Spring & the Wood Element, A Special Rare Offering, New Artwork Coming & More!
March 2018

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Spring Energy in the Five Element Tradition
Anne Louise Smallen, Lic. Ac.

The element of spring is called Wood and is represented by the Liver and Gallbladder meridians. Here are some associations we make as acupuncturists in using these two meridians in our treatments: treating the blood , (especially the menstrual blood), treating the eyes , the tendons and the reproductive systems, but also treating stress anger, and destructive tendencies . The Gallbladder is often associated with the ability to assert oneself, and when it is lacking, it is associated with extreme shyness and the inability to make decisions.
The wood element has a particularly yang energy. The ancient Chinese called it the Body’s Commander of the Armies. The wood energy helps us focus , plan, shake things up and strategize. Observe nature in the month of April. You look at a flower or a leaf one day and it grows almost in front of your eyes, and changes significantly from one day to the other. The energy is geared toward action, especially during the day. The wood energy also has to do with the treatment of insomnia . The ancient Chinese say that the spirit of the blood (ruled by the Liver meridian) goes out during the day and is geared toward action and must go back inside the blood at night to ensure a peaceful sleep. If it does not come back inside the blood, sleep is interrupted.
Read below to learn more about our special March offering, and a rare opportunity to get a powerful treatment for your Wood element.

Special Offering for Spring: Open Your Doors of Wood Energy on the Spring Equinox!
Please read below for this rare opportunity to receive a unique, Five Element-style acupuncture treatment that can only be offered once a year at a specific time. Anne Louise brings her tradition of Five Element Acupuncture to the clinic to invite you to experience the power of the element of Wood, and balance your Wood energy:

In the five element tradition, the doors of the wood energy are the most available during the Spring Equinox (March 21) between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am. These are the hours of the Liver and Gallbladder. Treating the horary points at this time is the most powerful wood treatment you can get during the year. We are looking at the possibility of opening the clinic on March 21st at 11 pm if some of you would like to be treated with wood horary points.   

Wood Five Element Treatment
March 21st, 11pm at the Clinic
Cost: same as a regular treatment
Sign up Ahead: Required; please sign up by emailing
Anne Louise directly.

Want to know more?

The energy of each organ meridian is strongest for two hours during a 24 hour cycle. The Gall bladder meridian is the strongest from 11pm-1am, and the Liver, from 1am-3am. This also helps explain why many people experience insomnia between 1am-3am.

Horary points refer to the type of point on a specific meridian that has the same elemental quality as the entire meridian itself, i.e., the Wood point on the Wood channel. Every meridian contains points pertaining to each of the five elements. Using horary points in an acupuncture treatment during its optimal meridian clock time can be a very powerful way of resetting this organ system, and the element itself, in your body.

Does spring tend to be a hard time of year for you? Your energy increases but then you find it hard to focus, or you develop migraines, allergies, insomnia, or increased irritability? Consider getting your Wood element rebalanced in this uniquely powerful treatment! Email Anne Louise for more information.

And of course if you can't make it to the clinic at 11pm on the 21st, we will still be able to support your Liver and Gall Bladder, especially during this Spring season!
New Artwork Coming to the Clinic!
While we have been missing the amazing presence of the portraits of Roots to Resistance at the clinic (please read below to find out where they are now!), we are very pleased to announce the arrival of new artwork by another incredibly talented local artist.
Leni Fried 's artwork covers a wide scope of terrain, from the natural world to urban landscapes, whimsical to political, from Asian-style scrolls to monoprints to political buttons to cards of her prints.
We are thrilled to begin displaying her work, and you will soon find a variety of her work adorning the walls and space of the clinic, beginning Monday, March 12th. All items will be for sale. To get a sneak peek at her beautiful work, find her at
Visits to her printmaking studio in Cummington are welcome by appointment.
Roots to Resistance on the Road!
The beloved Roots to Resistance portraits by local artist, Denise Beaudet, which adorned the walls of the clinic for the last several years, are now on the road traveling around New England. They were on display in Brattleboro for the last few months, receiving much attention while also raising money for one of the organizations related to the women; now they are back closer to home.
For the next few months, you can visit the portraits at the Anchor House of Artists in Northampton, where they will be raising money for Afghan Women's Activist, Malalai Joya. They are hosting a reception this Friday evening, 6-8pm, and all are welcome!
chou chou portrait
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