Volume 64, Issue 2 | March 2019   
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March 2019 Community Center Calendar
  1 | Homestead Valley Pool 2019 Early-Bird Memberships Now Available
  1 | Kids Night Out | 5:00-9:00 PM  
  5 | HVCA Board | 7:00 PM
12 | HVLT Board | 7:30 PM
15 | Kids Night Out | 5:00-9:00 PM
19 | Firewise Committee | 7:30 PM
23 | Supervisor Rodoni Office Hours | 12:30-2:30 PM
26 | Sanitary District Board | 7:30 PM
1st/3rd Wed. | Tam Design Review Board | 7:00 PM (Log Cabin, Tam Valley)
Saturdays     | A. A. Meeting | 10:00 AM
Wednesdays  | Dance with Miss Anna | 11:30 AM
Wednesdays  | Mill Valley Zen Meditation | 7:00 PM
Fridays         | SingDancePlay - Music Together | 9:30, 10:30 & 11:30 AM
2019 Annual Meeting
Celebrating Community

By Leslie Dixon
HVCA Board President
We had a wonderful turn out for our annual meeting the evening of February 7th. The spirit of the meeting was centered around our appreciation for our community of dedicated board members, passionate volunteers and loving caretakers who value, care for and enjoy our beautiful valley.  We began the meeting in loving memory of Darren Malvin whose contagious smile, warm hugs, and passion for everything he does will be greatly missed.  
Chuck Oldenburg shared historic photos and stories from his new book - Mill Valley History Vignettes.  We then moved to business with reports and elections from the Boards that help manage Homestead Valley: HV Community Association, County Service Area #14, HV Land Trust and the HV Sanitary District. We also received updates on our Firewise program and the services provided to seniors by Homestead Village, now merged with Mill Valley Village. If you are interested in knowing more about any of these Boards and organizations, you are welcome to attend monthly meetings, which are open to the public. Look for schedule information online at  homesteadvalley.org  or in the Homestead Headlines. 
We closed the meeting with comments from Marin County Supervisor, Dennis Rodoni. This is his 3rd year attending our annual meeting, informally chatting with community members during the potluck and listening intently to our accomplishments and priorities for the upcoming year.  We so appreciate his accessibility and presence at many of our events throughout the year.   Dennis' next H.V. Office Hours will be Saturday March 23rd, at the Community Center
Congratulations to our 2018 Service Award Winners
Distinguished Community Service Award: Jim Derich
Volunteer of the Year: Kris Cann
For a complete list of all Homestead Valley service award winners , please visit
2019 Homestead Valley Pool
Homestead Valley Pool Opens April 20th

It has been one very wet Winter, but Spring is just around the corner and Early-Bird Memberships are now available! The Pool opens Saturday, April 20th and you can view our 2019 brochure at  homesteadvalley.org.

Jump in now and get your Early-Bird pricing online at hvcaonline.com 
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We're Hiring!
We're now accepting applications for lifeguards, gatekeepers and swim instructors. This is a great opportunity for all ages to serve the community while working outdoors. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, retired or a student come join our team!
Marin County Parks
Parks Community Survey

On February 11 Marin County Parks launched a community survey. We want to hear from you about how you enjoy parks and open spaces, what you think can be improved, and what projects you feel are important.

If you haven't had a chance to take the survey, please take a few minutes to tell us what you think:    marinparkssurvey.com

Your input will help guide budget recommendations and future planning. Visit the Measure A webpage for details about funding allocations and spending since 2013:  https://bit.ly/2yKJ1dx

Land Trust Notes
Debris Boxes for Homestead Fire Fuel Reduction

By Marabeth Grahame
Reducing our fire fuel load is a critical part of protecting Homestead from wildfire. Homestead Firewise is now offering debris boxes for fire fuel reduction. If you have a flat spot in your neighborhood and two or more neighbors can fill a 22 yard box, the HVLT with Mill Valley Refuse will provide debris boxes for your green waste only projects.
Homestead Firewise debris boxes are marked with sandwich boards (see sample below) and may be used by anyone with Homestead biomass.
For more information or to schedule a box, contact  firewise@hvlt.org

Firewise and Safety Update
Update from the Firewise and Safety committee 

By Mike Cann
The Firewise Committee serves both the HVCA Safety Committee and the HV Land Trust. The HVLT deals with wildfire resistance execution and outreach education, while the HVCA Safety Committee is focusing on the Block Contact Program and Address Placard installations. The IJ recently reported in a front-page article that wildfire risk continues to be a top concern in Marin - more than any county in the state - Marin is embracing the Firewise national fire prevention program - a six-step program that includes forming a Firewise committee, obtaining a wildfire risk assessment, creating an action plan including defensible space around homes, clearing out fire-prone vegetation and engaging the community through meetings and other outreach programs. Homestead Valley was one of the early Firewise certified communities in Marin.

