sponsorship opportunities available! Contact Lynn Davis at for more information.

Joan Lisi | Wire Wrapping II
Jack Morris | Learning to Upgrade: An Exploration of Contemporary Flameworking Techniques
Joseph Cavalieri | POP Gothic Stained Glass 
Heather Sellers - Silly Creatures: Big and Small
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