March 2019 Edition
Working to help make your ministry
more effective...
It is my heart to be a true pastor to the pastors and ministers in OBE. It is also my desire to help equip you to become more effective in the ministry that God has called you to....
-----Pastor Josh Grimes-----
Have you ever been evaluated??? Well, of course we all have. Sometimes that can feel daunting to say the least. However, evaluations help us to KNOW where we are at and how we are doing. Most employers tie raises to evaluations so those that are making progress are compensated for it.

I personally do not mind being evaluated because it helps me to gauge how I am doing and what I could brush up on. As a Sr Pastor I made it a point to send out evaluations to my board members and I would pick several people at random to evaluate me as well. I would have them turn them in without names on them and asked them to please do not give me all 10's. Why? It helped me to improve as a leader. And because there were no names on them it helped the ones evaluating to be open and honest.

We all have blindspots and learning what yours is.....will lend to you being more effective as a leader. Below are two evaluations that every church should use at least biannually. Pastors your bylaws require you to do this. If you have not you need to do it soon. As your Regional Director it's my responsibility to make sure churches are following their bylaws, so me out by setting up your evaluations now.

Likewise, I developed an Elder's Evaluation that I used in the churches I pastored. This is a self evaluation which helps your elders become more effective in helping you shepherd the flock. Ministers, we are all "elders" whether or not that is a title we hold. So..... all mature believers can take the Elders Evaluation to help them grow and mature. Let me know if these resources have helped you!- Pastor Josh

FREE Pastor Evaluation to use in growing as a leader.

FREE- Elder Evaluations to help your spiritual leaders grow in their leadership!

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