Hello My Friends,
There is now a Spring in my step when I come to work each day. I take a spin around the gallery and marvel anew.  Twelve artists stepped to the plate and created for Toklat a magnificent 7 Decades show.  I will feature them one or two at a time in this newsletter and I want to start with Maureen Morris and Ellen Kisker.
When I moved the gallery to Basalt, I visited from time to time the Basalt Gallery across town and in 2009 moved into their space after the Basalt Gallery became the Ann Korologos Gallery and moved "uptown!"  Basalt Gallery carried the beautiful antler carvings of Canadian Maureen Morris.  For about ten years, I absolutely lusted after her work to have in my gallery.  And so it finally came to pass thanks to a mutual friend.  Of the original seven she sent me, I have only these three left - for the moment.

Two Owls. Caribou antler, wood base. 6H, 8W, 3D  $650

Long Beak. Caribou antler on Moose antler base. 6H, 4W, 1D  $300
Artic Tern, Moose antler tern, deer antler base 14H, 10W, 10D  $1,300
Ellen Kisker is a Front Ranger Marquetarian whose work I have shown in the gallery and whose family loves huskies.  I commissioned three pieces from her to memorialize the Toklat Husky Kennels and in honor of my Father whose marquetry art adorns the pedestals on either side of my desk.

Toklat postcard from the 1950's       

"Rustek" 16H 14W  $600

   Original Bruce Mace photo       
"Bruce's Puppies"  14H 16H  $800

           Ellen's "Makita" thinks Yukon King is very cute 
"Yukon King"  15H 16 ½ D  $700
-"Rustek" was one of the original "Toklat" colored huskies:  a golden color with a grey black saddle.
-My youngest brother Bruce was once a superb photographer and I am so happy to memorialize his photo in marquetry.
-"Yukon King" - the series Sgt. Preston of the Yukon was partially filmed, using the Toklat Huskies, at Ashcroft, at Monmouth in CA and on the Paramount sound stages in 1955-1956
Below is a beautiful giclee numbered 1 through 75, each signed by Veryl Goodnight. They are more modestly priced: $300 each!

Legends Giclee $300

Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)

 Sandy and Ol' Goliath
 Larry Lefner, Sculptor