March 2019 
Fusion MMA Newsletter featuring Logan Nelson!
Introducing Youth MMA Black Belt Logan Nelson:

"It has been my distinct pleasure to be Logan's coach for the last 9 years. I have watch a young child turn into a young man. Logan is resilient in the face of hard ship, preserves when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He is a deep thinker with great well of empathy for his teammates, which has made him an excellent addition to our coaching staff.  
I have no doubt that whatever Logan sets his mind on in life he will be successful.  
In the last 15 years I have awarded the rank of black belt to only 7 people, and it was an honor to promote Logan to our exclusive cadre".
Brian Hill
A note from the folks:

"Congratulations, Logan. We are so proud of your accomplishment.

We know it wasn't an easy road; no personal goal ever is. Everything we do for ourselves takes time, and we know there were days and weeks where you thought you were not making any progress.

Your Sensei and coaches have not only taught you self-defense, but also perseverance, dedication, courage and self-confidence. Hold on tight to these attributes as you work on your life goals.

Always believe in yourself and fight for your dreams". 
Love, Mom and Dad.

A note from Logan:

"I would like to thank everyone for helping me through the years.  
My past and current partners, my wonderful parents, and the excellent coaches here that have helped me tremendously, along with the best teacher I will ever have, my Sensei.  
I look forward to the next step".
Logan Nelson
What's next for Logan?

EXACTLY what you would expect!  
Logan is now a student in the Adult MMA and MMA Striking classes. He will continue his journey in Martial Arts with new teammates and partners.  
We are also proud to announce that Logan is an official Mighty MMA and Youth MMA coach! He has joined our outstanding team of people that know the importance of leading by example, continuing education and earning your accomplishments!  
Monthly News & Updates

Mighty and Youth MMA TESTING:
  • TESTING Saturday, March 2nd - regular class times
  • MAKE-UP TESTING Thursday, March 7th - regular class times
My Parent is my Partner Day:
  • Saturday, March 9th - regular class times
  • Wear comfy clothing
  • Take photos
  • Have a BLAST!
Brian will be away from Fusion teaching/training several days in the month of March. Have no fear, our outstanding team of coaches will take AWESOME care of you!  
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