Spring is Here!
March Article- Germination Greenhouse News!
From a brutal polar vortex in November to a whiteout blizzard in April, winters in Minnesota seem to be more unpredictable than ever. This winter has been no different, testing our ice road driving and shoveling abilities with record February snowfall in the Twin Cities. It may not seem like spring is right around the corner, but we are firing up the heaters in the germination greenhouse and sowing seeds to get a head start on the growing season.  

Pollinator of the Month!
Leafcutter Bee
( Megachile spp. )

These are solitary bees that are active from May to September and nest in the ground. They cut round pieces of leaves to line their nests. They have dark bodies with light colored hairs that collect pollen. They forage on various native plants including butterfly weed, Canada anemone, blazing star spp., vervain spp., black-eyed Susan, and many more!
Retail Nursery News!

We are getting ready for spring!
The retail nursery will be open
May 15th to June 29th

Invasive Species of the Month- Japanese Hedge Parsley
( Torilis japonica)

Japanese Hedge Parsley is an Asian annual that is a new invader in Minnesota. That means it's important to track it down and remove it now before it becomes an even bigger problem. It has white, umbel flowers (flat-topped clusters) that are found on the top of the stem and branches. It prefers disturbed soils that are in full sun or partial shade, and is mostly seen on the edges of roads. It blooms from June-August and can range from 2-6 feet in height. The leaves are dark green, hairy, and look just like parsley. Management strategies include hand pulling and herbicide treatments.
Native Plant of the Month-
Mountain Mint
( Pycnanthemum virginianum )

Mountain mint is a hardy shoreline plant that has hundreds of small white flowers that attract pollinators from far and wide! It grows in colonies that spread slightly by underground rhizomes. They prefer being in moist soils and loves full sun or partial shade. This attractive plant blooms from July to September and can grow up to 3 feet high. It smells very minty when you walk through it, or crush its leaves. It has small, narrow leaves that are oriented opposite on it's square stem. Bees, wasps, butterflies, and other pollinators love this plant and we find dozens of them on one plant during their bloom period.
Five Plants For...Fast Germination!
Sow these native seeds to see some fast growing plants take root!
Mystery Plant of the Month!
Here is a native plant with delicate flowers that bloom in the spring! It is a favorite among pollinators, especially small native bees! Can you guess what it is?
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