March 2019 Newsletter

From the Officers and Board Members

The NA3RsC is approaching the year with a fresh strategy and approach which will optimize the impact and reach of the organization. We are redesigning our NA3RsC website to be user-friendly. Our site will grow with the organization to be resource rich. The website will become a hub of information and collaboration for the scientific community looking for more details about the 3Rs in North America.

NA3RsC is also developing a social media strategy to further the reach of our organization. Once we build this foundation, we look forward to coming together with others in our community to bring you 3Rs resources, news and information.
If you are considering making a donation to our organization, the link below takes you to our member registration page. Fill out your name and email address. Click the * Donation Membership button to make your donation.
Monthly 3 minute - 3Rs podcast
Co-produced with LabAnimal & NC3Rs
February Podcast
  1. 3D-printed Wash Station with Integrated Anesthesia Delivery Manifold for High-throughput Depilation of Laboratory Mice.
  2. DeepSqueak: a deep learning-based system for detection and analysis of ultrasonic vocalizations.
  3. Super-Mendelian inheritance mediated by CRISPR–Cas9 in the female mouse germline.

March Podcast
  1. Progressive Motor Neuron Pathology and the Role of Astrocytes in a Human Stem Cell Model of VCP-Related ALS.
  2. A critical evaluation of TRPA1-mediated locomotor behavior in zebrafish as a screening tool for novel anti-nociceptive drug discovery.
  3. No-touch measurements of vital signs in small conscious animals.
Legislation & Resources
Late last month, the New Jersey Senate unanimously passed Bill No. 2826,  the "Homes for Animal Heroes Act, ”  which would establish a research community re-homing program for cats and dogs used in research.     The New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research (NJABR) and partners worked over the last several months to secure amendments to the legislation to incorporate existing re-homing policies and to ensure that the best interests of the animals will always guide re-homing decisions. Tom Leach, NJABR’s executive director, advised that “the research community’s successful re-homing practices are strengthened by S2826 and the legislation allows the many reliable individuals who already assist with re-homing efforts to continue to work with our research institutions.” S2826 will safeguard the long-term interests of these animal heroes. NJABR also wanted the research community to know that the National Animal Interest Alliance, which administers the Homes for Animal Heroes program, was instrumental in securing the bill’s passage in the Senate. The legislation is now pending consideration in New Jersey’s General Assembly.
Please contact Tom Leach at  for more information.
March Organization Highlight

The mission of NAIA is to promote  animal welfare , to strengthen the human-animal bond, safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners. One of our most important tasks is educating the public about the critical difference between animal rights and animal welfare.
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 North American 3R's Collaborative :
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July 15-18, 2019 IUTOX 15th International Congress of Toxicology
Thank you!

We would like to thank the following institutions for grants in 2018 which supported our website and educational opportunities.

A big thank you goes out to the following institutions for supporting us in 2018:
Thank you for voting for our officer and director positions open in 2019. We are proud to announce the new members.

  • Vice-President
Lisa Stanislawczyk, BMS
  • Vice-President Elect
Ben Cappiello, AxoSim, Inc.
  • Treasurer
Jennifer McMillian, Emory University/Yerkes
  • Board of Directors (5 positions)
Sally Thompson-Iritani, WA Natl Primate Research Center
Laura Schaevitz, Vium, Inc.
Sharon Ostergaard, BMS
Judy MacArthur-Clarke, JMC Consultancy
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, FDA
A full list of our officers and board of directors are listed directly below.
2019 Officers
President: Natalie Bratcher, AbbVie
Vice President: Lisa Stanislawczyk, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Vice President Elect: Benjamin Cappiello, AxoSim, Inc.
Past President: Mary Ann Brannon-Vasbinder, GSK
Secretary: Norman Peterson, MedImmune
Treasurer: Jennifer McMillan, Emory University/Yerkes
2019 Directors
Szczepan Baran, Novartis
Alan Hoberman, Charles River
Melanie Graham, University of Minnesota
Jerry Poling, Eli Lilly
Sally Thompson-Iritani, Washington National Primate Research Center
Laura Schaevitz, Vium, Inc.
Sharon Ostergaard, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Judy MacArthur-Clarke, JMC Consultancy and JMC Welfare International
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Food and Drug Administration
The North American 3R's Collaborative​
March Newsletter
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