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March, 2019
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What is a middle schooler,
I was asked one day.
I knew what he was...
but what should I say?

He is noise and confusion.
He is silence that is deep.
He is sunshine and laughter,
or a cloud that will weep.

He is swift as an arrow.
He is a waster of time.
He wants to be rich,
but cannot save a dime.

He is rude and nasty.
He is polite as can be.
He wants parental guidance,
but fights to be free.

He is aggressive and bossy.
He is timid and shy.
He knows all the answers,
but still will ask "why"?

He is awkward and clumsy.
He is graceful and poised.
He is ever changing,
but do not be annoyed.

What is a middle schooler,
I was asked one day.
He is the future unfolding.
Do not stand in his way.

||Author Unknown||

          Dave Schwarz              Brian Bauer
               Principal            Assistant Principal
Parent Teacher Conferences Schedule

Tuesday, March 19th:  4-7:30

Wednesday, March 20th:  1:45-5:00

Middle School Book Fair!
Music Department News!

Upcoming concerts

  8th Grade Music Showcase Concert - Under The Big Top! 

Tuesday, March 12th 5:30 PM
Enjoy a circus-themed performance to celebrate 3 years of these students making music at JYMS! 
Popcorn will be sold to raise funds for 8th grade spring music trips (Kalahari Band Festival and Palace Theater Choir Trip)
3:30-4:30 Dress Rehearsal (8th musicians only)
4:30-5:30 Rehearsal Dinner (8th musicians only)
5:30 PM Performance in the JYMS Big Gym

Thank you for supporting music in our schools!

National History Day Results
     Thirty eighth grade students from Jack Young Middle School took part in the Regional National History Day event in Madison on February 23rd, 2019.  Students select topics connected to an annual theme and complete their own in-depth research on the topic. This year, the annual theme is "Triumph and Tragedy." Students present their conclusions by creating museum-style exhibits, media documentaries, research papers, interactive websites, and dramatic performances.   Fourteen  students were selected as state finalists and will go on to represent their school at the state competition, which takes place at the University of Wisconsin - Madison on April 13th, 2019.  Participation in the program continues to grow with more than 500,000 students participating annually across the nation. 

Students who are moving on to the State Competition include:
Anna , Ignas , and Grace  - Irena Sendler: Triumph and Tragedy in a Glass Jar
Georgy , Casey , Sarah  - Lowell Mill Girls: Tragedy at the Mill leads
to Triumph in the World
Joe - Harry Houdini: Triumph and Tragedy in Magic and Film
Derek  and Kason - Challenger Disaster: Tragedy, then Triumph
Connor,Brent and Cameron - The Christmas Truce: Triumph and Tragedy during WWI
Molly and Hailey  - The Titanic Tragedy

Students who were chosen as Alternates to the State Competition include:
Leisha , Maddy , and Morgan  - The Destruction of Pompeii

Additional Students who competed at Regionals include:
Claire , Kyla , Romeo , Dominic , Jaron , Julia , Annika , Amara, Ayla, Lexi, Gabbie, Reese, and Xander.

Congratulations everyone!  We are proud of your efforts.  Good luck to those students going on to state!

Regional Spelling Bee Champion!
Congratulations to Hunter, a seventh-grade student at Jack Young Middle School, who took first place at the south-central regional Scripps Spelling Bee competition!  He will participate in the Scripps State Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 16th, in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is being held in the Mitby Theater at Madison College and is free to the public.  The top three spellers will receive trophies and will represent Wisconsin at the 2019 National Spelling Bee held May 26-30 in the Washington, D.C. A portion of this National Bee is televised on ESPN each year.  Good luck, Hunter!

   Students of the Month

6th Grade
                Emily                                               Bobby
7th Grade
                 Tyler                                               Jaydnn

                Allison                                              Grant            

 Here is a picture of the T-Birds of the Month display outside the Commons.  Students are nominated each month by staff ,and 2 students at each grade level are randomly chosen.  Great job, JYMS students!
T-Bird Pride
Here is a picture of the T-Bird Pride Board that is located in the commons.  Each day three students are recognized over the announcements at the end of the day for being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.  Students are nominated by staff and randomly selected each day.  Great job JYMS students!
Notes from the Librarian

Notes from the Library
by Mrs. Steiner

Ah Spring! Mother Nature seems to be stingy with moderate weather this year, but as Wisconsinites, we know that spring will eventually arrive. The arrival of warm weather often brings with it spring cleaning. As you undertake your own spring cleaning or are inspired to tidy up by a certain Netflix series, please keep in mind our Little Free Library. We are always in need of new and gently used books for children and young adults for stocking our LFL.  If you come across some books that you would like to donate, you can simply send them with your child or drop them off at school and indicate they should go to the Media Center. And as always, if you or your child are looking for books to read, be sure to check our Little Free Library or the many other LFLs found around Baraboo.



Cyber Safety For Parents and Children

NEW Interactive Safety Resource Available! 
In honor of Safer Internet Day 2019, interact is now available! 

Interact is an online, interactive e-course created for parents and guardians to complete with their children with the goal of sparking basic online safety discussions in the home. This 30 minute module provides parents with the opportunity to review their own tech use to set a good example; interactive activities to complete alongside their children; and follow-up resources and activities to keep the discussions going. 

This e-course gives parents the opportunity to set themselves up as the trusted adult in their child's life. If the child sees something online they don't understand or that makes them uncomfortable, they know they have someone to reach out to. The e-course even provides some ideas on how to start and continue these discussions, along with some bonus tips to help break the ice on awkward topics!
Be your child's trusted adult. Interact, and stay safe!

Visit  ProtectKidsOnlineWI.gov  and click the Interact tab to access the e-course, along with numerous other resources for online safety.
The interact program was created by the Wisconsin Department of Justice - Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to help keep kids safe online.


Looking for additional safety information or ways to get involved in sharing the message of safety? Check out  SaferInternetDay.org for ideas, materials, and learning opportunities!