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Week of March 5, 2018
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Awaken, refreshed and renewed

Every year as the weather begins to warm, perennial plants throughout the grounds begin to emerge from their winter slumber. It is one of the miracles of Mother Nature that year after year, the lovely blossoms push their way through the hard earth and show their colors. Once in bloom they are nourished by sunlight and water, only to wither and turn brown as time passes. The cycle of life continues. 

We can find in these lovely gifts of nature a metaphor for our own journey. Although the world continues to buffet us with troubling experiences, we know we can withstand the blows when we are centered in the Holy One; we can emerge through the hard earth of life and blossom into those who show love, patience, and courage.

Photo by Faith Lang

At the Transfiguration Spirituality Center, our goal is to provide a place where those who are encumbered can find a place to refresh and renew their souls. Perennials lie hidden in the ground much of the year, gaining strength for the next season. We hope that those who need a place to renew their strength find TSC a place where a commitment to hospitality frees the soul to be fed and watered.

If you would like to schedule a retreat, individual or group, please contact the TSC office at 513.771.2171, or send an email to ctretreats@gmail.com.

The Holy Spirit

Martin L. Smith is well known throughout the Episcopal Church and beyond as a writer, spiritual director, retreat leader, and teacher exploring contemporary spirituality. His books have reached a wide readership in North America and Great Britain.

Come join us for what will be a spirit-filled weekend beginning with dinner on Friday and ending mid-morning on Sunday.

Cost is $210 for early registration before March 15. Beginning March 16 cost for registration is $250.  Registration is available on line, via email to ctretreats@gmail.com, or by phone: 513.771.2717.
Extending the  Spirit  of Assisi: Creating Avenues for Collaboration in Times of Transition and Uncertainty

Join Dr. Gillian Ahlgren, Professor of Xavier University, Fr. Peter Neeley, S.J. of the Kino Border Initiative and Aida Segura of House of Peace Chicago for this transformative event in Assisi.  Hosted in coordination with the Assisi Mayor's Office, the Convocation will use the sacred places and experiences central to the lives of St. Francis & St. Clare to help us address the pressing issues of our times: climate change, refugees and migrants, violence against women and children.  Come share the journey and help us build the culture of encounter that supports God's dream for today's world.  For more information visit https://mysticallife.org or contact ahlgren@xavier.edu.

A video about the experience is available on YouTube.
A flyer that can be downloaded, printed and shared is available here.

       Art from a retreat participant

As we embrace daily life, I offer this prayer :
Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through our day, so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life may rest in your eternal changelessness. Amen.
(modified from a prayer in the  Compline liturgy in the Book of Common Prayer)

(The Rev.) Anne Reed
Director of Engagement
Transfiguration Spirituality Center
A Place Of Outrageous Hope and Extravagant Hospitality
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