K12 SWP Updates:

·          K12 Selection Committee - The K12 Selection Committee members and alternates have been selected, and training is underway. Special thanks to the Review Team chaired by Dr. Thad Russel for all their hard work and dedication to the process! Much appreciated!
·          Submitted LOIs -
·          RFA Revision - The RFA section “G. Required Match” has been revised to provide updated guidance on the match requirement. CCCCO has also corrected a typo on page 26 of the RFA that incorrectly indicated that applicants would select California Community Colleges sector(s) in the “Statement of Need” section of the application. It has been corrected to state that applicants should select the appropriate California Department of Education sector(s). The revised RFA can be accessed here.
·          Application Review Rubric - The CCCCO has posted an updated scoring rubric which adds information on how reviewers will assess applications. This updated rubric does not change how sections will be scored. The Rubric can be accessed here.
·          K12 SWP 2018-19 Application DEADLINE – Applicants have the ability to submit and un-submit their application up until the deadline. Institutions can make changes, if needed, before they submit their application by on March 15, 2019. Late applications, and applications that are not submitted by 5:00pm, March 15 th will not be accepted. Applicants are being urged to give themselves ample time to submit their application.
·          K12 SWP FAQs
·         K12 SWP listserv
·          For additional information regarding the K12 Strong Workforce Program, please visit the Doing What Matters website at the following link: http://doingwhatmatters.cccco.edu/StrongWorkforce.aspx