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Rowan County's Only Nationally Accredited Child Care Center!

"I'm grateful for Elsie going to PIL because she loves it and all her teachers. Everyone is so nice and they make her feel so special. Elsie requires patience and the staff at PIL have just that. When Elsie is happy at school, I'm happy because I know she's being taken care of. I've had the best support from staff when it comes to Elsie's needs, and I could never thank PIL enough." ~ Elsie's Mom


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Trama Training
March 14th @ 6:15pm
Catawba College Campus
To register call 704-638-9020

Tune in March 20th @ 8:45pm
Dr. Stegman will be presenting

March 8 & 22, 10:30am-Noon

March 6th, 6:00-8:30pm

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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 

1:6 children have a developmental delay
46% of our student enrollment is a child with Special Needs!

Our low classroom ratios, specially trained staff, and many support systems allows us to ensure each child gets the best education and service possible! 

We also have an Early Intervention Program, where we see over 300 children birth - 3 in their home each WEEK!
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Partners In Learning is having a Vaseline Drive to help a family who has a child at our Novant site. The child has a medical condition that requires he have Vaseline applied multiple times a day to his entire body. As you can imagine, it gets very expensive. We will be taking the donations until Friday, March 16, 2018.  
Thank you for your help! This family will greatly appreciate it!


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Developmental Fun Fact

"Infants and young children need 10 to 12 hours of sleep daily in order to support healthy development. Parents also need to feel rested in order to be nurturing and responsive to their growing and active young children. When your child does not get enough sleep, challenging behaviors are likely to occur. Your child might be moody, short-tempered and unable to engage well in interactions with others. Lack of sleep can also have a negative impact on your child's ability to learn. When a young child sleeps, her body is busy developing new brain cells that she needs for her physical, mental and emotional development. Babies and young children thrive on predictability and learn from repetition. It is important to establish a bedtime routine that you and your child both understand and helps everyone to feel calm and relaxed." TACSEI
For more helpful tips visit the CSEFEL website!  

Teacher of the Month at Novant

Brittany Walker

"I think Brittany deserves to be teacher of the month. The children love her and run up to her when she comes into the room. She's great with entertaining the children and making sure they are not bored. She also helped the children make a card for me when I was out of work due to a death in the family. Brittany is a wonderful asset to Partners In Learning." ~ Meliya Harris 


Teacher of the Month at Catawba

Aleshya Spruill

" If you  know Mrs. Aleshya, you know that she is such a delight. Carrying a big smile on her face. Her kindness overflows. Not just for the children, but for parents, coworkers, and anyone she meets. Mrs.Aleshya is always supportive for other's. And the go to woman that wears many hat's. We just love her! " ~ Salina Hipps

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Whose job is it to teach a child to read? Many people would say that it is the teacher's job to teach children to read.  However, reading starts at birth and it is the  parents  job to instill a love for reading in their children. When children enter school with a love for books and the written word; their chances of success is unmeasured!  So, what does this look like? Here are ten ways that you can encourage your child to love reading.  This should be done very early and regularly.

How young is too young to start monitoring our children's developmental milestones?   To answer this question, we must first know what a developmental milestone is.   Developmental milestones are actually the things that your child should be doing at certain ages. There are actually many websites that talk about developmental milestones and you can find a checklist for your child at any age...

02-04-2017 11:02:05 AM
As parents and caregivers, we tend to do things for our children that they can actually be taught to do for themselves.  This is especially important for children with special needs.  The sooner we can teach self-help/independence skills, the soon our children can become independent.  In the below video this little girl is learning that [...]...»

01-24-2017 08:07:45 AM
Every parent wants their child to grow up to be happy productive adults. Every parent wants what's best for their child.  But, how often do we think about what that really look like? When I go with my youth from church to summer camp, I always ask them to make a list of the top [...]...»

12-02-2016 11:17:43 AM
Join PIL at Novant on the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 10:30am to 12:00pm for play group! This is an opportunities for children to play, learn and grow, and for parents to receive much needed support. Contact Tonya Jenkins Correll for additional information at tonya@epartnersinlearning.org January 12, 2017 at 10:30am to 12:00pm [...]...»

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