NYC Predatory Equity Bill
Last year, the City Council voted unanimously on the "Predatory Equity Bill," which creates a watch list of rent-regulated buildings where tenants are potentially vulnerable to investors who may want to kick them out. 

Highlights of the Bill
  • HPD will publish a "Speculation Watch List" that identifies rent-regulated properties with sales prices that are unusually high in comparison to similar sales in the area. The city can then target those buildings with tenant legal support and closer monitoring to protect tenants.
    • The list will serve as a resource for tenants and tenant organizations, as well as an indicator for city and state agencies of possible tenant harassment patterns.
    • The listings will be triggered when buildings sell at much higher than expected prices, an indicator that new landlords expect to drastically raise rents and potentially harass tenants by trying to turn over rent regulated units.
    • HPD will release the first list within 7 months.
  • In addition, Mayor Bill De Blasio also established a Tenant Support Unit that goes door-to-door in neighborhoods across the city informing tenants of their rights, documenting building conditions and violations, soliciting complaints related to harassment and eviction, and making referrals to free legal support and aggressive case management whenever necessary.
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