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HILL, Lawrence Hill (b1957) & HILL, Dan (b1954)
Lawrence Hill (b1957) is a Canadian novelist, essayist, educator, and documentary writer. His epic novel, The Book of Negroes, tells the spell-binding story of a girl, Aminata Diallo, forcefully brought to South Carolina from West Africa at the time of the American Revolution. The novel won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize, and the CBC Radio Canada Reads competition.
Dan Hill, (b1954) Lawrence's older brother, is a Canadian pop singer songwriter and author. He has had two major international hits with his songs "Sometimes When We Touch" and "Can't We Try".

The collection is comprised of 6 signed books dating from 1983 to 2015 (5 books inscribed by Lawrence Hill  and one book signed by Dan Hill), a dozen signing photos of Lawrence Hill and a few pieces of ephemera inside the books...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1.205 CDN        #7915

MARRYAT, Captain Frederick (1792-1848)
Captain Frederick Marryat was a Royal Navy officer, a novelist, and an acquaintance of Charles Dickens. He is noted today as an early pioneer of the sea story, particularly for his semi-autobiographical novels and for his children's novels. He is probably one of the most important authors to write historical naval fiction books.

The collection contains 4 items, dating from 1844 to 188?, specifically 1 book with laid in signed note and 2 ephemera.
...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,000 USD OR $ 1,340 CDN        #7914

GEER, Elihu (1817-1887)
Elihu Geer was a printer and publisher in Hartford, Connecticut. He operated a printing shop and stationery store. Geer also published the Hartford Journal from 1843-1844 and Geer's Hartford Directory. Geer 's Hartford City Directory for 1876-7 has a listing for Mark Twain. Twain and his family lived in Hartford from 1874 to 1891. Twain wrote his most important works during the years he lived there, including Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur 's Court.

The collection contains 12 items dating from 1838 to 1876 specifically three letters and 8 imprints...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,100 USD OR $ 1,475 CDN        #7913

MACLENNAN, Hugh (1908-1990)
Hugh MacLennan (was a Canadian novelist and English professor at Lower Canada College and McGill University. He won five Governor General's Awards.

The collection contains 6 items dating from 1941 to 1988 specifically, two signed books, a pamphlet, a magazine, a letter, and a photo...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,100 USD OR $ 1,475 CDN        #7911

OATES, Joyce Carol (1938-)
Joyce Carol Oates is a prolific, award-winning American novelist, poet, short story writer, playwright, editor, and teacher. Notable awards: 1967 O. Henry Award ; 1970 National Book Award ; 1973 O. Henry Award ; 2010 National Humanities Medal ; 2012 Stone Award for Lifetime Literary Achievement ; 2019 Jerusalem Prize

The collection contains approximately 41 items dating from 1968 to 1995 specifically, 11 typescripts, twenty-five letters, three books, one journal issue, press work for a book, and a set of proofs...   Click for more information and photos; 
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 7,000 USD OR $ 9,385 CDN        #7909

TAYLOR, Bayard (1825-1878)
Bayard Taylor (1825-1878) was an American poet, novelist, literary critic, translator, travel writer, and diplomat. Taylor is widely accredited with writing the first American gay novel: Joseph and His Friend: A Story of Pennsylvania.

The collection contains 12 items dating from 1844 to 1890 specifically, 1 ALS letter, 3 cartes-de-visite, 2 books (including his first book), 5 postcards and a pictorial playing card...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,200 USD OR $ 1,605 CDN        #7907

HOWELLS, William Dean (1837-1920)
William Dean Howells nicknamed "The Dean of American Letters", was a prolific realist novelist, literary critic (Atlantic Monthly), poet, and playwright. He was a close colleague and friend with many major American writers of the nineteenth century, including Henry Adams, William James, Henry James, and Mark Twain.

The collection contains 16 items dating from 1874 to 1916 specifically, of eight letters (two in two books and one in a framed a photoprint) and five cards with signatures...    Click for more information and photos;
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,300 USD OR $ 1,740 CDN        #7906

VAN LOON, Hendrik Willem (1882-1944)
Hendrik Willem van Loon (1882-1944) was a Dutch-American historian, journalist, illustrator, and award-winning children's book author winning the first Newberry Medal in 1922 for "The Story of Mankind". In 1942 he was knighted by Queen Wilhelmina for his contribution to the Dutch resistance.
The collection contains 18 items dating from 1925 to 1942, specifically, 7 B&W photos, 5 books with 3 letters laid in 2 books (one letter in another hand commenting on Van Loon's character), and three pieces of ephemera...    Click for more information and photos;
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,300 USD OR $ 1,740 CDN        #7904

