March 2019 Fresh News
Diabetic federal worker: I went to bed, hoped to wake up.
Mallory Lorgre, a federal worker for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, is diabetic and needs insulin but said she couldn't face the medical costs with no end to the government shutdown in sight.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation analysis finds that medications for Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS are the costliest group of outpatient prescription drugs for Medicaid, while diabetes drugs have posted the sharpest rise in costs. 
Virginia's Second Annual National DPP Networking Meeting

Remember how great it was last year? If you are providing NDPP, want to learn how to increase and improve recruitment and retention, and would benefit from networking with other NDPP providers, please join us!
Yoga to Ease Diabetes Symptoms

By Denyse Le Fever

We don’t receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us. 
 – Marcel Proust

My diagnosis with Type II Diabetes over a decade ago led to a series of doctor recommended classes at a local hospital that focused on education about the disease, (there are multiple types of diabetes see  American Diabetes Association ( for more information) nutrition, and self-management. 
GRANT OPPORTUNITY I American College of Preventative Medicine I Diabetes awareness and prevention among African American and Hispanic Women. I Details
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March 12 | VDC Board Meeting | 5 p.m |
March 16 l 8-4:30 | Diabetes is Primary | Details
March 20 | Diabetes Prevention Program Conference Call | 3 p.m. | Details
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June 21 I DSMES Program Coordinators Networking Meeting I 9-3 Details