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MARCH 2019

I am happy to introduce The Philadelphia Chapter Steering Committee new communications format. 

Starting this month, we will communicate the leadership  Announcements, Key Initiatives and Key  Decisions. 

I am happy to announce Mary Clifford is joining the Philadelphia Chapter Steering Committee starting March 1st, 2019.   Mary will assume the Secretary role and will be engaged in managing the chapter operations. Please join me in welcoming Mary to the leadership team and thanking her for volunteering her time and efforts to support the Philadelphia Chapter.

Key Initiative: 
As you know, the Events Committee is very active planning and initiating a large number of amazing events. As our chapter membership grows, we are observing an increase in events that fill to capacity very quickly. The committee is working very hard to accommodate multiple listings for popular events and where possible increase capacity. 

If you are interested in signing up please review the website Events Calendar often and sign up early.  If the event is sold out, please email the event contact and ask to be added to the waiting list. Our Events leaders keep and manage the waiting lists to make sure as many of our members s possible can participate and that all cancellations are filled. 

Like us on FacebookWarm Regards,                      
Chair, TTN Philadelphia  
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MINGLE into Spring!  Join us March 25th!
The days are getting longer and Spring is right around the corner!

It's time to MINGLE again and connect with fellow TTN members and guests over drinks and light refreshments.   

Share a few laughs.  Learn more about our thriving organization.  Make a new friend or two and rekindle old friendships.  And give a boost to your health and well-being just by being there!

Can you imagine socializing with so many amazing and interesting like-minded women?   Please join us on March 25th, 5-7 PM, at the Westin-Liberty Place for a lively and fun evening.

Appetizers will be served throughout the evening.  CASH BAR with HAPPY HOUR PRICES.

For more information and to register, click HERE.
TTN Signature Series: On Resilience
Be A Part of Philadelphia's Inaugural Session in March

At this stage in our lives, there are so many changes taking place in our roles and responsibilities. We can all use some help shifting our mindset and expectations when we reach certain life events such as an unexpected early retirement, adult children moving back home, an ill spouse or parent, relocating/downsizing and a myriad of other challenges in everyday life.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by job, health, family or other changes, or you just want to find better tools to manage the changes happening all around you, the TTN On Resilience Introductory Workshop and On Resilience Conversation Series may be the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

Find out what it means to be resilient, what character traits you already possess that can be strengthened, what you can let go of if it's not working well for you anymore. This Workshop and follow-on Conversations will give you powerful tools to help you see where you are today and how to move forward. This is not about just bouncing back; it's about thriving and emerging stronger than ever before.

Get in on the ground floor and sign up to be part of Philadelphia's inaugural group to participate in this exciting new TTN Signature Program. we are limiting the number of participants so we can be highly interactive. Sign up now for the On Resilience Introductory Workshop to secure your spot, and to be able to take advantage of the six follow-on sessions in the On Resilience Conversation Series.   Click on the highlighted links for more information and to register.

Our Workshop Facilitators, Jan Zacharjasz and Marcia Goldstein, share their personal stories on what resilience has meant in their own lives.   Read their stories:  

Looking forward to helping you grow your resilience. If you have any questions or just want to talk through if this Workshop is right for you, please email Marsha Yankelev at
The Room Was Alive With The Sound of Music!
TTN members Susan Pauls (l) and Ebbie Bonin (r) broke into song during our recent, rousing "Sound of Music" sing-a-long.  They clearly came dressed for the occasion.  A good time was had by all (fueled by popcorn and Twizzlers).  Plans are afoot to have more nostalgic movie nights.  Stay tuned.

Click on our Events Calendar to see all our Chapter Events.  Send Marion Blow your recommendations for activities.
In the Philadelphia Chapter of TTN, interest in being a part of a Peer Group remains strong. To manage the ongoing interest in joining a group, the Peer Group Advisory Committee has developed a system that enables women to learn about how groups function, meet other women looking for a similar connection and provide equal access to new and existing groups. 

