March 2018 Newsletter
Weekly Temple Services 
Monday - Friday 6:30 am and 6:30 pm Meditation , Saturday 9am full service + meditation
My Dear Ones,
We have had a tragedy filled with anger and fear abounding after the shooting in Florida. People with strong pro gun rights and anti gun rights seem angry and challenging each other. Many of us are just saddened by the loss of lives and wanting to prevent such things in the future.
Read Thay Z's excellent column about anger - may our fear and anger be written in running water - they do not retain their passing thoughts; they let abuse and uncomfortable gossip pass by unnoticed; their minds are always pure and undisturbed. May we have gun regulations that preserve life, provide basic protection for us all, and allow for extremes to be avoided.
I am saddened by the death of a beautiful young girl, Kelsey Leigh. May she and all who love her find peace.
I am excited about upcoming retreats and work shops - from our Spring Retreat to Householder's Zen to Vipassana meditation. Please attend if you can.
May we all be well and happy. May we all know love and peace....Thay Kozen
Spring Retreat

Join us on for our three day retreat.
Metta and Meditation 16-18 March

The schedule may change - depending on the weather

Friday Evening
6 pm – greeting and tea
6:30 pm - housing assignment
7:30 pm Orientation to the weekend
8:00 pm Meditation
9:00 pm Bedtime

Saturday Morning
6:00 am Rising Bell
6:30 Morning Bells - Mindful Listening
6:30 am Mindful Eating Breakfast
7:30 am Mindful Movement Qi Gong
8 am Orientation and introductions
8:30 am Mindful Movement Walking Meditation
9:00 am Morning Service
10:00 am Review of the Cardinal Precepts, self writing of our concerns
11:00 am Mindful Movement Walking Meditation
11:30 am preparing for mindful eating
12 noon Mindful Eating Lunch
1 pm Mindful Quiet Time
2:15 Mindful Movement Qi Gong - Shibashi,
2:45 pm Sitting Meditation
3:20 pm Mindful Movement Walking Meditation
3:40 Dharma Talk
4:00 pm Mindful Personal Writing
5:00 pm Mindful Eating Dinner
6 pm – Mindful Work - clean up
6:30 pm - Sitting Meditation
7:30 pm Mindful Movement Cleaning
8:30 pm Meditation
9:00 pm Bedtime

Sunday Morning
6:00 am Rising Bell
6:30 Morning Bells - Mindful Listening
6:30 am Mindful Eating Breakfast
7:30 am Mindful Movement Qi Gong
8:00 am Sitting Meditation
8:30 am Mindful Movement Walking Meditation
9:00 am Mindful Movement Cleaning
10:00 am Review of the Cardinal Precepts, self writing of our concerns
11:00 am Mindful Movement Walking Meditation
11:30 am preparing for mindful eating
12 noon Mindful Eating Lunch
1 pm Dharma Talk
1:30 Sitting Meditation
2:00 pm Mindful Movement Walking Meditation
2:40 pm Mindful Ending the Retreat

Weather permitting we will walk the Labyrinth and walk outside. Bring warm clothes, waterproof boots and coats and a good hat. We may have snow and ice or bright sunshine – we’ll adjust the program to accommodate the weather. Lunch will be salad, cheese, veggies, and bread. Tea will be available all day.
Please register: 509.395.2030 – leave a message or e-mail

