JWA March 2018 Newsletter 

Dear Friends,

As we enter this new month of Adar, we remember: "Mi she nichnass Adar marbim be simcha" (We should be joyful as we celebrate the Month of Adar).

With that the JWA has many exciting projects to look forward to in the coming weeks.  Below you will find information about our new Fundraising Initiatives for this year including our "Flowers for Passover" campaign starting this Monday March 5th, as well as upcoming events for Newcomers to Hong Kong and the ever-popular JWA Baby Group. 

As you are probably aware, the JWA works very hard to support project-based programs with a select group of partner organizations. In this manner, we can maximize the impact of donations and ensure that they go directly to those who need it most, not to overheads or other administrative expenses.

We are reaching out to you as part of our annual appeal process, in lieu of the JWA Gala or Yom Ha'azmout Ball. We would like to request that you continue to support the projects our partners are spearheading this year. 

In the page below, you can find details of these projects and a short overview of the organizations' mission. We invite you to make your donation project-specific if you wish to do so by contacting info@JWA.org.hk. Your support is absolutely vital to women and children both in Hong Kong and Israel!!!

Save the date for the  10th of May 2018 , when the JWA will be holding an encore event to the very successful  Women's Evening . During this evening we will be celebrating the contribution of key women in our community, recognizing that without their valuable service and contributions, the Hong Kong community would not be what it is today.  

We cannot thank you enough for your continued generous support. Together we have meaningful impact on the lives of others. Happy Purim!!!

With warm and happy regards,

Shani Brownstein and Marissa Gomez Raccah

Upcoming Events
Baby Group - March 12 at 9:30 AM

J oin us for another monthly baby group! 
Kindly hosted by Linda Pomerantz. please contact the JWA for address and details.

Tel: 2589-2628 or info@jwa.org.hk

Save the Date
Order Your Passover Flowers - 
March 5-23

The JWA is organizing our first  Flowers for Passover  campaign. Two sizes of arrangements will be available for delivery on March 29 and 30th. Details to foll ow.
Order flowers for your friends and family (or yourself) in Hong Kong. Proceeds will be donated to the JWA Annual Fundraising Campaign. 

For more information, contact the JWA: 
Tel: 2589-2628 or email: info@JWA.org.hk

Women's Event - May 10 at 7:00 PM

Join us for a fun and entertaining evening to honour the women in our community who have made a difference.

For more information, contact the JWA: 
Tel: 2589-2628 or email:  info@JWA.org.hk
Newcomers' Event -  April 25 at 2:30 PM

Are you new to Hong Kong? New to the JWA? 
Join us to meet and mingle. 

For more information, contact the JWA: 
Tel: 2589-2628 or email:   info@JWA.org.hk
JWA Annual Fundraising Campaign - Ongoing

Overview of organization and project

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation
Dedicated to mitigating the threat of breast cancer to the local community through education, patient support and research & advocacy.
  • A nurse practitioner to provide face-to-face counseling to breast cancer patients, telephone and group support on stress management, lifestyle adjustments, medical procedures and treatment preparation.
One in Nine
Strives to raise public awareness of breast cancer and advance breast health in Israel.
  • 100 workshops and lectures for women from target population from impoverished and geographically isolated communities to promote awareness and early detection of breast cancer.
Hayim Association for Children with Cancer
Strives to improve the quality of medical treatment given to children with cancer, as well as their quality of life.
  • Build an educational and recreational room for children with cancer in the new Schneider Hospital wing.
  • Create an expense fund for children needing financial assistance in extreme crisis situations.
Nirim Foundation - Nirim in the Mountains
Provides hands-on and individualized therapeutic help to rehabilitate youth in extreme crisis situations.
  • Build a utility area, as a part of the dormitories, in the therapeutic agricultural farm. The utility area will include 2 bathrooms, washing machine and storage. Including investing in infrastructures like electricity water and sewerage.
ALMA Spirit of Israel
Pre-military preparatory program for young women with great leadership potential who come from the socio-economic and geographic periphery of Israel.
  • Social worker to help at risk young women in their army preparation program.
  • Development of a JWA Scholarship Fund to assist in continued education of a specific ALMA graduate.
WIZO - Women's International Zionist Organization
Dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, welfare for all sectors of Israeli society.
  • Refurbishment of a nursery classroom to improve hygienic and general installations in day care center in a low-income area of Tel Aviv.

JWA Members
For more information, contact Erica  at 9152-4034 or PJLinHK@gmail.com

To sign up, please fill out the form using this link: 
For more information, please visit our website:   www.jwa.org.hk, 
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