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Culture, Community and Education continue to be our focus, with a little Innovation thrown in to keep things interesting. Take a look at what TeamHMC has been up to and what more we have planned for this year!  Let us know if you'd like more information on any of the topics below or if you have any feedback. Thanks for staying connected!
Team HMC Wins at NorCal Legal Forum

We are excited to share with you that Team HMC won big at the 2019 California Association of Certified Managers (CACM) Annual Legal Forum. Homeowners Management Company won the Inspirational Culture Award and Laura Ravazza won the Innovator Award!

Giving Back to the Community

Team HMC will be volunteering at the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano on May 3, 2019 for a hands-on afternoon of giving back to the community. If you would like to join us or show your support we'd love to include you! Please let us know how you'd like to get involved, either at this event or with future volunteer opportunities; just send an email to info@hmcpm.com. 
As a friendly reminder we are always collecting travel size toiletries, socks, pet food and blankets for the homeless in Concord. Please feel free to drop off any items you wish to donate at our office, or schedule a time to come discuss ways in which we can partner to better our communities; send a note to info@hmcpm.com. We appreciate your support!                  
California Legislative Action Committee's
Day at the Capitol Event
Each year, Team HMC and other members of Community Association Institute (CAI) gather in Sacramento to educate legislators on current issues affecting California's 55,000 community associations. During this two-day event, April 8-9, we will attend briefings with CAI's lobbyist to learn what new changes are on the horizon before descending upon the State Capitol building and making our way through the halls, meeting with our state legislators and their representatives to make (y)our voices heard. If you are an active HOA Board Member and would like to attend this event, please let us know by emailing info@hmcpm.com. 
These visits serve multiple purposes; educating legislators, seeking support for or against specific bills making their way through the system as well as showing our appreciation for past support of our positions on major issues impacting community associations in California. 

Two early priorities will be to support SB434 authored by Senator Bob Archuleta and to oppose SB323 authored by Senator Bob Wieckokski. SB434 is a CLAC-sponsored bill which would add language to the Davis Stirling Act regulating how community association records are transferred from one manager to another when a change occurs. CAI is co-sponsoring the bill with CACM's support to ensure a professional process when an association elects to change management companies. 
SB323 by Senator Bob Wieckokski is the reintroduction of SB1265 which thankfully, failed last year. The only change in this version is a requirement for an association to hold an election at least once every 4 years. Otherwise it's identical to last year's failed SB1265 and would prohibit a Board from disqualifying a member involved in litigation with the HOA or who owes past-due assessments from being a candidate for the Board of Directors. It would allow the election ballots and ballot envelopes with a members mailing address and signature to be photocopied by any member, raising concerns about privacy, identify theft and potential fraud. Further, it would change the burden of proof to require an Association be able to prove that any mistakes that may have occurred in the election process were unintentional and did not impact the outcome. Overall, we believe the bill is poorly conceived and will put additional financial burden on the associations it is meant to serve.   
If you would like more information on either of these bills or to learn how to get involved in CAI's CLAC, please email us: info@hmcpm.com. 
Directors' Educational Workshop:
California Legislative Updates
Presented By: Nathan McGuire, Esq., Adams Stirling PLC

We continue to focus on bringing valuable educational programs to volunteer HOA Boards of Directors, helping them become more effective leaders for their community associations. It's admirable to see so many volunteers take the time to learn more about governance, legal matters and best practices. We look forward to seeing any and all interested active volunteer HOA Directors attend our next workshop event on the evening of April 24, 2019 at our Concord office in Salvio Pacheco Square at Todos Santos Plaza.  

If you are an industry service provider interested in participating in our ongoing Board of Directors educational workshop series, please contact us at info@hmcpm.com.  

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