EGEDE, Hans Poulsen (1686- 1758)& MONTGOMERY, James (1771-1854)
Greenland missionary work collection contains 4 items dating from 1818 to 1954 specifically 3 books and one ALS letter.
3 Books (1 ALS letter with one book)
* James Montgomery. Greenland, and Other Poems. London: Printed by Strahan and Spottiswoode for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1819. First edition. [8 adverts], xii, 250, [2] pp.; author's autograph and obituary notice affixed to the half title. Original paper boards, spine ends chipped, front hinge weak; good condition otherwise. Signed by Anne Vernon on the title page.
Includes an ALS addressed My dear Sir, sent from 13 Pembroke Place, Liverpool, [circa 1834?], in which Mongomery says that he has accepted an invitation to occupy for a few weeks Mr. Almond's Episcopal church at Glasgow and that he will spend the winter in Dublin...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,200 CDN        #7903

TRUMAN, Harry S. (1884-1972)
Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States (1945-53), who led his country through the final stages of World War II and through the early years of the Cold War. It was his decision to drop the atomic bomb to end World War II, the daunting task of re-building both Europe and Japan and creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Council (NSC).

The collection consists of two parts. Part 1 is a collection of ephemera from the American President's official visit to Canada on 10-12 June 1947. Part 2. Ephemera from the 1949 inauguration of President Harry S. Truman and Vice-President Alben W. Barkley...    Click for more information and photos;
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 2,010 CDN        #7902

COWLEY, Malcolm (1898-1989)
Malcolm Cowley was an American literary critic, poet, editor and a social historian who went on to become a representative of the America's 'Lost Generation' after the World War I. In 1939, he received the 'Harriet Monroe Memorial Prize' for his poetry. In 1980, he was honored with the 'National Book Award for Biography' for his exceptional work, 'And I Worked at the Writer's Trade'.

The collection contains 23 items dating from 1930 to 1980, specifically 12 letters, 3 poems, 7 books, 1 photo and 1 signed newspaper article...    Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 2,000 USD OR $ 2,680 CDN        #7901

GALE, Zona (1874-1938)
Zona Gale was American novelist, short story writer, poet, journalist, and Pulitzer prize winner for drama in 1921.

The collection consists of 13 items dating from 1906 to 1937 specifically, 6 letters, 3 books, an autographed note, 2 photographs, and a postcard...    Click for more information and photos; 
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,600 USD OR $ 2,145 CDN        #7899

GUITERMAN, Arthur (1871-1943) 

Arthur Guiterman was an American poet of humorous verse, a co-founder of the Poetry Society of America 1910, President, Poetry Society of America, 1925-26 and an editor of Woman's Home Companion and the Literary Digest.

The collection contains 15 items dating from 1920 to 1938 specifically,  eleven letters, a manuscript of a poem, a publisher's advertising flyer, a program, and a printing block...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 1,300 USD OR $ 1,740 CDN        #7900

TAGGARD, Genevieve (1894-1948)
Genevieve Taggard was an American poet of thirteen poetry collections. The author of the biography The Life and Mind of Emily Dickinson (1930), she edited the anthologies May Days: An Anthology of Verse from Masses-Liberator (1925) and Circumference: Varieties of Metaphysical Verse, 1456-1928 (1929). She was a contributing editor to the Marxist journal The New Masses.

The collection consists of 21 items dating from 1922 to 1939, specifically five letters and notes written by Taggard, five letters written by others related to Taggard, three books (two with ALS), a program, two B&W photos, and several news clippings...   Click for more information and photos;  
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,205 CDN        #7898
2 BOOKS ...

HUNTER, William S. (William Stewart), [1823-1894]

[circa 1869]  viii, [9]-66pp., Green cloth  wood-engraved additional pictorial title, large folding panorama  map 4-1/8 x 7 inches and 11.15 feet x 7 inches when unfolded and opened. Illustrations, advertisements on pink paper at beginning and yellow at end, original pictorial cloth, lightly damp-stained at edges A number of ad pages from the front have been trimmed out, otherwise complete and in very good condition  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 60 USD OR $ 80 CDN       #7779        


1905. London, S.W. Partridge & Co.
First edition. 5-1/4 X 7-3/4, (6),[5]-288pp; 32pp (adverts). With 20 Illustrations and including a small map of Moravian missions on the Labrador Coast. Spine ends crushed, corners lightly bumped. Inside pages agetoned and very sporadic very light foxing to a few pages, 32pp. of adverts at end are tanning otherwise overall condition, very good  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 975 USD OR $ 1,300 CDN       #7716        

PROUDFOOT, William (1788-1851) (provenance)


Draft of Church Constitution Feb. 4th, 1845. Draft of A System of Management for the congregations under the inspection of the Missionary Synod of the United Secession Church in Canada. VII parts covered in this  letter.

