Our Tribe
In his book, “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging,” Sebastian Junger describes the social and psychological imperatives of tribes. He argues that we humans have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by a clear purpose.

This sounds a bit like the military, doesn’t it? Whether it’s been 30 days or 30 years since separating from active service, each of us can easily remember what our tribe used to be like. We had a common language, uniform, mission. Our common purpose, at the root, was to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those words are as clear and meaningful today as they were when we first repeated them, right hand raised.
After taking the uniform off for the last time, however, our mission, our purpose, our tribe, became much less defined. Junger argues that these blurred lines are amplified in modern society, because interpersonal connection has lost importance – it’s much easier to stay “connected” via texts and social media than through in-person interactions.

That’s what makes Buddy-to-Buddy so unique and inspiring. You have all chosen to be part of a tribe of volunteers who looks out for those of us who are the most challenged. You find purpose in helping those who are struggling find a path toward improving their situations.

You connect. You serve. You help fellow veterans re-build their own tribe and sense of purpose. This kind of connection, Junger says, is absolutely key to our psychological survival.

As you work the most challenging of cases, remember the importance of human connection and the presence of your tribe. Success is not always defined by dollar signs. Remember that your time, presence, and connection are invaluable. When that doesn’t feel like enough, remember that your tribe of B2B volunteers shares your sense of duty and selfless service. They’re there to lift you up, too. 


Kate Melcher
Program Manager
Volunteer Veteran of the Month
Chris Wilson was our Volunteer of the Month for February! Chris’s journey to becoming a volunteer with Buddy-to-Buddy is powerful: After going through a difficult divorce and custody battle, being homeless for two years, and struggling to secure his disability rating from the VA, Chris says he “wanted to do something productive and meaningful to help other people who were in a similar situation.” He first turned to Buddy-to-Buddy as a way to meet other veterans, and he was quickly convinced to train into the program by volunteer Richie Roberts. We are very glad that he did, as he’s done a wonderful job helping the veterans he’s been assigned. Read more about Chris...
New Volunteers
We are thrilled to welcome these new Volunteers to our team this month!
David Brown
Air Force Veteran, Paw Paw
Michael Gillette
Air Force Veteran, Lake City
Michael Godwin
Army & Air Force Veteran, Utica
Month in Review | February 2018
February referrals:
Top interaction log submitters in February:

Paul Jingozian - 28
Steve Alguire - 21
Mike Bachand - 6
Mara Reid - 6
Jon Luker - 5
Richie Roberts - 5
Mike Thorne - 5

Most events attended and logged in February:

Cliff Tholen - 3
Paul Clement - 2
Carl Underhill - 2
Thank you for taking the time to submit your logs and using the website to communicate with us. These submissions are key in helping us continue to serve Michigan’s veterans.
Schedule a Re-Training
Has it been a while since you went through our New Volunteer Training? Do you think you might benefit from going through training again? If so, contact us about attending an upcoming training. We would love to have you at one! We've recently overhauled our training content and we think that any and all volunteers who are interested in brushing up their skills will benefit from going through the new and updated training. Contact us to schedule a re-training...
2017 Year in Review
Did you know that the average length of time B2B volunteers served in the military was 8.3 years, and the average length of service as a program volunteer is 3.1 years? All of this and more is included in our 2017 Year in Review! Check it out...
Last Chance to RSVP to the Volunteer Recognition Event!
If you haven't already done so, it's your last chance to RSVP for the Volunteer Recognition Event at the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville on Saturday, April 7 at 5:30 pm . Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, April 4. RSVP now...
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If you are running low on program supplies, such as business cards, brochures, or other documents, please contact Jamie Majer at (734) 998-5825 or jmajer@umich.edu and the supplies will be ordered and sent to you as soon as possible.
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Don't forget that we have men's and women's hoodies, vests, and long sleeve shirts for sale! Visit Ivy Promotion’s website to purchase B2B merchandise and support the program, as a percentage of sales goes directly toward program sustainment . If you’d like assistance placing your order, please call Jamie Majer here at B2B, (734) 998-5825, and she will complete the order form with you.
Interested in Representing Buddy-to-Buddy at an Event?
Would you like to represent Buddy-to-Buddy at a veteran-focused event in your community? Do you know of an event that you think someone from Buddy-to-Buddy should attend? If so, contact Outreach Coordinator Nathan Cross at crossna@umich.edu or (734) 998-5827. 
Buddy-to-Buddy Pics
Paul Jingozian visiting the B2B office with his new service dog, Sierra; L-R: Adam Jando, Jamie Majer, Paul, Kate Melcher, Margy Howes, Sierra
Fred Turk at VFW Post 6248's recent White Tail event
Jon Luker (right) emceed the Washtenaw County Veterans Council Dinner
Volunteers Landon Dupee and Richie Roberts with B2B staff member Jamie Majer and Dr. Lynn Phillips, Executive Director of The Fallen and Wounded Soldier Fund (FWSF), at the FWSF annual gala
Kate Melcher and Adam Jando at USA Hockey Arena's Veterans Appreciation Event in Plymouth
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