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President's Letter:
Happy Spring!
Winter has ended, and we are nearing the close of the first quarter of 2019…already If you’re like me you are looking forward to seeing spring unfold as leaves begin to return, flowers begin to grow and the grass starts turning green. You may also be heavily into watching the madness of the NCAA’s college basketball tournament. If not, you’re at least acquainted with someone who’s fully engaged. 

Since the impact of estate planning (wills, trusts, etc.) and probate law is always on my mind, basketball’s March Madness has reminded me of what will be the next stage of many of those players – professional basketball in the NBA or oversees – which means some will become wealthy between now and the end of spring. It also reminded me of how infrequent and unusual it is for professional athletes, along with other entertainment professionals (actors, musicians, etc.) to create wills, trusts or other estate planning tools that will limit the amount of disaster and exposure that will occur if they die untimely or become incapacitated. Read more.
No Trust. No Will. No Plan: Professional Athletes, Musicians and Actors, this one's for you
There is a play that should be executed efficiently and immediately because we don’t know when this show will end. For now, write the script in the best possible manner, following the advice and support of your estate planning attorney. 

Don't Miss a Beat! Billie Holliday, James Brown, Prince and Why You Need a Will!
Do you have a will in place? Are you among the two-thirds of Americans who have not drafted a legal document to outline how your property and other important items should be distributed? If so, sadly, you’re among many legends within the country. Having a will in place will save your family from court costs, stress from being in court, possibly for several years and the embarrassment of public knowledge..
All Star Business Team
Having the right people in your corner could mean the difference between success and failure. Your earnings must be protected by only qualified professionals who have been trained to address the needs of their clients. Do you have the right team in place?
Pets Need Love Too!
But animal protection can begin at home, and the best protection for your furry family member is something that will keep them safe after you’re gone (or incapacitated) but while they are still alive – a pet trust.  
Your Next Contribution
Making charitable contributions to your church or local charity can be achieved through the planning of your estate. Through estate planning, you can spread love throughout your neighborhood in the form of a charitable giving; you can also keep the love going after you’re gone! 
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Adrienne Quinn, Director of Client Care