We're asking a $ 145 donation for the weekend.
Thay Z at the ocean
Thich Minh Thien's Column
The other day I was doing some mundane chore, apparently un-mindfully, and I became frustrated when I dropped something. At that moment, some word profanity escaped, out loud, from my lips. I don’t proclaim to be a saint, and my language at times might be termed “salty” however this outburst was defined, not used frequently and had more than a tinge of anger associated with it. The next day, during meditation, thoughts about what had occurred the day before continued to arise. This month, I thought I would share some of those thoughts.
As human beings, we all have the seeds of anger. It is one of the three poisons; the other two being greed and ignorance. Anger can make its appearance in different ways.  Sometimes it can be blind rage, but more often it appears in much less dramatic ways. When it is directed outward, the intention, whether defined or not, is to cause another person to suffer because of how we are suffering. I have been fond of the expression … Anger is like drinking poison and hoping someone else will die… and refers to who will suffer the most. Often, anger is directed inwardly in frustration, in feeling less than and even in feelings of guilt. It again causes suffering. Though it may not be directed outwardly at someone else, others could still suffer in their interactions with us.
It is a Buddhist tradition that the antidote to anger is loving-kindness and compassion. If we are angry with another, we hold that person in our heart with loving-kindness and compassion; if we are angry with self, we can do the same. By applying this antidote in a mindful way, we begin to see the anger as it is arising and recognize its harmful effects. As we continue to stay present to the anger, we realize that this anger is not me, nor mine. It is just a mind state that like the weather will change before long. This insight releases us from the prison of our anger.  
Anger practiced for many years is very powerful. When we are ready to let go of anger, we can always start fresh in the present moment. A technique we can apply is to stop going to the mind; stop entering the story that feeds the anger. Go back to what you can feel in your body; really feel it. Mindfully breathe in and breathe out, fully and deeply. Take a walk and be active so that the energy of the anger is slowly dissipated. When the physical symptoms have calmed down, we can then analyze the thoughts and stories that created the anger in the first place. I think that is what occurred for me during meditation the next morning.
In a book entitled, “Food For The Thinking Mind” by Venerable K Sri Dhammananda, there is a short piece on anger that I would like to offer. “Different Ways of Facing Anger… There are three kinds of people in the world. The first are those who are like letters carved in rock; they easily give way to anger and retain their angry thoughts for a long time. The second are those who are like letters written in sand; they give way to anger also, but their angry thoughts quickly fade. The third are those who are like letters written in running water; they do not retain their passing thoughts; they let abuse and uncomfortable gossip pass by unnoticed; their minds are always pure and undisturbed.”
May we all strive to be like letters written in running water.
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa
Healing Touch Program Level One
May 22-23, 2018 Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Location: 7200 NE 41st Street, Suite 206, Vancouver, WA 98662

Healing Touch Program Level 1 is a course for those interested in healing therapies using energy medicine based concepts. This course discusses the energy correlations between mind, body and spirit. Healing Touch is a safe, non- invasive therapy that can be used on anyone throughout their life span. All students will practice a basic Healing Touch Sequence and specific intervention techniques. Dress comfortably with layers as you will be on and off of massage tables.
Who Should Attend? Nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, students, massage therapists and other health sciences professionals.
Desired Learning Outcome: Learners will be able to develop skills in energy-based therapy.
● ● ●
Describe the human energy system and its relationship to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Assess the energy field and energy centers.
Practice intervention techniques: Basic Healing Touch Sequence, Magnetic Passes and Clearing, Chakra Connection, Headache Techniques, Ultra Sound, Laser, Chakra Spread, Scudder* and Mind Clearing*. (*optional in Level One)
Discuss legal and professional aspects of Healing Touch Program Constance A. Hammond, BS, Med, CAS, MDiv, DMin

Constance Hammond has been a Healing Touch instructor for over 15 years. She is an Episcopal priest and a licensed spiritual director. She has been an educator, Assistant Head of Pastoral Care for a hospital, former member of Earth and Spirit’s Environmental Council, rector of several parishes and founder of Refugee Immigration Ministry. She has established several Healing Touch Clinics in the Portland area. She received teaching awards through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Education Association.

Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the

American Nurses Credentialing Center’s COA.

Healing Touch Program is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (#150588-0

Registration includes: Attendance at program, student notebook, all day coffee, tea, water, and snacks. All supplies are included. Wi-fi is available in the conference center.
Cancellation Policy:
Registration Fee: $449 a reduced rate from $497
Questions: Email us at or call (360) 258-1838.


