It's that time of year when the Cypress School District recognizes the outstanding service of its teachers and staff. At the March 8 meeting of the Board of Trustees, we honored Teacher of the Year and Classified Employee of the Year nominees and winners.
We are extremely proud of all employees in our district, and we look forward to publically recognizing their excellence each year. We hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about some of the extraordinary people who are serving the children of our community.
Anne Silavs, Superintendent
Kristine Conwell
3rd Grade Teacher, Frank Vessels Elementary School

For Kristine, teaching is a second career. She pursued this dream because she loves children and recognizes that working with students is an investment in the future. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the light come on in her students' eyes... that wonderful "aha" moment when you see that understanding and learning is taking place. She approaches her work with a commitment to excellence, and it shows. Congratulations to Kristine Conwell, the Cypress School District Teacher of the Year!

Aerin Mun

Data Analyst, Instructional Services

As our Data Analyst, Aerin manages a variety of student data required for state and federal reporting. Her ability to query complex data sets from our student information system assists district leaders in making informed decisions aligned to educational program needs. On a personal level, Aerin is a service-minded employee who demonstrates integrity in her daily work. Congratulations to Aerin Mun, the Cypress School District Classified Employee of the Year!

Tracy Cunanan 
5th/6th Grade Teacher, A. E. Arnold Elementary School

Over the course of her 23-year career, Tracy has taught every grade level except kindergarten. Committed to being the best teacher she can be, she participates in a wide variety of professional development opportunities to hone her skills and support student achievement. Tracy's humor, compassion, and unwavering encouragement of students are the recipe for school success.

Cara Patton

5th Grade Teacher, Clara J. King Elementary School

Cara is passionate about developing students' literacy skills and recently completed her master's degree with an emphasis on literacy. She uses her expertise to create fluent readers and effective writers in her classroom. Promoting empathy and compassion are also important to Cara. She provides a supportive environment that enables students to thrive.

Jennifer Pulone

Resource Specialist, Margaret Landell Elementary School

While working on her master's degree, Jennifer developed an interest in working with individuals with disabilities. She volunteered her time at Children's Hospital and worked with Special Olympics. In 2013, Jennifer found her home at Landell, where she dedicates her time serving students with special needs. Her patient and reassuring presence instills confidence and makes students feel like they can accomplish anything.

Margi Johnson

6th Grade Teacher, Steve Luther Elementary School

Margi has been a teacher at Luther for 24 years, and her enthusiasm for teaching is as strong as ever. A visit to her classroom reveals a focus on the "4Cs"... critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. She is also involved in a variety of extracurricular school programs. Margi works hard to provide students with meaningful experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Debbie Quaack

6th Grade Teacher, Juliet Morris Elementary School

Debbie has been serving students at Morris for 28 years and comes to school each day with a smile and a passion for teaching. She is among the first to try a new instructional strategy if it's good for kids. Debbie coordinates the school's annual participation in Math Field Day, and each year students bring home numerous medals of achievement thanks to her leadership.
Rachel Mueller

Instructional Aide/Special Education, Steve Luther Elementary School

Rachel is a dedicated employee who goes "above and beyond" in assisting students with special needs. She often brings in resources from home or spends time after school creating materials to support students in achieving their individual learning goals.
Gerardo Rodriguez

Head Custodian, Frank Vessels Elementary School

Mr. Gerry is beloved by the school community at Vessels. He is personable and kind, and his quiet demeanor makes him easily approachable. He works hard to ensure the campus is always clean, well-maintained, and a safe place for teaching and learning.
Candi Kern   .  Sandra Lee   .  Donna McDougall   .  Brian Nakamura   .  Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D.