Flat size: 16-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches folded to 8-1/4 x 10-1/2 inches (folded more as it was mailed as a stampless letter (6 x 3-1/2 inches). Two postal marks; CAVAN U.C. (Upper Canada) with handwritten inside of  Jany 1845  and London Jan12 1845 U.C. (Upper Canada)  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 325 USD OR $ 430 CDN       #7926        

BOURINOT, Sir John George [1836-1902]

4pp. Flat 9-7/8 x 8 inches, folded to 5 x 8 inches (was folded once more) House of Commons letterhead dated Kingsmere [Quebec], 15th Aug. 1898. 2 written pages.
Addressed to Mr. Hopkins regarding a manuscript for an a new edition presumed for the "Bibliography of the members of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC)," 1894. Bourinot calls it "one of the finest works of it's kind ever issued in America."

Kingsmere is in the Gatineau Hills, Quebec was 12 miles from Ottawa was originally old log farmhouse in the early 1870's and purchased by Bourinot in 1875. In the summers, he spent a lot of time writing there "loved to swim and hike and fish with his family" and tend his garden  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 210 USD OR $ 275 CDN       #7922        

Two holograph letters written to Mr. Hyde Clark, London England.

1) 1873, Nov. 10th,  Flat 9-3/4 x 7-7/8 inches, folded to 4-7/8 x 7-7/8 inches (was folded smaller. Small blind embossed logo in the top left corner. 4pp with 3 written pages. Referred to friend suggestion to write him (Frederick Clarke) and sending him a couple of Meaford Monitor newspapers and asking in return if he would send to Watt papers and newspapers  of a society Clark belongs to.

2) No date, Thursday 6 March, 9 x 7 inches folded to 4-1/2 x 7 inches (was folded smaller). On letterhead with address printed in black of 107 St. George's Square S.W.  4pp with 2 written pages. Thanking him for his letter sent  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 115 USD OR $ 150 CDN       #7921        

MORGAN, Henry James (1842-1913)

Letter size 4-7/8 x 4-7/8 inches flat, was folded. Hand-written 1879 letter from Samuel Dawson of Dawson Brothers, Montreal booksellers on their letterhead to Henry J. Morgan, Ottawa. Dated May 1, 1879. Included is a FREE frank envelope which contained the letter.
Letter contents refers to a couple of books Dawson thought had been sent to Morgan but were not and he was stating they would now be. Interesting that 2 copies of one of the books was Bibliotheca canadensis (1867) written by Morgan. Also interesting that Dawson is sending the letter with a FREE frank. Of further interest is this event regarding Dawson... the Liberal government of Alexander Mackenzie prepared a new bill, for the framing of which the minister of agriculture, Luc Letellier* de Saint-Just, relied on the advice of booksellers such as Dawson.
 ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 190 USD OR $ 250 CDN       #7920        

SHAKESPEARE, Noah [1831-1921] (subject)


Quite scarce photo or profile of Noah Shakespeare. Taken in Ottawa when Noah Shakespeare was an MP for Victoria. It is also only photo of him signed we could find. He is most known for being the author of the 1885 Chinese Immigration Act passed in Ottawa.

4-1/4 x 5-3/4 inches Cabinet card of Noah Shakespeare signed and with imprint on the back of the photographer James Ashfield, Ottawa. Circa 1885 given Ashfield's photo studio was active from 1884 to about 1889 and Shakespeare was a federal MP for Victoria and in Ottawa between 1883 to 1887.  Some spotting and slightly cropped at top right, otherwise good condition. A historically and politically important person quite scarce signed cabinet card  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 1,310 USD OR $ 1,750 CDN       #7923 

Cabinet Card circa 1876: 4 x 7-1/2 inches. Signed and inscribed on bak by John T. Smith; "to Bro? John Wood, Yours Truly John Smith 235-1/2 Queen Street East. Toronto. James Juard? 218 Shevenson Lodge  Jr. R Canada
Photographer: [Philip H.] Dufresne  31 King St. W, Toronto, circa 1876
Small tear at bottom right of photo and some spotting overall, otherwise good condition  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 175 USD OR $ 230 CDN       #7919        

