Springtime salads.

Even though the first day of Spring was a few days ago, the real feel of Spring seems to be slow to come about. While waiting for our pear trees to bloom, we look forward to the first thing grown at our neighboring farms: spring lettuce. 

What better way to celebrate Spring's arrival than with a fresh, locally grown salad made with our all-natural, dried Asian Pears!
In this issue of our newsletter we're featuring our most popular dried asian pear salad recipes.

pantry dried pear salad
Dressed Dried Asian Pear salad 

dried asian pear toss

This fresh salad - made with onions, cucumber, chicken and more  - is a tasty complement to our dried pears. 

Included is an easy recipe for making a homemade dressing to 'pair.'

To download this dish, please visit the recipes page on our site, or click here for dressed dried pear salad.

The Lunchbox Salad.

Looking for a salad that is oil-free and vinegar-free? This clever toss creates the sensation of a traditional oil & vinegar salad. This salad is quite popular with our pear fans. 

We also like the lunchbox salad because you can build it spontaneously for a simple and filling lunch.... Of course, having a snack-size bag of our dried pears in your desk or backpack comes in handy.
And if you can't find locally grown lettuce yet; here's a fun veggie-filled salad with our dried fruit. Yes, dried pears and veggies. In fact, 

our dried pears make a great partner with most any vegetable.

lunchbox pear salad