Our focus in 2018 was on completing our 2016 CalFire grant leveraging our $95,000 grant to raise an additional $425,000 in matching contributions, resulting in over a half a million dollars in fire prevention work: Tree removal 63%; Shrub and Brush removal 32%; and Organization and Outreach Education 5%.
In January the HVLT was awarded a second 2-year CalFire Grant for $125,00 which we will leverage to obtain a minimum of 120% additional matching contributions (in cash or work) from the community. Increased emphasis will be focused on Shrub and Brush removal 54%; Tree removal 20%; and Organization & Outreach Education 26%.
The Safety Committee Block Contact program has recruited committed Block Contacts for 37 of our 69 blocks. We are still recruiting block contacts and urge you to contact Kris Cann if you are interested in being a Block Contact.
The Safety Committee reflective address Placard program is off to a great start this year by launching an aggressive program to complete installations currently on order by the end of April with 38 of 80 total backlog installed through February.
Contacts are:
Marin Horizon School Update
Building Project Process

Dear Neighbors,
Greetings from Marin Horizon School. I want to thank the many of you who engaged with us over the past year in our building project process. Your input has been extremely helpful and has resulted in many substantive changes to the design. In my continued commitment to transparency, I write to provide you with an update on the project. Below are some FAQ's and their answers to give you more clarity about the construction phase of the project.
Construction Phase FAQS:
Why are we constructing a new building?
Our top priority remains to replace the aging library portable and create an updated and joyful classroom environment for our students that includes additional meeting spaces. The new building (library/first grade/kindergarten/bathroom) represents major upgrades to the current spaces and will better support the great work our teachers and staff do in the existing facilities.
Where will the new classroom/library building be built?
The new building will be nestled between the middle school and primary school buildings. It will be a two-story structure, with new classroom spaces at the ground floor, and a second-floor library with offices and meeting spaces.
When will construction begin?
We expect to start construction on June 17, 2019, the Monday after our Moving On ceremony. It is our plan to get most of the demolition, site preparation, and foundation work done this summer while students are off site.
How long will construction last?
We expect construction to take about 10 months. With a June 2019 start we anticipate completion sometime in April or May, 2020.
Is the multi-use building being constructed next year as well?
No. Although we received entitlements to build the multi-use building, design and construction of it won't take place until fundraising is complete, sometime in the future. Once construction of Phase I is complete, we will evaluate timing of Phase II, but the work will not be back-to-back.  
Where is construction staging taking place?
Staging will be contained within the campus; it will take place from the playground area.
Why is the staging happening from the playground and not Montford Avenue?
We had originally considered staging the job from Montford and not using the playground. However, Montford is very narrow, and concerns about deliveries blocking the roadway, adding more traffic to Melrose and Montford Avenues, and physical challenges posed by entering the site from above, precluded our use of this staging area.
Will the turf field, blacktop courts, and playground be useable by neighbors?
Yes, during the school year. The turf field will be fully available, as will a significant portion of the blacktop. Students and neighbors will have access to the playground. The only caveat is the summer - at the moment we don't know what will be open to the public because of the demolition and site preparation work scheduled to take place. When we know more, we will post updates on our website marinhorizon.org.
What can our neighbors expect in terms of noise during the day?
The noise generated during the construction of the new library will vary depending on the tasks being carried out, with the most noise occurring over the summer when demolition of the old portable takes place and excavation of the hillside begins.  Throughout the project typical noise will be encountered by trucks delivering materials or equipment backing up, and occasional cutting or use of power tools.  Because the school will remain operable, we are sensitive to noise concerns by both neighbors as well as small children and will be keeping it to a minimum at all times.
Whom can I contact if I have questions or see anything of concern during construction?
You can call our Project Manager, Ted Lieser, at 415-272-3847 or contact me at bperrine@marinhorizon.org .
Bill Perrine
Head of School
Homestead Valley Vignettes by Chuck Oldenburg
2 AM Club 

In 1894 Bill Brown moved from Chicago to Marin and established a camping resort at Willow Camp (Stinson Beach). In 1904 he sold it and moved to a house in Homestead Valley on the corner of Ethel Ave. and Richardson St. (now Montford Ave.). In 1906, he opened a saloon down the street on Miller Ave., across Richardson from Mill Valley's town limits. Using his own name, he called it "The Brown Jug". In the 1920s during the prohibition era the saloon building served as a grain and feed store. In 1933, when prohibition was repealed, local contractor Joe Hornsby bought the building and reopened The Brown Jug. At that time, saloons in the city of Mill Valley were required to close at 10 pm. Many imbibers patronized The Brown Jug because being outside the city limits it remained open until 2 AM. It soon became informally known as the 2 AM Club. In 1939, new owners Pete and Nick Stanich officially changed the name to the 2 AM Club. In 1940, Louis Greyerbiehl and his sons Bill and Breslin purchased it. Curiously, the 1942 telephone directory lists both "The Brown Jug" and the "2 AM Club" as having the same phone number. The original name gradually disappeared. In 1951, the city annexed the commercial strip along Miller Ave. that included the 2 AM Club. It was no longer in Homestead Valley. By then, Mill Valley had repealed the 10 PM rule.
Homestead Valley Contact Information
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Sanitary District
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Stolte Grove Rentals
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