I have been attending Healing Touch Workshops and believe them to be a great way of helping us facilitate healing energy in ourselves and others. You do not have to be a nurse, therapist, or professional to attend. I am inviting Constance to offer an introduction class here in the fall........Thay Kozen

Spring Vipassana Meditation Retreat
 May 22-28, 2018

You are invited to participate in a 6-day insight meditation retreat with Burmese meditation master Ven. Sayadaw U Indaka from May 22-28, 2018 at Trout Lake Abbey. Western Theravada Buddhist teacher Kate Dresher has arranged for Sayadaw and his translator, May Myint Oo, to return to the Pacific Northwest this spring and will join them for this intimate retreat.
Ven. Sayadaw U Indaka’s sharing of the Buddha’s teachings and methods is straightforward, clear and kind. The retreat will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, Dharma talks and one-on-one teacher interviews. It is suitable for students who are committed to deepening their spiritual practice and are inspired by this unique opportunity. Both beginning and experienced meditators are welcome. For more information, including teacher bios, contact Leigh Kimball at

Ven. Sayadaw U Indaka is the abbott of Chanmyay Myaing Meditation Center in Yangon and Pyin Oo Lwin (Burma). He practiced meditation under the guidance of Ven.Sayadaw U Janaka who authorized him to teach.
March, April, May Upcoming Events
3 Householder's Zen - with Debbie Nelson 10:30 am - 1:00pm , The Zen of Cheese **
8-11 Yoga, Meditation, & Zen Koans by Suniti contact: 503 913 8959
16-18 Spring Retreat, Metta and Meditation - please sign up
24 Spring Equinox - Druid Event
31 Passover Starts

1-30 Temple closed - Kozen Traveling in Vietnam
20-22 NUNM QI Gong Retreat- private
28 Beltane - Druid Event

3 National Day of Prayer (National Holiday) - please do metta practice
5 Avalokiteshvara – one thousand eyes and arms - morning service
5 – Shamanic Healing – Dr. Sylver and Rev. Kirk Thomas
11-13 Yoga Laurie Van Cott Tel- 541 490-7420 Email- OPEN TO PUBLIC
13 Mother’s Day (National Holiday)
1 8-20 NUNM Qi Gong - private
19 Morning retreat - Tea and Zen – Thich Tam Minh (Ven Jeff Miles) - please sign up
19 Manjushri Day - morning Service
22-28 Vipassana Retreat with Burmese meditation master Ven. Sayadaw U Indaka
(See above section) sign up at
28 Memorial Day (National Holiday)
26 Buddha BD Morning Service
29 Vesak
Mt. Adams Zen - Outside Of Our Temple
Every Monday & Wednesday - Trinity Sangha, at Trinity Natural Medicine at 12 noon
1808 Belmont Ave, Hood River, OR 97031

1st and 3rd Wednesday Evenings - Trinity Sangha Stu dy Group Time 6:30-8:00pm
Where: at Withers residence, 1829 5th St., Hood River (Sieverkropp Development behind Rosauer's)
Book to be studied: passages from The Path of Emancipation. These are transcripts from a 21 day retreat led in 1998 in Burlington, Vermont, by Thich Nhat Hanh. It is not necessary to buy the book.
11th Step Recovery Meeting #1- A Fresh Step Forward in Recovery Sunday afternoons 4:30pm at Bethel UCC Church, 480 E Jewett Blvd, W hite Salmon, WA. Contact Dick Withers: ; 414-587-4065

11th Step Recovery Meeting #2 - A Fresh Step Forward in Recovery  Thursdays afternoons 4:30 pm at Good Medicine Healing Arts, 1029 May Street. Hood River, OR. Contact Dick Withers: ; 414-587-4065

Other Meditation Groups in the Gorge
Pacific Hermitage Meditation and Dhamma talk with Thai Forest Monks 6:30-8 pm every Tuesday evening at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon, WA. 

