CoHousing Solutions Newsletter | March 2019

There is lot going on this month! Our communities are hitting some big milestones and we are seeing some transitions within our Nevada City office.


- The CoHousing Solutions Team
Transitions at CoHousing Solutions
We are saying farewell to our current Marketing Coordinator, Bethany, and hello our new hire, Riley.

A note from Bethany Celio...

As I look forward, I can’t help but be grateful for the experience I’ve had here with CoHousing Solutions. This position has connected me to so many inspiring people and projects. Every day, our mission here is to help forming cohousing groups realize their dream of living in socially and environmentally sustainable communities; this has led me to see all the positive energy, time, and resources being invested by so many different people.

There are many aspects of my experience here that I'm grateful for. First, I’m grateful for our clients: the amazing folks who initiate communities in their respective areas. Their vision and drive are inspiring to me, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with each one!

Second, I learned extensively about the cohousing development process, including the various complications of building housing in America as well as the elation from overcoming these obstacles. Seeing so many successful milestones accomplished during my time here was one of the highlights. 

Last but certainly not least, I'm grateful for the opportunity to work Katie McCamant, CoHousing Solutions' President . I learned an incredible amount from her. Her passion for community is evident, and she is tireless in her work to make cohousing achievable and real for so many people across the country and internationally.

I want to give a warm welcome to my replacement, Riley Grim! I know she will be a great fit here at CoHousing Solutions, and am excited to see all the progress she and our client communities will make in the future.
A note from Riley Grim...
I am thrilled to be working with Cohousing Solutions, and cannot wait to see where this road takes me.

I am a Nevada County local, born and raised. I went to Chico State University where I studied Media Arts, and photography. After graduating college, my boyfriend (now my fiancé) and I spent 6 months backpacking through South East Asia, where I got to practice travel photography and blogging. I then moved to El Salvador where I spent time working with a Human Rights organization, and I really began to hone my marketing and design skills. After moving back to the States to pursue a career in photography and marketing, my fiancé and I decided that we wanted to move back to my little hometown to settle down. We moved into a home just a few doors up from the Cohousing Solutions office, and when I found out they were hiring a marketing coordinator I felt like it was meant to be!

I am looking forward to meeting many of you at the Portland Conference, and getting to know all of our cohousing communities better.
Client Updates
C Street Village: Novato, CA
It Has Been a Big Month for C Street Village
C Street Village members with architect Chuck Durrett - beaming after a great meeting
They Passed Their Design Review with Flying Colors!
We're happy to report that C Street Village in Novato recently underwent a very successful design review. Architect Chuck Durrett presented the designs for this new community at the Novato Design Review Commission, in front of a panel of five architects. As Chuck put during the presentation, "the priority of the neighborhood is to preserve the family" and that is what we are bringing back with our cohousing project.
As co-founding member, Judy Slater, puts it....

"One of the Design Review Commissioners said that 'the role of Design Review is to protect the community from bad design and that this project relieved him!' He also stated that this is 'one of the best presentations I've seen.' Patrick MacLeamy even said they they had 'done the thinking ahead of time about the design by putting cars in their place and reserving the land for the people.' It is so much more natural than the previous submission by the landowner and really provides the opportunity for social interactions. Another commissioner is 'very interested in viewing the project 2 years after move-in' (when landscaping has grown and the community has become more cohesive)."
There were no naysayers, which was a surprise and a relief for us. Canvassing our neighbors paid off as well as having a key vocal opponent 'love the project' after we presented it at our initial public meeting. I think the surprise for us all was the only person to speak about the project, a young woman who we found out later, has been coming to Design Review meetings to determine where she wants to live (that in itself is unusual!). She said that 'it's the first time she's seen cohousing proposed in Marin and initially she was shocked by the (lack of) parking'. She went on to say 'I would like to see this in Novato, happy people live in Denmark!' She said it was the most thoughtful project she has seen since coming to Design Review meetings.

Our week culminated in a Play Date for families and we had 6 families come with 2 returning for a second time and lots of under 5 year olds happily enjoying playing together. It had a noticeably great vibe.... After working out some design issues with Chuck we gathered for a celebratory potluck at John and Cathy's home.
They Were Featured in an Article from the Marin IJ
In an article published by the Marin IJ in late February, C Street Village is highlighted as a community driven neighborhood where residents share resources and a vision for a more economical lifestyle. Community members Elina Coulter, Judy Slater, and John Caye were interview for the publication.
To learn more about C Street Village in Marin County, check out their website.
Washington Commons: West Sacramento, CA
Officially Closed on Their Land, and Completed a Successful Kick-Off Workshop
Washington Commons Kick-Off Worksop
Washington Commons Member Stu Wilson signing the papers with Jenny Vega of Placer Title Company
On March 13th Washington Commons finally closed on their land.

"It was a long process. We did due diligence, learned about soils, cultural resources, etcetera. We talked to the City about their development requirements. Our due diligence led by Stu Wilson gave us the confidence to move forward and purchase the land."
-Anne Geraghty; Founding member of Washington Commons

A week before closing on their land, the Washington Commons members participated in a successful Kick-Off Workshop lead by Katie McCamant. During the workshop they covered all the ins and outs of the development process. By the end of the workshop not only did they have a clearer sense of direction and a tentative budget, they also had several new members who chose to join after participating in the workshop and getting to know they founding members.
If you or someone you know around the Sacramento area has been considering moving into a cohousing community, this is an incredible opportunity. Washington Commons' newly acquired site at 4th & G Streets is in the center of West Sacramento's Washington Neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Sacramento region - platted over 168 years ago. It is just 2 blocks from Raley Field and the Tower Bridge, and a little further to the Crocker Art Museum. It’s an urban location, yet close to nature and trails too. Just one block from the Sacramento River with its bike and pedestrian paths on both sides.​
Coho/US Updates
Community for the Health of It
National Cohousing Conference
Portland, OR

May 30 - June 2, 2019

You'll want to start planning your trip now, as rooms are booking up fast. Be sure to check out Katie's pre-conference intensive on Friday that she'll be leading with Jim Leach called "The Cohousing Development Process: 30 Years in the Trenches."
Upcoming Webchats - Mark your calendars

Wednesday, Mar 20, 5pm PT
Crystal Farmer, Housing Segregation and Its Impact on Cohousing

Tuesday, April 2, 5pm PT
Liz Magill, Conflict: Interpersonal Or Systemic?

Friday, April 12, 3pm PT (note the earlier time)
Michael LaFond, Cluster-Apartments and Shared Flats in Cohousing
Upcoming Events
National Cohousing Open House Day

Saturday, April 27

Cohousing communities across the country are welcoming the public for tours and visits. Individuals, families and groups are encouraged to attend this free event. Whether you live in cohousing, are part of a forming group, or are simply curious, be sure to mark your calendar and start planning your day soon.

The importance for established communities to participate in Open House Day:
"We don’t have any homes for sale in our community, but my community is committed to participating in the Open House to 1) encourage locals to give consideration for when we do have homes for sale again, and 2) to show the world that it is indeed possible for neighbors to work collaboratively and (shocking!) FUN! "
- Katie McCamant

Check out more events on our Facebook page
We're Here to Help!
We provide development consulting services to help you create your sustainable neighborhood . Our team pioneered the development of cohousing in North America, and we have helped create dozens of successful communities.
Our newest venture involves training passionate cohousing entrepreneurs through the year-long 500 Communities Program .
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