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Rabbi's Message
Jerry Cutler

Close family friend and godfather to my children, Marty Allen was one of the most cherished performers in the world.

No one enjoyed making people laugh more than him.  He was the biggest Jewish ham I've ever known.

We first met at the Concord Hotel in the famed Catskill Mountains when Marty and his partner, Steve Rossi, were in their prime. Everyone knew his signature wild hair with each strand seemingly wanting nothing to do with the one next to it. It was as if he stuck one finger in an electric current and another in a basin full of water.

Marty, aside from dancing and jumping and greeting everyone with "Hello Dere" was a highly intelligent, voracious reader who was close friends with the likes of Sidney Sheldon whose backyard in Beverly Hills served as a grandiose and picturesque setting for Marty and Karon Kate Blackwell's star studded wedding.

Marty was a witness to my marriage to Lady Jeff and I had the honor of not only converting the beautiful Karon Kate, but repaying his kindness by bringing the two of them into Holy Matrimony.

Marty was present when I first started the Synagogue For the Performing Arts and was in the photo along with Walter Matthau, Jack Carter and others for Time Magazine's article about the first actors Synagogue in America.

I helped carry his late wife Frenchy's coffin alongside George Kennedy and Glenn Ford from his house to the hearse waiting to take her to her last resting place at Eden Cemetery

I was there when he landed a role in a movie I wrote with Mickey Rose. He promised me that if he won an Oscar, he'd give it to me. He didn't win. But, he did win over our hearts when he proudly presented our daughters, Chelsea and Tess when he stopped his show in Las Vegas.

We spent many hours together over the years - most of them laughing and kibbitzing. We last saw him in Vegas when Jeff and I vacationed there. We met him at his favorite restauranton the strip. When he, at age 94, walked in without his walker and did a dance for all the customers who howled at his antics and then sat down to eat with us. He was one of a mishugeneh kind and there will never be another quite like him.

Shalom. RIP, my friend

Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler

Shabbat Services

7:30 pm on Friday, 
March 2, 2018
Why?  Tradition!

Going west on Wilshire as you approach Warner Blvd., one long block west of Beverly Glen, turn into the driveway that has the sign "Church Parking" and park on levels P2 or P3. Take the elevator up to P1 (which is also the lobby). Services are in the Town Hall room directly across from the elevator.

Arne's Corner

Day in and day out - two crucial leaders - remain under a constant barrage of verbal attacks. They are subjected to an obsessional, unprecedented stream of abuse, distortion, character assassination and malicious fantasies. They are, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump. The campaign against them signifies a cultural disorder that borders on the pathological.

Netanyahu has his faults. One might list arrogance and his tendency to be a control freak. He doesn't take criticism well. He has failed to deal with the psy-ops war waged so devastatingly against Israel in the court of Western public opinion. Yet his achievements are formidable. He enabled Israel to survive the sustained attempts to weaken it by President Obama, arguably the most hostile American president to date regarding Israel. He has led the Jewish state to become a dynamo in the fields of technology, R & D, and medicine. Yet it's difficult to overestimate the loathing he provokes. His achievements are ignored or blatantly dismissed.

In the U.S., Trump certainly has his faults. One might list his zero concentration span, his disregard for detail, his carelessness with accuracy, his reckless and compulsive tweeting. his coarse and bombastic talk, and his failure to take criticism. Yet his achievements after only one year in office are formidable. He presides over a booming economy with huge job growth. He is restoring the rule of law to immigration, he's rolling back regulation, he's made stellar appointments to the judiciary, he's forcing Saudi Arabia to reform. He's confronting Iran, North Korea, the UN and the Palestinians. Yet, it's impossible to overestimate the contempt with which he is viewed.

Where he and Netanyahu succeed is, in speaking for the great middling center of their electorates - the ordinary people who observe with silent astonishment and fury how the cultural and political establishment (both Dems and Repubs) ignore their concerns.

Middle America understands that under Obama, the rule of law was eroded through illegal immigration and the support of black-power activists against the police.

Middle Israel understands that the difficult and dangerous status quo with the Palestinians is inevitable, given their persistent rejectionism.