Photograph: 12 x 10 inches but framed in a cardboard printed frame with only 11 x 9 inches shown. Photo yellowed with age ad spotted. Good condition only for photo.
Printed card frame: 15-1/2 x 14-1/2 inches. Card frame yellowed with age and spotted. Piece of card missing from the card frame on the top right. Fair condition only for card frame  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 145 USD OR $ 190 CDN       #7671        

MINIHAN, John (b1946) (photographer) & THOMAS, Dylan (1914-1953)

Large silver gelatin photograph of Brown's Hotel, Laugharne, Dylan Thomas' favourite pub by John Minihan inscribed and signed by the photographer 'Brown's Hotel, Laugharne where Dylan played cards with family and friends. John Minihan 2003'.
Paper size: 11-1/8 x 11 inches
Image size:  9-1/4 x 9-1/4 inches
Fine condition  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 195 USD OR $ 255 CDN       #7544        

HUNTER, W.S. (William Stewart), Jr., (1823-1894) artist

[1860]. Paper size: 11-1/2 x 27-1/8 inches.  Image size: 7-7/8 x 26-1/2 inches. Printed in colour on period wove paper. Minor wrinkling along top edge in border area. Light sporadic spotting and light brown lines from matting when previously framed, otherwise in very good condition.

In 1860, Montreal got its first link to the South Shore with the construction of Victoria Bridge, which was, at the time of its opening, the longest bridge in the world  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 1,200 USD OR $ 1,605 CDN       #7707 

DERVEAUX, Daniel (1914-2010)

Paper size: 12-3/4 x 18 inches. Image size: 8-3/4 x 12-1/2 inches on light cream wove paper. Very good condition.

Colour lithograph "Napoleon 1st Empereur 1810" print.  Proably circa 1940's. Uncommon litho of Napoleon engraved by French artist Daniel Derveaux  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 95 USD OR $ 125 CDN       #7711        

SYKES, Sir Tatton, 4th Baronet (1772-1863)

Paper size: 20-5/8 x 31 inches
Image size: 18-1/4 x 27-1/4 inches
Painted by Francis Grant, PRA ; Engraved by: G. Raphel Ward
After Francis Grant, engraved by G. Raphael Ward, titled and dated 1850 , in pen in the centre of the lower margin. "Tatton Sykes, Stedmore  Jny 1, 1850"
In poor condition due to various repaired tears and soiling.  An uncommon print  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 70 USD OR $ 90 CDN       #7714        

CARTIER, Sir George-Étienne, 1st Baronet, [1814-1873]

1856. 14pp. 6-1/4 x 9-1/2 inches, disbound, no covers
Full title: RETURN: To an address from the Legislature Assembly to His Excellency The Governor General, dated the 19th instant, praying His Excellency to cause to be laid before the House, "copies of correspondence and other documents having reference "to withdraw from sale certain lands situated in the county of Grey and Bruce, which lands were advertised to be sold on 17th October last, also report of Superintendent of Indian Affairs  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #7918        

flat: 8-7/8 x 7-1/4 inches
Folded: 4-1/2 x 7-1/4 inches (was folded smaller originally)
Letter opening contents;
Dear Sir In compliance with your wish I forward the information relating to the Beach at Herne Bay. The Ecclesiastical Commission are the owners of the foresaid to highwater mark with the exception of so much of it as they have conveyed to Herne Bay Pier Company. I have no plan of that portion but there is no doubt it comprimses the side of the pier and land on each side...(the letter is confirming it is illegal to remove sand from the beach and anyone can legally bring this forward  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 95 CDN       #7917        

HOAR, Anna E. (1843-1923) provenance

Black paper boards, quarter bound in plum leather, gilt tooling. Damage to the spine (black tape repair) and corners, and front cover separated. Some inside pages torn. Some foxing or age toning throughout and several tears and fair condition for the Album itself. A collection of 35 pieces of sheet music published between 1848 and 1865, many composed during the Civil War. There are two versions of The Star Spangled Banner and also a very scarce piece by Stephen C. Foster. With this collection are two early handwritten patriotic poems.
Provenance: Anna E. Hoar (1843-1923), Belleville, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania (name printed on the upper board and signed by her on the front free endpaper and elsewhere; some pieces gives to Olivia G. Moore from Haver D. Grace)  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 1,000 USD OR $ 1,335 CDN       #7910        

[1869]. London, McCorquodale & Co Ltd Paper size: 26 x 35 inches
Image size: 20-1/2  inches
Designed by by A.J. Waudby ; Engraved by: George Greatbatch
A.J. Waudby was a successful professional painter and an exhibitor at the Royal Academy, London. was among the foremost artist-designers of trade union emblems in mid-Victorian Britain.
 ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 45 USD OR $ 60 CDN       #7715        

