Upcoming Events
3/2-Senior Hearts Rescue & Renewal Adoptable Dogs -Ace Hardware, Wexford, 11-3 pm.

3/2 B*tches Ball-Celebrate World Spay day with the  Humane Animal Rescue, Nova Place 6-11 pm. 

3/17 - St. Patrick's Day -$2 off all Self & Full Service Baths  & everyone gets a free green bandanna at Larry's! 

4/21 Easter Sunday-Larry's Laundromutt will be Closed. Please schedule your holiday baths early.

5/19 Vaccine Clinic at Larry's Laundromutt-sponsored by the Humane Animal Rescue.

      Every Friday is Freezer Friday at   
              Larry's Laundromutt 
         10% Off All Frozen Foods!

The Scent of the Month for March Baths
                       is Cashmere Glow!

Celebrating Senior Dogs!

This month we celebrate senior dogs! These lovely photos showcase
 some of our beautiful senior customers.  We will be donating $1 from every bath done at Larry's Laundromutt during the month of March to Senior Hearts Rescue & Renewal . The mission of this organization is to rescue, renew and place in loving homes, senior dogs. We had the opportunity of meeting Demetra on the day she was rescued. She was brought to Larry's for a transforming spa experience and really seemed to enjoy her time in the tub. What a delightful dog! She had a smile for everyone and was so happy. Please click on the link above to see their adoptable pets or visit the  Wexford Ace Hardware Store  the first Saturday of every month between 11 and 3 pm to meet some of the rescued and renewed dogs in person. Help us to help them by getting your dog a bath at Larry's this month!

Is Your Dog Shedding?

Some dogs shed in the spring and fall and some dogs shed year round. If you have been noticing fur around your house and on your clothes, your dog is shedding. There are many things that you can do to help with the shedding. Daily brushing, especially with a Furminator Brush will help to eliminate shedding fur as will a balanced, healthy diet. If you are looking to try a new food, please stop by the store and ask for a free sample of one of our many high quality foods. We think frozen foods are the absolute best diet and they are 10% off  every Friday. Salmon or Krill Oil added to the diet is not only beneficial for the condition of your dog's coat but helps support their joints. We sell both of them at Larry's as well. This month we are offering a discount on a deshedding bath. The treatment begins with a thorough brushing of the coat with a Furminator Brush followed by a bath with a specially formulated deshedding shampoo. Please schedule your deshedding bath at  Larry's today and look for the coupon at the end of this newsletter!

Think Big, Shop Small, Buy local!


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$2 Off a Deshedding Bath!

This coupon can be used for $2 off on a full-service deshedding bath. This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon or special offer. One coupon per customer, please.
Offer Expires 03/31/2019