March 2018 Newsletter

Pollart Miller is pleased to announce that 
Ilene H. Feldmeier has been selected as one of  Super Lawyers Rising Stars   for the 3rd consecutive year!
It's almost time  to join us at the Pollart Miller Annual Workers' Compensation Seminar (May 10, 2018) We are excited to present our Keynote Speaker, Erin Brockovich. .....

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Pollart Miller LLC will be hosting a webinar on April 17, 2017 at 12:00 PM MDT entitled  Reducing Temporary Disability Benefits with Rule 6 and the 24 month DIME  presented by R. Jake Johnson, Jessica L. Grimes, and Joelle D. Levit
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Respondents' FAL stands and Division IME must go forward where ALJ "ducks" question of whether Dr. Hattem was an ATP or an IME  [more]

ALJ finds claimant who behaved as though she was not hurt on the job was . . . not hurt on the job. [more]

Division IME's binding opinions regarding causation applies only to MMI and impairment, not to permanent total or medical benefits determination [more]

It is the ALJ's prerogative to resolve opposing medical opinions regarding causation. [more]
Winner's Circle

Jacqui Condon successfully defended a request for a three- level back fusion requested by the authorized treating physician. [more]

Brad Miller and Andres Hermosillo recently prevailed on a claim in Utah.  The claimant initially argued that she suffered an upper extremity injury as a result of strenuous repetitive work over the first week of her employment in a meat packing plant.  [more]

Tina Oestreich and Eric Pollart successfully defended Claimant's attempt to procure a  45 % rating. [more]

Brad Miller and Amanda Branson recently prevailed on a causation defense involving a low back claim.  The claimant admittedly suffered a low back injury but was ultimately placed at MMI.  A Division IME occurred and the doctor found that claimant's ongoing low back condition [more]


Brad Miller and Joelle Levit recently prevailed on a complex medical claim in Colorado. The claimant admittedly fell on her knee at work and was transported to the emergency room.  At the emergency room, the claimant had her knee checked out as there were concerns that she reinjured her prior total knee replacement.  [more]

Associate Watch
Pollart Miller recently welcomed Amanda C. Musselwhite to the firm as a family law attorney

Amanda started her law career interning at the Appellate Clinic at the University of Akron School of Law. In 2012, she began working for the Colorado Department of Corrections Legal Department. Amanda assisted in ensuring the Department's implementation of federal legislation, ensured compliance with requirements under ongoing litigation [more]

Spotlight on: 

Andres Hermosillo spent the first twenty three years of his life growing up in sunny California where he and his four siblings sought to drive their parents to the brink of insanity by constantly fighting.
When not fighting with his siblings, (now his best friends), he enjoyed spending his weekends relaxing on the beach, hanging out with his extended family, and eating the state's finest burritos. After graduating cum laude from UCLA, he worked for two years as a financial risk analyst for the State of California where he learned the value in risk analysis and anticipating financial exposure. He then sought to attend law school in a state completely different than his own home state to expand his horizons. He therefore enrolled at the University of Utah where he subsequently learned what black ice was, how to snowshoe, and also gain an appreciation for the states many national parks. Following law school, he began his career practicing criminal defense, personal injury, estate planning, government, and family law before switching to insurance defense.
In his spare time Andres enjoys traveling as much as possible, eating as much as possible, and exploring the various craft breweries Denver has to offer.
Monthly Family Law Update

Colorado is one of only a handful of states that recognize common-law marriage. Common-law marriage is an informal marriage that is recognized based upon the parties living together and holding themselves out as a married couple. [more]

Monthly Criminal Law Update
Prescription Medication and DUI'S

Most people are aware it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or illegal narcotics, but many are under the mistaken belief that if they are taking a prescription medication they cannot be arrested for DUI. [more]
Legislative Corner

The 2018 legislative session kicked off on January 10, 2018 and is already speeding towards the halfway mark.  It's been a busy start to a session peppered with bipartisan bills targeting gun control, tax rates, regulatory reform [more]

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