Making Sustainability Standard Practice
Vol. 12       No. 15      March 2019 
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RBS NY 3/18-19

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TopFrom the President's Desk
Bringing the Community Together
By Jeff Yorzyk, ISSP-CSP

I was reminded why it is so important to bring our community of practice together at the recent GreenBiz19 conference, when Joel Makower asked, "what if we get it right?" He pointed out that the while we have plenty of negative examples to support the criticality of sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we also have every reason to be hopeful. The sustainability conversation continues to mature and is now incredibly far from where it stood just 10 years ago! While there is still significant ground left to travel, we are in the middle of a truly adult conversation about jobs, energy, the environment, economic equity, and social justice on a global scale. It is not only a very real conversation, it marks a time for the sustainability community to make its contribution to history. Conferences and local networking events bring us together as professionals to share our challenges, celebrate our victories, and "be with our people" in a way that is unique and necessary for us to maintain our energy in the face of regular - often daily - resistance to the deeply needed work we bring to our organizations and the world.  (Con't.)

Profile: Marilyn Johnson, ISSP-CSP
This month, we profiled ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP) Marilyn Johnson, who previously served as our Board president and now works as Chief Operations Officer at Brand VO2.

experience in sustainability spans two decades of work in energy, forest products and technology. Following a passion for health and wellness, she began her career in Industrial Hygiene with several positions at Fortune 500 companies; the sector initially felt like a strong fit as it was focused on the long-term impacts of the working world on health. However, it wasn't long until she transitioned into the Environment, Health and Safety sector, and ultimately, took the breakout role of leading corporate susustainably amidst the Dolphin Software, Inc. and IHS merger.

"I was involved in the early days of ISSP when the certification program was being formulated. The timing aligned with my personal career, where it became evident that there was a need to bring a credible, professional credential forward as the field was maturing. I'm honored to have been a part of this important milestone and believe my personal credential continues to be an important part of my brand. Sustainability can be complex as it touches on every aspect of life. This is what I love about it; the field has many ways that it's interpreted, acted up, perceived and is continually evolving. But this can also create confusion. What ISSP's credentials do so nicely is create a standard level of knowledge and expectation. This helps create a more common language and opportunity to advance the great work of many sustainability professionals, regardless of how diverse and different their daily work and impact may be."

Read more about Marilyn's story on our ISSP Member Profiles page . For more information on the professionals who hold an ISSP credential, be sure to check out our credential holder directory .

Sustainability Professionals Around the World Re-Commit to ISSP Credentials
Since the launch of the renewal program for the ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP credentials in January, we've seen nearly 100 credential holders re-commit to raising the standard for the sustainability profession! These individuals are part of an elite group of sustainability professionals spanning many industries around the globe who are moving the field forward while seeing opportunities open up in their careers. We're excited to see them reinvest in this transformational moment for our field.

If you're an ISSP credential holder up for renewal this season, you can learn more about the process on our website. If you have questions about your credential's expiration date - or anything else about the program - please send us an email at!

WEBINAR:  Zero Hunger | Zero Waste - The Kroger Co. & WWF
Starts March 12th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET

In September 2017, The Kroger Company announced its bold social impact plan - Zero Hunger | Zero Waste , which aims to end hunger in our communities and eliminate waste in our company. Long-standing Kroger partner World Wildlife Fund is working with the company on its journey to zero food waste, starting with food loss and waste tracking in our stores in 2018 and now identifying new pathways to reduce food waste through prevention, donation and recycling practices. 

Attendees will hear from Lisa Zwack at Kroger and Pete Pearson at World Wildlife Fund about food waste management strategies, food waste tracking and about corporate/NGO partnerships. 

COURSE:  Employee Engagement
Starts March 20th @ 11am PT / 2pm ET

Stakeholder Engagement is an essential component of risk reduction and opportunity optimization for organizations. In addition, it is a requirement of sustainability reporting under frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). 

The Sustainability Learning Centre's Kathryn Cooper, ISSP-SA, will cover community and stakeholder engagement, to provide the sustainability professional, at any level, insights into a proven systematic process for engaging priority stakeholders and identifying material issues for action.   Signup!

ISSP Out & About
ISSP Board members and associates can be found sharing their kno wledge, sharpening their skills and networking at sustainability gatherings around the world. Reach out and introduce yourself to the ISSP members listed below if you too are planning to travel to one of the many sustainability conferences going on this spring through fall. Let us know where you're headed by dropping a note to .
3/18-19 Responsible Business Summit, New York City. ISSP-NYC Founder & Co-Chair Mark Wolf will be attending and ISSP-NYC Founding Co-Chair Trisha Bauman will be moderating a session.
3/19 Tennessee Environmental Conference , Kingsport, TN. ISSP Board President Jeff Yorzyk will deliver the keynote address.

3/20 ISSP Alberta Chapter Event, Alberta, CA. ISSP Membership Advisory Committee Member Ronald Morrison will be giving a presentation.
5/7-9 TSC Summit 2019, Chicago. ISSP Board Member Sarah Elaine Lewis will be attending.

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is the world's leading professional association for sustainability professionals. ISSP is a member-driven association committed to moving the profession of sustainability forward through building strong networks and communities of practice.