Hood River Zen Sunday afternoon walking and sitting meditation 2nd and 4th" Sundays Good Medicine Lounge on 1029 May St in Hood River. Contact Kyri Kengan Treiman (

Monday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 pm , at Bethel Congregational Church in White Salmon
Contact Kyri Treiman: (

White Salmon Dharma Practice Group every other Sunday evenings at Atlan (near Northwestern Park outside of White Salmon). Contact: Scott Cushman: (; 925-708-5652)

 Scott Rower, PhD has mindfulness classes - please contact him for details and to join the gorge facebook page - Mindfulness in the Gorge:

Washougal Mindfulness + Meditation Group - on hold now
Last Sunday of each month from 4:00-5:15pm
Washougal Acupuncture & Massage: 1436 A Street Washougal, WA 98671

Trinity Natural Medicine
  • Monday Breathe​ (5:15-5:45 pm): Yogic breath work 
  • Tuesday Sunrise Meditation (6:15- 7am, ​simple mindful movement followed by a 30 minute sit​, feel free to come for the sit at 6:30 am​)​. You can ​join virtually:
  • Thursday Sunrise Meditation (6:15- 7am, ​simple mindful movement followed by a 30 minute sit​, feel free to come for the sit at 6:30 am​)


Sunrise on a snowy morning, Avalokiteshvara welcomes the sun on the mountain
For our brothers and sisters in recovery from
alcohol and substances
by Dick Withers

“A Still Mind and an Open Heart”

Last spring, after several months of 11th Step meetings in White Salmon, Thay Kozen suggested that we explore the possibility of a weekly meeting in Hood River (across the bridge!). The proprietors of Good Medicine Healing Arts, successor to the Good Medicine Tea House on May Street, have welcomed us with open arms. Weekly meetings began in October; we meet each Thursday from 4:30. 

Two meetings a week seemed like a tall order, but when asked if they wanted to replace Sunday meetings with the new Thursday meetings, the consensus of members was to try to do both. And it seems to be working.

Good Medicine Healing Arts occupies a large old house that used to be a home to the Next Door social services organization. Tenants include massage therapists, acupuncturists, other counselors and therapists. Programs include yoga, classes in tea preparation, meditation practices, personal healing arts and even sing-alongs. Once again, Good Medicine has agreed to accept voluntary donations in lieu of (much higher) fixed fees and rentals.

Meeting Format

After introductions and reading an opening statement similar to the Sunday meeting, the members join in silent meditation for a 20 minute period. Between 5 and 5:30 pm, the group breaks for tea and a discussion and sharing facilitated by a volunteer who may provide a brief “lead” related to meditation and mindfulness practices in recovery. 

The members then share a second “sit” of 20 minutes before wrapping-up and cleaning-up by 6:00 p.m.

The Thursday format allows people to either arrive late (from work) or leave early (for dinner commitments, etc.) if they need.
The Good Medicine setting, with its warm fire in the fireplace and a smiling Buddha on the mantle, is particularly welcoming during these colder months of the year.

Want to Start (or restart) a Daily Practice?

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8 week program might be a good fit for you.
It's created for people with no prior experience in meditation (but can benefit established meditators too).
Scott Rower Ph.D.

Attending a free info session is the 1st (& a required) step in order to enroll in the MBSR course. This info session is a chance for you to learn about the MBSR program and to ask any questions you might have about the course.
Next Info Session:
  • When: This Saturday 11-12pm (3/3)
  • Where: Online video/phone conference 
  • Course Fee: $325
(it's a pretty good deal if you compare to other MBSR courses in Portland & other cities)

There is no commitment to attend the course by attending this free info session.

May the Infinite Light of Wisdom and Compassion so shine within us
that the errors and vanities of self may be dispelled; 
so shall we understand the changing nature of existence and awaken into spiritual peace.
Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple   46 Stoller Rd., Trout Lake WA 98650 509.395.2030