That's why they voted for Netanyahu and Trump.        
 Arnold Charitan
Letter to the Editor:
              Lou Zigman,   Member for Over 35 years  
For the past two years I have listened to the commentary and opinions and enthusiastic endorsements of the President of the United States and equally enthusiastic condemnation of supporters of the other side of the aisle from the  president of our congregation.    
In my humble opinion:  
President Trump has DIVIDED America like no other since the Civil War.
President Trump has UNITED the World against America as demonstrated by the resolution against Israel and the almost universal condemnation against his incendiary remarks against other countries, their people and the people embodied as part of the Statute of Liberty their descendants.   
In my opinion, President Trump was prophetic when he stated that he tells  people what THEY want to hear.
And, his words on the campaign trail that - in effect - if he shot someone on the street, half of his supports would probably continue to support him.
I just read the words of a well respected person in my profession as a lawyer, Kathleen Miller, which I would like to share: 
"There is a fundamental transformation in the way a substantial segment of our culture now processes information.  Critical thinking seems to have gone missing, and with it sound judgments.  Creeping anti-intellectualism has served to turn many of our historical norms on their heads.  Respect for knowledge, articulate expression, and thoughtfulness has been sacrificed to unabashed fervor for 'telling it like it is' - regardless of what 'it' happens to be.  Disregard of facts morphed into disdain for facts, and now here we sit facing somewhat widespread denial that facts even exist.  I have tried to imagine a long-term healthy future for our culture in the absence of the comĀ­mon acknowledgement of the inherent differences between fact, opinion, and emotion, and that is beyond me.

    ... Clearly, the number of people who are willing to degrade the way we process inforĀ­mation has had a dramatic effect in the public square." 
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Friday - March 2 @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village - Town Hall
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Friday - April 6 @ 7:30 pm
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Belmont Village - Town Hall
10475 Wilshire Blvd

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Real Estate Tidbit from Lady Jeff Cutler

Welcome news for homebuyers: Prices went down in January
But low supply may keep them from dropping further

Buying a house in Los Angeles County got ever-so-slightly cheaper in January, according to a new report from real estate analyst  CoreLogic.

The median sale price for the month dropped from $570,000 in December to $565,000- a reduction of nearly one percent. Median prices are still $40,000 higher than they were one year ago, suggesting that the area's housing market is still on the upswing.

An ongoing mismatch between housing supply and demand may be keeping prices high even at times when buyers can usually expect to find bargains.

This is particularly true at the lower end of the market, where starter homebuyers are finding few options within their price range. One result of this is that the number of total homes sold in Los Angeles is also down. In January, 4,847 homes changed hands in LA County. That was down from 6,613 in December and 5,188 in January of 2017.

Going forward,  experts predict that low supply will continue to keep sale prices high, barring an economic downturn. 

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Red Sparrow

Review From the Pew
By Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler

I was looking forward to seeing "Red Sparrow" as my favorite actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was starring in my favorite kind of movie....action, intrigue, suspense. 

The 3:00 o'clock screening was at the Blakely Theatre on the 20th Century Fox lot.  I had been to many screenings on the Fox premises but never at the new Blakeley. When we, my wife and I, arrived at the gate the guard dutifully inspected the name on my driver's license that corresponded to my reservation. My wife asked the guard as to the whereabouts of The Blakeley Theatre. He said that, "It was in the middle" and waved us through as there were other cars waiting to enter the gate. My wife, who was driving, asked "In the middle of what?" as we moved forward out of the guard's decibel hearing capacity. The time was 2:55, enough time to park and be in time for the opening credits as they usually give reviewers like me ten minutes grace time before starting the movie. (It's a Jewish thing).

We found a parking space, ran down the stairs and asked someone who was working on the lot where the Blakely was. He didn't know. Trying to give him an enlightened hint, we said "We were told it was in the middle." "In the middle of what?" came his reply.

We then proceeded to ask every Fox employee we saw where the theatre was. Their response was the same, "In the middle of what?" We even approached one guy who told us that actually, we were at Warner Brothers. We ran into an office at one of the stages and they told us to wait there as they called around. It was now twenty past 3:00. My wife and I decided to split and call one another on the cell phone whenever one of us located the Theatre. As soon as she was out of sight, I remembered that we left the cell phones in the car. I mean, why do we need cell phones while watching a movie?

My wife, who shouts the loudest, must have stopped every action scene on the Fox Sound Stages as she yelled, "I found it."

I followed the sound of her voice as it was still reverberating asking "Whe re are you?" She answered "In the middle." It was t hen I wanted to leave her and go home, but she had the keys to the car.

I finally saw her holding a door open to The Blakeley Screening Room. We found two seats. Mine was on the lap of some grouchy guy. I apologized and explained it was dark. He said that he had noticed. I sat in the unoccupied  seat next to him and had no idea what was happening on the screen. I will say this. The action was very exciting. Ms. Lawrence was, as usual, alluring and her acting, powerful. 

However, being a figurehead in the #MeToo movement, I thought that in this stage of her career she did not have to resort to actions unbecoming to a star of her stature.  At this stage of her bombastic career, she didn't have to cater to the salaciousness of profits to get the effect of a domineering presence. Her stark and startling nudity can only embolden those, and statistics have shown that there are many, who are sexting behind their parents back bringing our nations morals to a lower level of promiscuity. We can only hope that her misguided departure to debauchery on the screen in order to stress the power of women has had its moment and that her brilliant and riveting acting comes to the surface in her next movie. 

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