AIKENHEAD, Thomas Edward (b1859) & ROBINSON, John Beverley [1821-1896]

Was folded now flat. 8-1/2 x 14 inches. Printed document with hand written specific  information regarding Thomas Edward Aikenhead  1886. Faded  Lieutenant Governor of Ontario seal with green ribbon on top left. Some fold tears at top and bottom not affecting type or hand writing.  Very good condition overall.
Signed by John Beverley Robinson, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on top and George E. Lumsden, Assistant Provincial Secretary on bottom left
 ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 245 USD OR $ 325 CDN       #7684        

BRUCE, James  8th Earl of Elgin and 12th Earl of Kincardine [1811-1863]

Was folded now flat. 13-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches. Printed document with hand written specific appointment information for William Grey, Gentleman, Ensign. Dated Montreal, fourth day of August 1847. Hand writing on back "Mr. Grey, Ensign, 1847. Faded  seal on top left.
Some fold tears at top and bottom not affecting type or hand writing.
Good condition overall.
Signed by Lord Elgin on bottom right  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 140 USD OR $ 185 CDN       #7683        

CAUCHON, Joseph-Édouard [1816-1885]

1856 Stampless cover (no content or letter) to Hon. Joseph Couchon, Toronto from PORT HOPE SP 9 1856 UC.  Double broken circle, large '3' H/S in black. Backside large TORONTO SEP 10 CW (Canada West). Fine condition  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 50 USD OR $ 65 CDN       #7631        

ST. LAURENT, Louis Stephen  [1882-1973]

5-1/4 x 4-1/4 inch empty envelope (no letter), fine condition. Prime Minister Louis St Laurent, initialled in lower left, Ottawa Oct 22, 1954 Ontario Canada "FREE" on Prime Minister's House, 24 Sussex Street, Ottawa envelope. This envelope was initialed by St. Laurent while he was "in-office" as Prime Minister of Canada. A nice and different St. Laurent collectable  ... Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 145 USD OR $ 190 CDN       #7626        

JAMESON, Mrs. Anna Brownell, (née Murphy) [1794-1860]

4-1/2 x 3-1/4 inches. Signature clip with a long salutation from a handwritten letter from the renowned early 19th century British writer Anna Jameson. Circa 1845  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 80 USD OR $ 105 CDN       #7562        

[circa 1890]. Lamb Knitting Machine Manufacturing Company.
10pp. Flat size: 13-3/4 x 4-1/2 inches ; Folded size: 2-3/4 x 4-1/2 inches.
Was folded, now flat. Light brown paper printed both sides with black ink. Some soiling and in good condition.
H. Bailey was a Canadian dealer and distributor for the patented Lamb Knitting Machine located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His imprint is on front and back pages. Inside pages contain information on: Lamb Knitting Machine Manufacturing Company and the Knitting Machine ;  Remarks on costs and profits for products made ; Price List ; Terms of Payment and Singer & Howe Sewing Machines also sold by Bailey. Brochure dates before 1893 and after 1873  ...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 165 CDN       #7513        

SMALLWOOD, Joseph (Joey) Roberts [1900-1991]


8 x 10 inches. Dated 19 January 1966 on Government letterhead with The Premier and St. John's printed at top.
Old staple mark on top left corner, red pen handwritting on top of letter, two old fold marks, otherwise good condition.  
Signed J.R. Smallwood.
This letter from Smallwood is to an Ontario bookdealer ordering two books referring to a cheque which is not with this item, only the letter  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 100 USD OR $ 130 CDN       #7506        

Louis St. Laurent (February 1, 1882 - July 25, 1973), 12th Prime Minister of Canada, signature on Prime Minister 4 x 5 inch card stock. CIrca 1952 based on signature on Office of the  Prime Minister note card used.
Fine condition  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 175 USD OR $ 230 CDN       #7496        

Four pages folio, flat size: 20-3/8 x 16-1/2 inches, folded size: 8-1/4 x 10-1/4 inches, folded into quarters (was folded smaller). Indenture for the sale of land Dated 12th June 1854. Between from Alexander Archibald Riddel, Printer first part and Anne Riddel second part to Margaret McGregor, wife of John Morrison, third part...of the sum of One Hundred and Seventy-five pounds...100 ares..lying and being in the Township of Enniskillen in the County of Lampton and the Province of Canada...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 70 USD OR $ 90 CDN       #7465        

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