Several times a year the PGAC hosts an Introduction/Orientation to Peer Groups. All women who have expressed an interest in Peer Groups invited. The meeting provides a quasi-peer group experience while also providing information and answering questions.
On January 24th there were 19 women who were invited to attend an orientation. With vacations, and other commitments there were 11 women who were able to attend while others followed up by phone or personal contacts. It was a relaxed, fun afternoon with learning about groups and each other. From the response to this meeting an 18th peer group will be added to our chapter. And several women will be placed in existing groups.
If you are interested in learning more about joining a Transition Peer contact Marcia Goldstein at

Transition Peer Groups are a benefit of TTN membership.
Check out what TTN does at MANNA
Snapping green beans, scooping applesauce, making sandwiches: TTN women do it all and more twice each month from 10 AM to 1 PM -on the first Wednesday and third Tuesday - at MANNA, the non-profit organization located at 420 North 20th Street in Philadelphia that cooks and delivers nutritious, medically appropriate meals to citizens who are battling life threatening illnesses and are unable to cook for themselves.
Most often TTN volunteers work together on "the line" portioning and packaging meals that later will be delivered to those in need. Currently serving three meals per day, 21 meals per week to each of its more than 1,200 clients, MANNA prepares and delivers 25,000 meals every week free-of-charge to all enrolled in the program.
To volunteer for TTN's MANNA day(s) of your choice, register on the  TTN Philadelphia Chapter Event Calendar.  Those interested can participate whenever they are available, be it frequently or just occasionally. 

Contact coordinator Debbie Earle at if you have questions or would like additional details. 

See for more information on the organization and its services.
Tutoring First Graders Through "Achieve Now" 
Each Tuesday morning at 9:30 a class of first graders from the Russell Byers Charter School bursts into the sunny, well-appointed lunchroom at the Morgan Lewis law firm in Center City Philadelphia.

Each child is greeted by a smiling reading tutor who volunteers through Achieve Now, a Read By 4th partner organization. Nine TTN members currently volunteer in this program.
The children are eager, squirmy and tremendously spirited. The volunteer tutors use a very structured, phonics-based program and the learning curve is steep. Success requires patience and tenacity; most often there is great improvement.
Tutors enjoy getting to know their students and praise works wonders. The volunteers use Carol Dwek's growth mindset theory to help children internalize that intelligence can be developed. A hug or quick smile when the hour comes to an end is the volunteers' greatest reward.
Best aspects of the program: The children are tutored individually and each student is assessed periodically. Achieve Now staff are on site and very supportive. The volunteers are teaching essential reading skills. Some tutor teach each week and others split tutoring sessions with another TTN volunteer.
TTN tutors participating in the Achieve Now program are Mary Cole, Eileen Goldstein, Marcia Goldstein, Patty Kaiser, Mary Klein, Sue Leimbach, Ann Lipshutz, Donna Root and Debra Staples.
New tutors definitely may start their volunteer work in September 2019. There also may be opportunities to be trained (one hour) and begin sooner. 

Contact Mary Klein ( for more information. 

See Visit the Philadelphia Chapter Volunteer Opportunities Page to learn about TTN Philadelphia's other volunteer opportunities.
This month we are happy to share some excellent news from this year's grantee Turning Points YVLifeSet program.
First, some statistics:
81 youth served since program inception in mid 2017
51 youth currently enrolled in program
29 youth successfully discharged from program
4 youth unsuccessfully discharged from program
92% of YVLifeSet participants have suitable, stable housing
80% of YVLifeSet participants have gained and maintained employment
90% of YVLifeSet participants have increased basic life skills
98% of YVLifeSet participants have a connection to help them after discharge
50% of YVLifeSet participants are engaged in mental health services
And a success story:
"Kayla" was involved in sex trafficking for 2 years before coming to Turning Points YVLifeSet in December 2017. Since being enrolled in the program, she has gotten a job at a daycare center, found long term housing at a church-run facility and began studying for a degree in Early Childhood Education at Community College. We expect to discharge Kayla by the end of February.
This is the kind of news that makes our work in the TTN Giving Circle so satisfying.

If you would like to join us contact Carol Cunningham at

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Volunteers are the engine of TTN. They organize all the activities, including Transition Peer Groups and Special Interest Groups, and help plan the numerous events that bring our members together.
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