March 2019

"The harder I work the luckier I get. "

- Samuel Goldwyn
New Harassment Laws Yield New Compliance Hurdles
Outsourced HR Can Alleviate Stresses 

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are changing the world. 

To address a rapid increase in sexual harassment claims, many states have adopted new rules and regulations regarding office policies and mandatory training, affecting every industry and office space across the country. 

Has your business taken steps to comply with new regulations? Our latest blog discusses how outsourcing related tasks to a workforce management company may be the key to remaining compliant, without sacrificing efficiency. 

Follow the link below to learn more. 

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a convention services company, in search of a Sr. Event Producer for their  Landover, MD location. This is a full-time non-exempt position.
The primary responsibilities of the Senior Event Producer include (and are not limited to):
Managing, directing and producing Conventions and Conferences throughout the United States and Canada. The position revolves around ensuring the Production, Staging, Audio Visual Elements and customer service needs of our clients.

As the Director of Sales and Marketing in our Rockville, MD office, you will be responsible for increasing our sales revenue by creating strategic sales and marketing plans targeted towards existing and new markets through social media campaigns and in-person events. The Director of Sales and Marketing will report to the CEO. The ideal candidate will have 7-10 years of B2B sales experience and an entrepreneurial mindset.

As the Client Billing Specialist in the Rockville, MD office, you will offer various support services to the accounting and payroll departments by processing clients' invoices as per contract.  You will also respond to client inquiries and deliver reports with high accuracy and in a timely manner. This role is a full-time position reporting to the Payroll Manager.
From A to Generation Z 

Do you know the difference between a millennial and a member of Generation Z? 

Many employers are mistakenly confusing the two, and putting their company's morale at risk as a result. 

Learn more about this self-starting, diverse group of professionals - and how they can best help your business - by following the link below. 

Timing is Everything

Still groggy from the effects of Daylight Savings Time? Don't fall asleep on the job and let the IRS catch you with your guard down! 

Did you know? An employee's set hours of work are a clear indication of control exerted by an employer.  If you instruct your studio crew to report daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., this is a factor indicating control, and therefore, employee status.

Do you have questions about misclassification? We have answers. 

Employer Error Can Cause Early Taxpayer Headaches 
Beware the Corrected W-2 

Across the country, most employees have already received their W-2 forms, which were due to be mailed by Jan. 31.

Many anxious taxpayers, anxiously anticipating that new big screen TV or home remodel, take the initiative and submit their returns as soon as they have paperwork in hand.

Occasionally - unfortunately - this eagerness is repaid with the arrival of a corrected W-2 form in the mail, followed quickly by the sinking feeling that a  return was filed with incorrect data that will now need amended.

Mistakes on tax forms can range from a simple misspelling to  calculation and  transposition errors that throw an employee's taxes out of whack by thousands of dollars. 

Employers and accounting departments of small businesses are obviously more at risk for such errors, but mistakes can happen anywhere at any time. 

Don't let them happen to you, or your team. 

Maslow Media Group can serve as an Employer of Record for tax purposes. We regularly help companies navigate tax season and we take full responsibility for employment, compliance, and tax laws to give our clients, and their employees, peace of mind.

Call us at 202-965-1100 to learn more or use the link below to request a free quote.
From Tokyo to Timbuktu, Maslow Media Group's production managers can provide a 24-hour turnaround on crews, no matter where on earth you need to be

Recently Booked Locations

MMG books crews worldwide. See below for locations we have recently booked:
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